LI Ducks Kick Off 2014 Season

The Long Island Ducks Kicked off their 2014, 15th anniversary season this weekend at Bethpage Ballpark with a 9-4 loss against the Bridgeport Bluefish.

The Ducks began play in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball in 2000, and since that point they’ve become one of the Leagues most successful teams, having won three Atlantic League Championships, including back-to-back titles in 2012 and 2013.  The Ducks also have earned nine playoff berths overall, all of which have come in the last 10 seasons.  They’ve also earned 10 half-season division titles, and four Division Championships, including three consecutive Liberty Division Championships over the past three seasons.

The Ducks have also seen over 60 players get signed by major league organizations while on long island

The Ducks are currently poised to break some Atlantic league records this yeah, including welcoming it’s 6 millionth fan, and of course they will look to become the first team in Atlantic League history to pull off a “three-peat” as champions.


Posted On 21 Apr 2014

LI Ducks Begin Spring Training for 15th Anniversary Season


The Long Island Ducks began their spring training this morning to kick off their 15th anniversary season at Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip.

After a recent April Fool’s joke, in which the team reported to have signed Alex Rodriguez after his PED controversy, the Ducks are now getting ready for a fresh season.

LI News Radio Spoke with Former MLB player, and current Centerfield/Hitting Coach Lew Ford about the upcoming season —

“It feels great to get out and have a practice.  Everybody’s excited for the first day.  Right now were just thinking about what we have to do right now, just warming up but, you know, everyone’s goal is to win the championship again.”

The Ducks will start off the season on a road trip, the first game being April 25th.  The first home game will be on May 2nd.

If you can’t make it to the game, you’re in luck. Tune into 103.9  LI News Radio, we will be broadcasting the Friday, Saturday and Sunday games.

Posted On 14 Apr 2014

Corruption Complaint Lodged Against Nassau Democratic Boss Jay Jacobs


The Nassau County Independence Party Chair yesterday filed a 43 page complaint alleging financial, ethical and other violations with the New York State Board of Elections against Nassau Democratic Chairman Jay
Jacobs. The allegations include illegal loans, personal profit making, and using fraudulent check numbers in three committees run by the Nassau County Democratic Chair. The complaint has also been turned over to
local, state and federal authorities.

“The Nassau Democratic Chair can talk a big game about ethics, and gives the impression that he is above reproach.” This is hardly the case. Paraphrasing Shakespere, “Me thinks Jay thou doth protest too much,” said Rick Bellando, the Nassau County Independence Party Chairman. The complaint includes a detailed accounting of loans made by Jacob’s controlled corporations and by him
personally, hundreds of thousands of dollars of missing money from the committee’s filings, apparent falsification of Board of Elections reports and a whirlwind of suspicious financial transactions being sent between numerous Democratic Party accounts.

The review of his filings uncovered and sheds light on a large number of concerning financial transactions, of which a small number are detailed in this initial complaint. “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Bellando.

“More information will soon be forthcoming and it will be turned over to the authorities.”

Click here to read the
complaint on Scribd. (

Some of the suspicious transactions contained in the complaint include:

On 12/11/2009, the Friends of Tom Suozzi committee shows a disbursement to the Nassau County Democratic Committee in the amount of $125,000. This entry carries the memo of “loan” by Suozzi’s
committee. None of the Nassau County Democratic Committee accounts ever report this loan. The only loan reported by the Committee’s Operating Account in their January periodic report of 2010 is an alleged illegal
corporate loan / contribution of $100,000 from Timber Lake Management Corporation. Interestingly, it appears the $125,000 from the Suozzi committee disappeared.  On 10/23/12 Jay Jacobs made a personal loan of $70,000 to the Democratic Committee’s Operating Account. On 12/15/12 the Operating Account wired $30,000 to Jay Jacobs as partial repayment. Jay Jacobs was then wired $40,000 on March 6, 2013 and an additional $30,000 on March 22, 2013 for repayment of the original loan made to the Operating Account, totaling $100,000. This represents a $30,000 profit for

