“Friends” Star Lisa Kudrow Loses $1.6 Million in Lawsuit

(LOS ANGELES) — A verdict has been reached in the civil lawsuit filed against Lisa Kudrow by her former manager, who claims he is owed residuals from her days on Friends.

A 10-2 decision was reached in favor of Scott Howard, who was Kudrow’s manager from 1991 to 2007, saying the actress was liable for breach of contract, KABC reports.

The jury awarded the plaintiff $1.6 million for past and future economic losses.

The legal dispute began in 2008, a year after they parted ways, when Howard sued Kudrow for refusing to pay him more than $50,000 in fees from her earnings.

Howard claimed in court last week that in 1991, the two made an oral agreement that Howard would receive a 10 percent cut of Kudrow’s income she obtained or performed while he was her manager.

He added that when he and Kudrow split after 16 years of working together, the actress stopped paying him. He argued that Kudrow owes him a percentage of what she earns on Friends reruns and other projects.

In court documents, Kudrow claimed she had “no obligation to pay Howard” a commission after the two ended their professional partnership. Attorneys for Kudrow countered that Howard was the actress’ manager, not her agent, and thus is not entitled to a commission.

Kudrow, 50, starred from 1994 through 2004 as Phoebe on Friends. She began the show as one of the lowest-paid actresses among the show’s six stars — earning $13,500 per episode. Starting in 2004, Kudrow earned over $1 million for each of the show’s final 18 episodes.

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