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Anthony The Money Guy


Mondays 5:00pm - 5:30pm



I started my career as a Wall Street banker working with the largest banks in the world. While working on Wall Street, I’ve built amazing relationships with banks, pension funds, hedge funds, credit unions, and private lenders. I decided to open my own firm, specializing in small and medium-sized businesses that needed to secure financing. This was a specific niche that I realized was needed but difficult to secure for the average person. I’m very creative working with clients and lenders, helping to facilitate action plans and business timelines. The lending products are business credit lines, business loans, asset-based financing, commercial loans, and grants. My advice to all business owners is to secure financing when you do NOT need it, so it is there when you do.

My role is to deep dive into a client’s business and understands the function, flow, deposits, agreements, cash reserves, assets, and more. I work with clients to establish business credit, and work through debt-to-income issues and restructuring agreements. In addition, I’m responsible for the applications and submissions of applications. I’m in constant communication until the file is approved, funded, and closed.

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