On July 9, 2010, the Nassau County Operating Committee reported, for the first time, that a company controlled by Jay Jacobs, Timber Lake Management Corp, had made a loan of $100,000 to the Nassau
County Operating Committee on 10/20/2009. It was reported 9 months after the loan was purportedly made. Then on July 13, 2010, just 4 days after the committee back-entered the loan on its public campaign
filings, a check in the amount of $100,000 was sent to Timber Lake Management Corp. On 5/8/13, Jacob’s Nassau County Democratic Committee Leadership Account reportedly received a check
for $50,000 from the Nassau County Democratic Committee. Through further review, contrary to the information reported on Jacob’s public filings, the transfer actually came from the Nassau County
Democratic Committee’s Operating Account. On 5/22/13, the $50,000 transaction was reportedly “returned” to the Nassau County Democratic Committee’s Operating Account. On 5/24/13, the Nassau County Democratic Committee’s Operating Account reports a $50,000 transfer out to a legislative committee. The Legislative Committee never reported that it had received the money. Where did this $50,000 go?

It should be noted that any suppositions herein to the legality or illegality of any dealings by Mr. Jacobs, or any other party,
noted herein, in all instances, should not to be construed as fact until proven in a court of law having jurisdiction in the

Posted On 22 Mar 2014

Suffolk Sheriff’s Citizens Advisory Board Meets for 2014 Agenda

sheriff cab 1


(Yaphank, NY) Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco today announced that the Sheriff’s Office Citizens Advisory Board (SOCAB) met Friday to plan an agenda for its first year.  Members of the Board discussed a wide range of issues, including reentry and rehabilitation initiatives, way to enhance relationships between Sheriff’s Office employees and the community at large and how to improve the public’s experience when they visit their loved ones at the county jails.

“I asked the Advisory Board to begin to reach out to people in their own communities to narrow down areas that we can focus on, from small policy changes that might improve our public service — to tackling larger social issues that relate to crime prevention and reducing recidivism,” stated Sheriff DeMarco.

The purpose of the SOCAB is to collaboratively establish and implement programs to resolve conflict, concerns and issues regarding the Sheriff’s Office and the community it serves.  The Board will soon seek public input, and those meetings will be announced in the coming months.

In January, Sheriff DeMarco called the initiative an important first step in “preserving public trust in county law enforcement,” which has been the subject of intense media scrutiny in the past year.

Today, DeMarco added, “We have a tremendous amount of talent on the Citizens Advisory Board and I believe we are going to get a lot done as a group. I’m always aware that we are here to serve the taxpayers, and they have a right to have their voices heard.  This is a vehicle to engage the public, and it will help us build upon the reforms we have already made as a law enforcement agency since I took office in 2006.”

Posted On 22 Mar 2014

Sheriff DeMarco Honors Boces Students

Today Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco presented Certificates of Appreciation to four students at the Riverhead Eastern Suffolk BOCES Culinary Arts Program, along with their instructor, Chef Thomas Hashagen.   He also presented a proclamation to Barbara Egloff, a Divisional Administrator for BOCES and a member of the Sheriff’s Youth Reentry Task Force.

The group was honored for their work on the “Dine and Discuss Initiative”, which provides parents of current and former incarcerated youth an opportunity to meet with members of the Sheriff’s staff, correction officers from the county jail, and educators to discuss their concerns and how to best help their children be successful when they are released from jail.  The culinary arts students, under the direction of their instructor, volunteer to prepare dinner for the group during the monthly meetings.  The program was initiated by Barbara Egloff, who has spearheaded educational reforms at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility during the last two years.

“This is a unique program which brings together parents of incarcerated young people, many of whom have drug addictions, with officers in our jail and members of the non-profit and treatment community, to help guide them as they bring their children back home.  When a young person spends time in jail for committing crimes in the community, we do our best to rehabilitate them while we have their attention, but we realize that families need support as well,” stated DeMarco.

Sheriff DeMarco launched the Youth Tier Initiative at the county jail in September 2011 to provide intensive mentoring, educational service and life skills to incarcerated youth between the ages of 16-19.  The program has graduated 115 participants since its inception, and it has proven to reduce recidivism among the youth participating.  As of March, recidivism has dropped to less than 10% for youth who went through the program during their period of incarceration.

sheriff boces

“The Youth Tier Initiative, combined with innovative court-based programs, has made a tremendous impact on our jail population.  In 2011, the jail had an average of 80-100 incarcerated 16-19 year olds on any given day.  Today, we have less than thirty on any given day. Eastern Suffolk BOCES is a big part of our success,” added DeMarco.

