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A Better Environment For Your Retirement


Friday 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Your Hosts: Michael and Dan Kresh


Creative Wealth Management, LLC is a financial management planning firm led by Michael D. Kresh, CFP ® .  With a highly personalized approach, Michael Kresh and his team help clients with retirement income planning, asset management and a variety of personal finance services.


The underlying philosophy of the firm is to help clients fully understand and clearly define what they want– goals that include a comfortable retirement, college funds, a future with no financial worries – with what they need to achieve those goals.


This is an important distinction that involves more than simply crunching numbers and creating an investment strategy.  With a raised awareness of what is needed, what is wanted, and what is realistically possible, clients are able to better focus on long-range planning for their lives, whether they are just starting out, preparing to send children to college or making plans to set a retirement date.


For one client that goal may be a trip around the world, while for another it could mean the ability to devote time to community service, and yet another to begin a new business after retirement from a first career. Kresh and his team fully appreciate each client as individuals with their own unique goals, circumstances and timelines.


Creative Wealth Management, LLC helps clients reach goals with services that include

  • Investment management
  • Asset allocation
  • Integrated account aggregation
  • Retirement planning
  • Retirement income
  • College savings for children and grandchildren
  • Wealth preservation
  • Pension plans
  • Financial education for business owners and employees
  • Document protection and management

Clients appreciate the knowledge and care provided by Michael Kresh and his team.  An experienced advisor, Kresh understands the importance of his role for clients in the short and long term.


Creative Wealth Management LLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive, customized wealth management services with  the highest level of personal attention. We offer the full spectrum of financial planning services, including retirement planning, wealth management, investment management, and special needs planning.


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