Ryan Payne is the president and chief investment officer of Payne Capital Management (PCM).

In this role, he co-designs the firm’s investment and financial planning strategies, while supervising all the Relationship managers to ensure PCM’s distinctive ideas and philosophies are properly implemented. Ryan also directs PCM’s educational initiatives to inform the public about goal-based financial planning and investing.

What motivated him to found Payne Capital Management?

“The reason I started PCM was my attraction to the idea of building a business based on the investment philosophy and methodology that my father Bob Payne and I have developed over our 50 years of combined experience in the financial services industry,” says Ryan. “My approach to wealth management comes from the standpoint of an entrepreneur and free thinker.

To stay relevant you have to constantly innovate, evolve and fine-tune your strategies. My interest in investment management stems from my fascination with human behavior and its relationship to market volatility.”

Prior to launching PCM, Ryan spent close to eight years as a top financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. He earned his undergraduate degree from Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia, where he also competed on the varsity track and cross-country teams as a Division I athlete. In his free time, Ryan is an avid reader, enjoys traveling the world and is a devoted musician, playing guitar in several musical acts from New York City to as far away as Eastern Europe.

Bob Payne

Bob Payne


Bob Payne is the managing director and chief investment officer of Payne Capital Management (PCM). In this role, he oversees all portfolio design and financial planning strategies for the firm, while also co-producing PCM’s educational initiatives and market commentaries.

For the past 40 years, Bob has approached the wealth management industry from the standpoint of an innovator. His background includes being a first vice president of the Merrill Lynch Private Client Group, where he pioneered the “A-to-B Process” that moved Wall St. away from the traditional brokerage model of selling investment products to designing customized, goal-based financial plans. Bob then launched his own company in the mid-1990s, PSB Training, which coached every major financial firm on his investment strategies and philosophies that now represent the industry standard.

With the wisdom gained from these visionary experiences, Bob co-founded Payne Capital Management in 2008 with his son Ryan. “In starting PCM, I wanted to take my 40 years of refining and revolutionizing the financial services industry and deliver that knowledge to the individual investor through an exemplary customer service model,” says Bob.

Originally from East Lansdowne borough outside Philadelphia, he earned his B.A. from La Salle University in the City of Brotherly Love, where Bob also ran for the track and cross-country teams as a full-scholarship Division I athlete. These days, he can be found in Ocean City, NJ, or Naples, FL, with his wife of almost 40 years, Denise. Bob is also an avid golfer and loves to spend time with his three grown children, Ryan, Chris, and Alison.

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