Former NFL player’s son a suspect in his murder: Police

Sports News Former NFL player's son a suspect in his murder: Police

iStock(LONG PRAIRIE, Minn.) — A former NFL player and his wife have been shot and killed and now authorities have issued an arrest warrant for their son.

Barry Bennett, 63, and Carol Bennett, 63, were found dead in their rural Long Prairie, Minnesota, home on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Todd County Sheriff’s Office.

The Bennetts’ 22-year-old son, Dylan John Bennett, was identified as a suspect, according to the sheriff’s office.

An arrest warrant was issued for the 22-year-old and now investigators are asking for the public’s help to find him, according to the sheriff’s office.

There’s no apparent threat to the community, authorities said.

The sheriff’s office has not released a possible motive.

Barry Bennett, a defense lineman, started with the NFL in 1978, playing for the New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets before a brief time with the Minnesota Vikings, according to The Star Tribune.

The Minnesota Vikings tweeted Friday: “We are saddened by the tragic loss of former Vikings player Barry Bennett and his wife, Carol. Our thoughts are with their friends and family during this difficult time.”

In Long Prairie, about 130 miles northwest of Minneapolis, residents are mourning the Bennetts.

The former NFL player was very involved in the Long Prairie community, Jon Kringen, superintendent of Long Prairie Grey Eagle Public Schools, told ABC News.

Barry Bennett taught physical education for over 10 years and retired a few years ago, Kringen said.

“He loved the kids that he had in class, and the kids really loved Barry,” Kringen said, calling him the kind of “teacher that I think every parent would want their kid to have.”

“The school district is mourning,” Kringen said. “We are incredibly saddened by these tragic events.”

Dylan Bennett is believed to be driving a blue 2018 Hyundai Sante Fe with Minnesota license plate number BCK487, authorities said.

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Posted On 23 Aug 2019

Disney unveils concept art for Avengers Campus; first-ever ‘Moana’ attraction

Entertainment News  Disney unveils concept art for Avengers Campus; first-ever 'Moana' attraction


The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA(ANAHEIM) — At the D23 Expo in California Friday, Disney announced some big plans for its theme parks.

First, the new concept art was revealed for its Marvel-themed Avengers Campus, currently under construction at California Adventure and Disneyland Paris. Those lands will be part of an “interconnected, global story.”

More details about the Avengers Campus will be revealed on Sunday.

Disney also announced the first-ever Moana attraction set to open in Disney World’s Epcot. The attraction, called “Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana,” will allow guests to interact with “magical, living water.”

Epcot will also add an indoor Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, a Ratatouille ride inspired by the one currently operating in Disneyland Paris and new landscaping around the property.

Also today at D23, Robert Downey Jr., Christina Aguilera, Jon Favreau, James Earl Jones, Bette Midler, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D star Ming-Na Wen were all inducted as Disney Legends.

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

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Posted On 23 Aug 2019

Girl returns rock she stole from Great Smoky Mountains National Park

U.S. NEWS Girl returns rock she stole from Great Smoky Mountains National Park

National Park Service(SWAIN COUNTY, N.C.) — Park rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park received an unexpected hand-written letter with a heart-shaped rock from a former visitor.

Rangers Jessie Snow and Allison Bate, who shared the story on the park’s Facebook page, told ABC News they knew “right away this would be a great opportunity to share a larger message on social media.”

A young girl named Karina wrote that she had visited Tom Branch Falls, located in Swain County, North Carolina, inside the national park, and “loved it so much” that she kept a small rock as a keepsake.

“I wanted to have a souvenir to come home with me, so I took a rock. I’m sorry, and I want to return it,” she wrote, likely not knowing that removing property from a national park is a federal offense.

“It’s pretty simple — anything in the park, stays in the park,” Snow explained. “It’s shared by all of us and it should stay there.”

“We don’t get a lot of things mailed back to us, so getting the actual rock returned in the mail was really a unique and special thing that she had done,” Snow said. “We thought the social media post would share the message more broadly.”

The rangers from the North Carolina park didn’t have further information about Karina since the note had no return address, but they did share a response for the unidentified visitor on Facebook.

“We want her to know that she’s appreciated and her actions can help other people learn something,” Snow said.

The rangers shared their reply to Karina along with photos of the rock in the location it came from, her letter and her drawing.

