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Leave The Key


Wednesdays 5:00PM - 5:30PM


Hosted by Larry Wagner of Leave The Key Homebuyers, a real estate solutions company on Long Island, the show will discuss all issues pertaining to real estate. This is a timely subject, since so mapeople are selling their homes and moving elsewhere in the region. New York has seen a great migration away from the more population-dense areas into the suburbs like Long Island or other states. Many homeowners find that it would not be a good investment to renovate or remodel their existing homes for many reasons, not limited to the ongoing issues of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a sense of urgency for some people to change living situations based on family, financial, and business issues.


“As professional real estate investors and house flippers, we buy and sell many  more homes in a year than anyone does in their lifetime and our new radio show will give Long Island homeowners and homebuyers a range of perspectives regarding the workings of the real estate market,” said Wagner. “In our show, we will explore stories about the variety of homeowners with whom we’ve worked. We talk about some of the most challenging or difficult situations our company has encountered, many of them based on homeowners needing money quickly or moving on from a hard-to-sell home. We’ll look at the options homeowners have in these situations. There are so many factors that figure into the sale of a property and after purchasing a few hundred homes, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. However, though every situation is different, it is always possible to sell your property.”  “Oftentimes we work with the homeowner to reframe the problem and discover that selling the home is not the solution.  These are the most interesting sessions” Wagner said.


Wagner has seen houses needing a variety of repairs where clients want to sell “as is,” family estate and inheritance issues, and owners trying to sell properties with tenants living in the home. He’s dealt with difficult-to-sell properties without proper permits or ones on busy streets or near industrial and commercial businesses. The show will take his many years of experience to sell problematic houses and properties and turn them into engaging on-air discussions about real estate through sharing first-hand stories and experiences.


In addition to discussing buying and selling homes, the show also discusses different ways someone can get involved in real estate investing ranging from finding rundown homes, lending money to investors or flipping your first house.


Listeners can tune into the show at 5:00pm every Wednesday on LI News Radio 103.9 FM or stream it live on the station’s website. “Every week I sit down with a different guest to discuss different situations, solutions, and stories so we can address all the different questions we hear every day,” Wagner added. “Tune in so you can let us help you make the right decision about selling your home.”


About Leave the Key Homebuyers

Leave The Key Homebuyers was founded by Larry Wagner, an expert in financial management, construction and design, and Jamell Givens, an experienced real estate investor and licensed Broker. The firm offers New York homeowners another option when they are looking to sell their homes. In recent years, the firm has helped hundreds of homeowners sell their homes for cash across Nassau and Suffolk County, Queens and Brooklyn. The team prides itself on being ethical, honest and genuine, driven by a belief that selling one’s home should be a consultative process.


For more information go to or call (631) 388-7771

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