Posted On 21 Mar 2014

2 Shot at Garden City Restaurant


Two people were shot at a Garden City restaurant early Sunday morning, Nassau County police said.

Police said they received a call just before 3:30 a.m. reporting a shooting at Mint Restaurant & Lounge, at 1 Ring Rd.

When they arrived, police said they found two people had been shot.

Police did not immediately have information about the conditions of the people or the circumstances of the shooting.

Garden City police referred all calls to Nassau County police. The Nassau police homicide squad was working at the scene.

Shortly after noon on Sunday, investigators re-opened the parking lot of the Mint, which had been cordoned off with yellow police tape after the shooting.

Investigators were inside the building on Sunday afternoon.

No one answered the phone at Mint Sunday morning.

Posted On 16 Mar 2014

Independence Party Holds Congressional Screenings at Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle

The Suffolk and Nassau County Independence party is set to hold congressional screenings at Oheka Castle this Saturday in the midst of an ongoing investigation after the attempted assassination on Monday of Castle owner Gary Melius.

NYS and Suffolk County Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay says the Party is not deterred from visiting Oheka after the incident on Monday afternoon.

“Oheka Castle is up and running,” Mackay said, “nothing’s changed.  In Fact, there’s a wedding the day before the screenings.”

Security at the Castle is tight and and Monday’s incident was defined as a confined shooting, with no apparent danger to anyone visiting the castle.

Steve Israel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will be in attendance, as well as Congressman Tim Bishop and Congressman Peter King.

MacKay is confident operations at the castle will be business as usual following Monday’s incident.

“I don’t know if Gary will be back with us at the Castle by then,” MacKay said, “but he’s with us in spirit.”

Posted On 27 Feb 2014

Surveillance Details Emerge in Oheka Castle Shooting

Gary Melius - Owner of Oheka Castle

Gary Melius – Owner of Oheka Castle

Details of surveillance footage have been released amidst the police investigation into the alleged assassination attempt on Oheka Castle owner Gary Melius.

The surveillance footage shows two vehicles driving into the castle parking lot, both without license plates.  One of the vehicles was a black sedan, suspected to be a lookout vehicle, the other, a Jeep Cherokee.  Police believe the Jeep carried the masked shooter, who stepped out of the vehicle and walked straight to Melius.  The gunman then pressed the gun against the glass and fired the first shot.  The first shot fired is believed to be the one that hit Melius.

The gun may have malfunctioned after the first shot, one news source reported that the gunman was seen trying to fix the gun.  He may have aimed several times at the wounded Melius and pulled the trigger.

It’s still unclear how many people were in the vehicles.

Suffolk County Police declined to comment on the video surveillance Thursday

“This is an active, ongoing investigation, we’re not going to be commenting,” said a Suffolk County Police spokeswoman.


Posted On 27 Feb 2014

Breaking News: Gary Melius Releases Statement From Hospital

Gary Melius - Owner of Oheka Castle

Gary Melius – Owner of Oheka Castle

The Family of Oheka Castle owner Gary Melius has released a statement on Gary’s behalf Tuesday afternoon.  Gary Melius was shot in the head Monday afternoon on the grounds of the estate and after being rushed to Syosset Hospital by his daughter, is in stable condition following surgery Monday evening.

“From the bottom of my heart I will be forever grateful to the people who have offered prayers and best wishes, to the doctors who worked on me and, most of all, to my family who are clearly made of very strong stuff.”  Gary said.  “I look forward to coming home. I look forward to getting back to work.  And I look forward to welcoming families and friends who come to Oheka for its hospitality and warmth.  If this near death experience has done anything it is a reminder to live each day, celebrate life and embrace your family.  I happen to be blessed with a very very large extended family who rallied to my side during the past 24 hours.  God bless you all.”

Many were shocked and disturbed to hear news of the luxurious estate owner being shot on the castle grounds.  Melius, known by many for his unyielding generosity and willingness to donate his services and money to charity and political campaigns on both sides of the isle, is expected to make a full recovery.

Posted On 25 Feb 2014