Bate said sharing Karina’s story provides “education for other [11 million] visitors each year that come and can relate to it.”

In her two years working at the park, Snow said she hasn’t received anything like this in the mail.

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Posted On 23 Aug 2019

Murphy says White House still committed to gun background checks despite Trump’s mixed signals

Political News Murphy says White House still committed to gun background checks despite Trump's mixed signals

ABC News(WASHINGTON) — Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy told reporters on Friday that, despite President Donald Trump’s recent mixed signals on gun sale background checks, he believes the White House is still committed to working on a comprehensive anti-gun violence proposal.

Murphy, who spoke with Trump by phone last week, said Trump “told me personally that he was indeed serious about moving forward together on what he called meaningful background check legislation.”

“The president told me that he knew that Republicans in the Senate wouldn’t support it unless he supported a background checks measure and he was committed to finding a way forward,” Murphy said.

But then, Murphy said, Trump made comments later this week that seemed to suggest he was “once again backing away from his commitment to work on background check legislation.”

Murphy said he was in contact with the White House as late as Thursday night and said he believes the White House is still on board with finding a background check reform solution.

But it’s unclear which measure the White House supports and if it would include implementing universal background checks or simply expanding on current background checks.

Congress has not passed any sweeping gun reform legislation since the 1990s. Lawmakers have tried and failed numerous times, notably after the 2012 shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 school children were killed by a gunman. Murphy was the US senator for Connecticut at that time.

Other proposals the White House is potentially weighing, according to Murphy, include a federal grant program that would assist states in implementing the “Red Flag” law, which Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C,. and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., support. The state law typically permits police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves.

The White House could also consider two background check bills passed by the House in February.

One of the bills would establish new background check requirements for firearm transfers between private parties. The other bill would extend the review period for the FBI to complete its background checks for gun purchases from three days to 10 days.

“I am skeptical that these efforts are going to bear fruit,” Murphy said Friday. “I think it’s very hard to negotiate with this White House when the president’s public positions seem to change by the day.”

“I’m sure there will some there will be some people who will say I’m naive to think that we’re going to end up getting a proposal through that will significantly expand background checks and be able to get 60 votes in the Senate, but I’m going to try,” he added.

Murphy said he believes Trump has the “instinct to lead” but he’s talking to the gun lobby “more more frequently than he’s talking to me.”

“If this, you know, all seems like a ruse, an attempt by the president to make it look like he’s doing something without actually moving the ball down the field, I think we’ll know that in fairly short order,” Murphy said.

Murphy acknowledged that public support for passing a universal background check is at an all-time high and it’s very likely Republicans are keeping this in mind heading into the 2020 presidential election cycle.

“If you want to win the presidency in 2020 you can’t be in the pocket of the gun lobby,” Murphy said. “If you win a seat for Congress in the 2020 elections, you can’t be owned by the gun industry. You have to show that you are willing to take them on.”

Murphy said he thought it was “interesting” that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “opening the door” to a background checks bill in the Senate because McConnell likely recognizes the issue of guns could be a real “political vulnerability” for his caucus.

“The only way that we pass a bill in the Senate is if there is a proposal with words on a piece of paper that the president says he’s for and says it for more than 24 hours at a time,” Murphy said.

He added: “If Donald Trump gets behind a background checks reform bill, it will pass the Senate.”

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Posted On 23 Aug 2019

What do Robert Downey Jr., the Rolling Stones and NASA have in common?

Entertainment News  What do Robert Downey Jr., the Rolling Stones and NASA have in common?


Courtesy of the Rolling Stones(PASADENA) — Months after announcing a plan to clean up the Earth significantly in 10 years, Robert Downey Jr. made an announcement Thursday that was…well, out of this world.

The Marvel star revealed that the team behind NASA’s InSight lander has named a Martian rock after iconic rock band The Rolling Stones, called the “Rolling Stones Rock.”

Downey made the announcement Thursday night in California at the famed Rose Bowl before the Rolling Stones performed.

Last year, InSight’s thrusters made this particular rock roll about three feet during a mission to Mars, “the farthest NASA has seen a rock roll while landing a spacecraft on another planet,” NASA said in an official press release.

Downey couldn’t have been more thrilled to announce the news, writing, “Sometimes the world does seriously cool stuff… Huge thanx to @therollingstones and @nasa @nasajpl #marsrocks.”

