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Guided By Spirit


Thursdays 3:00PM - 4:00PM


Rev. Richard LaRocco is an Evidential Intuitive Medium. Richard is a heart centered person that brings forth the essence of Spirit in his messages allowing a conversation of healing with your loved ones. He has been connected to Spirit since a young age, but at thirty-two years old his whole world changed when his mother passed. He had a Spiritual Awakening, was able to communicate with his mother, and was led on a journey to fulfill his spiritual destiny.


His personal philosophy is to follow his GBS (Guided by Spirit) and the world will open up to you. It is his passion to serve Spirit and he has devoted his life to individuals looking for peace through spiritual healing and the healing words of mediumship. It is his mission to assist others in recognizing their own gifts to heal themselves and the world. 


Richard is a Spiritualist and Ordained minister through the Trilogy Institute and The City of Light Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY. He is a certified Medium and Healer, studying under Patricia Price and Barbara Sanson in Lily Dale, NY. Richard is also a  speaker, teacher, and mentor offering personal readings, classes, and life coaching sessions. He also appeared on Travel Channel's Haunted Hospitals Season 3 Episode 10.  Richard resides in Lancaster, PA with his fur children Gia, Prinnie, and Blu, and his wife Ashlee, walking the spiritual path together.


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