LI News Radio (103.9) is Long Island’s only FM news station.  Broadcasting LIVE from Islip’s MacArthur Airport, we are bringing news, traffic and weather to our listeners.

Local news and information that impacts Long Islanders will be our focus.  With only one newspaper and one cable channel, Suffolk County does not have a free information news outlet, until now! The LI News Radio news department is the largest in Suffolk County, keeping our island informed locally and state-wide.

Weekday mornings 6am till 9am Jay Oliver keeps Long Island informed with news, features, stories and topics important to Long Islanders. All brought to you LIVE from our studios at Islip MacArthur Airport.

Then all day, featuring talk shows with Brian Kilmeade, Tom Schiliro, Sean Hannity, and Frank McKay, this station covers a compelling array of news topics. LI News Radio will attract audiences with a variety of interests!


How to use a computer as a writer

  • Use A4 paper for writing, as it is a standard for most scientific and formal works
  • It is recommended that students leave the left margin of 40 mm and the 25 mm field of the right, top and bottom of each page
  • Computers are an amazing research tool, especially with the advent of the Internet. You can use the Internet to find and order textbooks; as an alternative, you can also find countless Internet resources to use the relevant ideas, which adds to the quality of your record
  • In any type of formal written form, it is better to use a standard typeface, which inadvertently implies that all fonts in italics should be avoided in formal writing
  • Students must leave a double line spacing and print only on one side of the sheet
  • A professional font should be used, such as Times New Roman, Cambria or Calibrri; regardless of the font used, a font size of 12 should be used. For numbers such as Arial, it is recommended that you use serif fonts, such as Arial, for tables, figures, and charts
  • Just as you would do when writing a handwritten copy, start with your name and date. However, if you are working with a long train, such as a project report, you will need to prepare individual skins, titles, and content pages for each section. In an ideal case, students must start each section from the section header at the top of the paper. You should center only center-align headers, not subheadings
  • Use different tools to highlight them for different levels of headers. For example, use capital letters for basic headings, bold or italic for additional headers, and so on
  • When it comes to developing ideas through a free entry or by creating a structure, the processor can do wonders for you. You risk losing important ideas in the form of paper and, therefore, confident in the protection of all your ideas and thoughts
  • The best part of using computers as a recording tool is that it provides the authors with incredible ease, especially when it comes to bibliographies or in the reference section. To do this, it is sufficient to create a bibliography file during a reading that you can simply insert in an essay at a later stage, thus leaving no room for formatting errors
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  • The typed text on the screen is misleading, but it must be printed and passed through the content critical to find errors and lack of logic, clarity, and clarity
  • Of course, you must make most of the built-in word processing tools such as \”Spell\” and \”Grammar Checkers\”; however, it is important to understand that these spelling and grammar checks are not error-free and more often than should not ignore some very common grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors
  • Computers can be a lot of help at the proofreading and editing stage, especially if you want to restructure essays or an academic record, a simple function, such as cutting and pasting, can make your work much easier than actually
  • In addition, if you are looking for a specific point in your record, you can simply use the search function in the computers to find it, which is much less time than searching it manually on ink. This function is also extremely useful in checking if you have overridden a specific word or term in your written form. If you find that you have used the word multiple times, you can use synonyms to simply replace it with the same value, thereby improving the quality of your record
  • It is important to create a backup of the file; this is especially important because it will help you in the case of a hard disk; it is best to keep a second copy of your work on the CD so that you can use it in your system failure instance. It also provides you with the ability to work from another computer
  • Unlike the popular belief, the use of computers as an instrument of writing is not only about the appearance of your essay. Of course, well-formatted essay looks much better than handwritten essays; however, text processing is much more important to the quality of content than its appearance. This will help you to get a number of tools that help you minimize the error and improve the content of your essay or scientific record
  • Very often students, even though they are very difficult, cannot present their essays to their teachers or instructors, as they cannot make it a class for some reason. However, computers are bots in this situation because you just need to send an email to the stakeholders with your essay or a scientific record as an attachment, and your work has been completed