The Rolling Stones were obviously thrilled as well.

“This is definitely a milestone in our long and eventful history. A huge thank you to everyone at NASA for making it happen,” the group wrote in an official statement.

Downey has shown his love for science and space over the years. In June, he took the stage at Amazon’s re:MARS artificial intelligence conference to announce his real-life plan to clean up the planet.

Downey’s new venture, called the Footprint Coalition, will launch in April 2020.

“Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years,” Downey said, according to the many news outlets in attendance, including Forbes and Variety.

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Posted On 23 Aug 2019

CBP seizes over 52,000 gun parts from China at California port

U.S. NEWS CBP seizes over 52,000 gun parts from China at California port

US Customs and Border Patrol(LOS ANGELES) — California Border Patrol at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport intercepted and seized over 52,000 illegal gun parts from China.

U.S. Customs and Border protection announced Thursday that they seized a total of $378,225 worth of firearms parts in violation if the Chinese Arms Embargo that included sights, stocks, muzzles, brakes, buffer kits and grips which arrived in three shipments from China

“This seizure is an exceptional example of CBP officers and import specialists vigilance, commitment and keen focus in enforcing complex arms embargo regulations,” said Carlos C. Martel, CBP Director of Field Operations in Los Angeles.

The shipment was in violation of the Chinese Arms Embargo, which includes importation restrictions, Martel said.

In 2018, the Office of Field Operations seized 266,279 firearms, firearm parts, ammunition,fireworks and explosives at 328 ports of entry throughout the U.S. These interceptions were a 18.4 percent increase from the previous year.

“We work closely with our strategic partners to ensure import compliance while maintaining the highest standards of security at our nation’s largest seaport,” said LaFonda Sutton-Burke, CBP Port Director of the LA/Long Beach Seaport. “This interception underscores the successful collaboration between CBP officers, import specialists and ATF investigators.”
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Posted On 23 Aug 2019

Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign wants the DNC to change debate qualifying poll requirements

Political News Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign wants the DNC to change debate qualifying poll requirements

ABC News(NEW YORK) — Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s presidential campaign is calling on the Democratc National Committee to revise its list of debate qualifying polls in an effort to help the Hawaii Congresswoman qualify for the upcoming third DNC debate hosted by ABC News.

According to the criteria that the DNC set forth, 2020 candidates must meet the donor threshold of 130,000 unique donors and 2 percent in 4 DNC qualified polls. Gabbard has exceeded the donor threshold but needs two polls to meet the debate criteria.

The Gabbard team is citing what they describe as several irregularities in the selection and timing of the DNC sponsored polls. The campaign points out “Gabbard has exceeded 2% support in 26 polls, but only two of them are on the DNC’s “certified” list.

In a press release, the campaign says many of the uncertified polls, including those conducted by highly reputable organizations such as The Economist and the Boston Globe, are ranked by Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight as more accurate than some DNC “certified” polls.”

Additionally, they have polled at or above 2% in two polls sponsored by the two largest newspapers in two different early primary states: The Boston Globe which is the largest circulated paper in New Hampshire and The Post and Courier in South Carolina.

Gabbard, who is a major in the Army National Guard is still currently in Indonesia for a two week military training, during which time she is unable to work with her campaign in any capacity. Gabbard will return to the campaign trail on August 27.

Another issue the Gabbard campaign is highlighting is the lack of polls that have been released following the second debate. After the first debate, the campaign highlights that 11 polls were released however that number shrank to just four polls after the second debate.

The Gabbard campaign also notes that only two polls were released in the two weeks following the second debate. The campaign stressed that the lack of polls that have been released are “particularly harmful to candidates with lower name-recognition. Delayed poll releases are an advantage for high-name recognition candidates such as Vice President Joe Biden and Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris.”

This isn’t Gabbard’s first run in with the DNC, in 2016, she stepped down from the party after serving as Vice Chair to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders. Following her endorsement, Gabbard was outspokenly critical of the DNC, having clashed with then DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz over the DNC’s debate schedule resulting in Gabbard being disinvited from the first debate in 2015.

At the time Wasserman Schultz claimed that Gabbard’s complaints were a distraction.

