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Medicare Mike


Fridays 3:30PM - 4:00PM

Are you turning 65 or already on Medicare? Are you on Social Security Disability for over 24 months? Are you a Veteran with VA benefits and Medicare Eligible? Are you on Medicaid and are Medicare eligible? Maybe you are not sure you have the right Medicare plan? If you or someone you know falls under any of these situations, I can help!



It will be my pleasure in assisting you in finding the Medicare insurance plan that most fits your needs. I will explain everything to you about the world of Medicare so you can make the right choice. I do not proceed until you fully understand what Medicare is all about. You have options that need to be explained. There are plans with premiums as low as $0. I truly believe in my motto: Navigating Medicare for you! I will come to you or we can meet remotely through the computer! Please contact me and let me answer all of your questions.?

Most people have difficulties understanding Medicare. You may be on Medicare but are not sure if you have the right plan or not? I have a three-tier approach before writing a plan that you choose.   Discuss, Research, and Educate. First, we discuss your wants, needs, likes and dislikes about your current insurance plan. I ask you all the important questions to assist you in making the best choice for   you. I also ask for a detailed list of all your doctors and current medications. Second, I research all the plans available to you based on what came of our discussion. Thirdly, I educate you on the details   of Medicare. Until you have an understanding of a topic, I do not move on. Once you have a better understanding of Medicare I then will go into product detail. I will explain Medicare Advantage plans,   Medicare Supplements, and Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans. Based on the information you have been given you will make a decision that is right for you. Only then, will I ask you if I can write the plan for you! 

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