Family Allegedly Finds Rat Tail in Birthday Cake

(NEW YORK) — A Long Island family is suing their local grocery store, claiming they made a gruesome discovery inside a birthday cake.

Family members say for his 96th birthday, Joe Gold got his favorite treat — a German apple ring cake from King Kullen, in the Hamlet of Commack.

Joe’s nephew, Neil, says his uncle took one bite and complained it didn’t taste right.

“We saw it was coming from the bottom. We flipped it over and it seemed to be, it looks like a rat’s tail,” Neil said.

Family Attorney Ed Yule said, “I personally have the opinion that this cake was tampered with.”

Neil says it’s never happened before.

“He’s had all their cakes,” Neil said. “He loves their cakes and it has to be King Kullen’s.”

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