Also earlier this week, Gabbard threw her support behind a failed attempt to call for the DNC to support a Climate Change debate.
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Man arrested for terrorism after sending threatening email to ABC Nashville affiliate

U.S. NEWS Man arrested for terrorism after sending threatening email to ABC Nashville affiliate

iStock(NASHVILLE) — A man has been arrested after allegedly sending a rambling email to one of ABC News’ affiliate stations in Tennessee, threatening to go to the “state capital to blow someone’s brains out.”

ABC Nashville affiliate WKRN-TV received a threatening email on Wednesday, authorities said, allegedly from Nathan Semans, who also expressed his displeasure toward President Donald Trump.

“Look if you don’t run story I’m going to state capital to blow someone’s brain out,” the email read. “I don’t look good at the moment cause the tyranny of what trump did, the nature of this call is secret. You think I’m kidding trump belongs in the dumpster from a cool kid.

“Knock it off I’m human. I’ll immediately leave this country on a double once my passport clears,” the email continued. “I’m sick of this nonsense and bologna hanging around that trumps the perfect American, hallelujah against trump I recommend you forward to the table of the news room or I join ISIS to seek revenge.”

The news station flagged the email to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, and state troopers subsequently secured an arrest warrant to charge Semans with commission of act of terrorism, a felony.

The troopers served the warrant Seman’s residence on Wednesday night and took him into custody without incident. He was being held at Humphreys County Jail on a $1 million bond as of Thursday, according to a press release from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

Semans did not have an attorney yet, according to the county clerk. He was still being processed, and a court date had not been scheduled, according to the office.

Authorities searched the house after securing the premises, taking a cellphone and tablet for further analysis.

No weapons were found, authorities said.

“Thanks to an alert and forward thinking employee at News 2, we were able to investigate this threat and make our community and state safer,” Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Jeff Long said in a statement Thursday. “This is a textbook example of ‘see something, say something.’”

The United States Secret Service will be following up with Semans, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

“When we work together for the common good of our community, we are all safer,” Tennessee Highway Patrol Col. Dereck Stewart said in a statement Thursday. “I am thankful that WKRN-TV contacted our department, for if we had not received this notification, then it is very possible that the narrative of this release could have been tragically worse.”
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As Trump heads to G7 summit, potential for dysfunctional ‘family reunion’

WORLD NEWS As Trump heads to G7 summit, potential for dysfunctional 'family reunion'

iStock(BIARRITZ, France) — President Donald Trump flies across the Atlantic Ocean on Friday night to the ritzy coastal city of Biarritz, France, for the G7 summit, an annual gathering that could be likened to a dysfunctional family reunion.

As world leaders from the Group of Seven countries, consisting of Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States descend on the peaceful resort town to discuss the global economy and other pressing issues, they, too, arrive with their own domestic political baggage.

The global is economy is weak, in part due to ongoing trade wars sparked by the United States. Germany is on the brink of a recession. Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte resigned just days ago amid political chaos (he will still attend). The new prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, who will make his debut at the G7, has vowed to divorce his country from the European Union by Halloween. And then there are pressing global issues including climate change, Libya, Iran, North Korea, terrorism, migration, and as protests continue in Hong Kong, the fragile state of democracies around the world.

And of course, amid these challenges are the uncertainties of the ever-unpredictable president of the United States.

Over the course of the three-day summit, Trump will attend meetings on foreign security, the global economy – a session added at the last minute by the United States, African economies, gender equality, and the climate. Senior administration officials who gave reporters an outline of the president’s agenda while in Biarritz said he plans to promote job growth, the economic empowerment of women and the growth of emerging African economies.

“You will really hear the president hit home the message of the pro-jobs, pro-growth economic agenda, and what he’s done by way of the historic tax reforms, deregulation, investment policies, a focus on energy and free, fair and reciprocal trade,” a senior administration official told reporters ahead of the trip.

But officials also admitted, the president will go his own way, no matter what.

Ahead of the G7, the president signaled he won’t hesitate to shake things up when he abruptly cancelling his trip to Denmark over interest in buying Greenland, and throwing his first grenade at the group by saying he wants Russia to rejoin and once more make it the G8.

“I think it’s much more appropriate to have Russia in,” Trump said Tuesday at the White House. “A lot of the things we talk about have to do with Russia, I could certainly see it being the G8 again, if someone would make that motion, I would be disposed to think about it favorably.”

