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image001 (1)While television shows such as Ghost Whisperer and The Medium have recently catapulted the paranormal to the forefront of American consciousness, Dawn Joly’s kinship with this otherworldly domain is of a more intimate variety and dates back to her childhood.
Dawn, a practicing psychic medium who is currently touring Long Island, grew up on several acres of family-owned horse land in Smithtown. To her utter amazement, when she was only ten years old, Dawn encountered an angel on her way home from a friend’s house.
It was a remarkable, life-altering experience that Dawn, who calls her tour An Angel’s Touch, vividly recalls to this day.
“I was stuck to the spot,” Dawn said of her astonishing meeting with a winged heavenly being who had long, flowing dark hair and was clothed in a robe and sandals.
“She spoke to me of my gifts. She touched my hand, and told me not to be afraid,” Dawn remembered, adding that she later learned that her mother had similar experiences.
Although, admittedly, these gifts required some adjustment, with time, Dawn embraced her ability to hear spirits (clairaudience), sense spirits ( clairsentience) and see the past and the future (clairvoyance). In fact, Dawn’s psychic abilities are so strong that her empathic connection is immediate, and she can channel or communicate with up to seven spirits simultaneously. She also possesses the power of remote-viewing, which also allows her to survey past and future events.
Dawn began doing private readings for friends and family in the 1980s, and reached out to the public about ten years ago.
Clients come to her in times of crisis, seeking closure and advice regarding financial conundrums, matters of the heart, or the loss of a loved one. In turn, they are comforted to learn that there is an invisible support system of dearly departed family members who are watching over and guiding them.
“They are still there, they never left and they hear your prayers,” Dawn said.
It is often said that knowledge is power. However, it is the information that Dawn gleans from her encounters with the spirit realm coupled with her special talent for sharing what she has learned that has attracted a wide following.
Dawn’s generosity of spirit, and compassion, which are immediately apparent, make for open, easy exchanges. Each reading is a unique experience, offering up its own surprises and revelations. Family group readings are also available.
“It can be a mixture of the funny and the sad,” Dawn said, adding that readings sometimes get emotional, and at times Dawn finds herself crying along with the client.
Dawn, who has tremendous respect for the spirit world, said that she puts her heart and soul into her work.
“ I have found the last ten years to be extremely rewarding, and I am elated to be able to offer people reassurance and hope for tomorrow,” she said.
In terms of society’s newfound acceptance of the psychic phenomena and the world of the paranormal, Dawn is not surprised.
“It is not a coincidence. The world is changing and being cleansed. We are ushering in a new millennium,” Dawn said, adding that the connection between our world and the next has a purpose and was meant to be discovered.
In addition to doing private readings in the comfort of clients homes and/or Dawn’s office, her calling has also lead her to embark on a rigorous Tri-state tour that includes “Readings in the Round” for audiences of 50 to 350 guests. Dawn is also a practitioner of Reiki, the age-old Japanese technique of promoting stress reduction and healing via the “laying of hands.”
Dawn is also called upon to conduct investigations and “clearings” of residences believed to be haunted.

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