But despite the president’s urging to have closer to ties to Moscow, allies have signaled they have no support for inviting Russia back to the party citing aggression in Europe and lack of progress in Ukraine. Instead, finding ways to support Ukraine’s new president in the face of ongoing Russian interference will be a priority, according to a diplomatic source.

Last year in Canada, Trump’s behavior at the G7 prompted some to call the G7 the “G6+1” or the “G7-1.” The president defied the G7 by taking off without signing the official communique, an agreement reached at the end of each summit. This year, in recognition of just how all over the map the G7 countries are on different issues, the host of this year’s meeting, French President Macron, said there won’t even be a communique. He called it “pointless.”

Macron outlined this year’s priority as “the fight against inequalities,” taking specific aim at five goals: tackling gender inequality, reducing “environmental inequality,” promoting fair trade, fighting terrorism, and tapping into opportunities from digital technology and AI. In addition to the seven countries that make up the G7, Macron has also invited four major democracies, Australia, Chile, India, and South Africa, and he is specifically emphasizing African economies by inviting, for the first time, the African Union, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Senegal and Rwanda.

With so many world leaders in one spot, French interior minister Christope Castaner said they are invoking “maximum vigilance,” with 13,200 police, French and Spanish police forces, 400 firefighters, and 13 emergency teams.

While in Biarritz, the president plans to meet one-on-one with new U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Macron, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi.

The president has shown the most excitement about meeting his British counterpart for the first time. Trump and Johnson spoke on the phone ahead of the summit, and National Security Advisor John Bolton traveled to London to offer support for Johnson’s Brexit efforts and discuss the potential of a trade deal between the United States and U.K.

“Great discussion with Prime Minister @BorisJohnson today. We talked about Brexit and how we can move rapidly on a US-UK free trade deal. I look forward to meeting with Boris this weekend, at the @G7, in France!” Trump tweeted.

But even though the president is hoping to find a buddy in Biarritz with Johnson, the new prime minister has shown he leans more European on some of the biggest issues facing the summit like climate change, trade, and his agreement with the EU that the president’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal was a bad idea.

“It feels to me like this is the summit where the leaders expect they have figured out how to deal with this president, they have begun thinking in the long term how to deal with a different U.S. role on the world stage,” Jon Alterman, a global security expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a nonpartisan Washington-based think tank. “How well it works out, whether they end up being surprised, or whether they end up having calibrated it fairly well is going to be what either makes or breaks this summit.”
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12-year-old boy jumps out of moving truck to escape suspected kidnapper, police say

U.S. NEWS 12-year-old boy jumps out of moving truck to escape suspected kidnapper, police say

Boynton Beach Police Department(BOYNTON BEACH, Fla.) — A 12-year-old boy dove from a moving vehicle to escape a suspected kidnapper in South Florida, police say.

The child was treated for abrasions to his forehead, arms and hands, while the suspect, 26-year-old Timothy Miller of West Palm Beach, was arrested on charges of kidnapping under the age of 13, resisting an officer with violence and child neglect, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The boy told detectives that he got off his school bus and was walking home in Boynton Beach on Wednesday afternoon when a man driving a white pickup truck pulled over and offered him a ride. The man, later identified as Miller, told the child that he gives rides to kids “all the time” and “not to worry” because he “won’t do anything weird,” according to the affidavit.

The boy said Miller “seemed nice and had a friendly smile,” so he accepted his offer and got in the truck. But then, the child said, Miller started to “act different” and looked at him “strangely,” while driving erratically and asking if he had any drugs, according to the affidavit.

The boy said he became frightened and tried to open the passenger door to get out, but Miller told him he couldn’t leave and sped up in an effort to prevent him from doing so. Still, the child managed to open the door and jumped from the moving vehicle, according to the affidavit.

Onlookers who saw the boy land on the pavement stopped to help him, while two others went after Miller and followed his truck onto Interstate 95. When Miller got off at an exit, the other drivers used their cars to block in his truck until police arrived. Miller “repeatedly violently resisted officer’s attempts to detain him” but was ultimately taken into custody, according to the affidavit.

Miller told detectives that he picked up the boy because he thought he was a teenager and could sell him drugs, according to the affidavit.

“We are grateful to the Good Samaritans who assisted us with taking Miller into custody,” the Boynton Police Department said in a Facebook post. “We encourage parents to use this as an opportunity to remind their children about the dangers of getting into a car with someone they do not know.”
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Posted On 23 Aug 2019