What Do We Eat in America? Lots of Pizza

What is America’s favorite food?

Pizza, according to a new National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from the USDA.

The survey, called “What We Eat In America,” looked at data from 2007 to 2010, and the study concluded that one in eight Americans “consumed pizza on any given day.” And the rate went up to 1 in 4 when looking at American boys and men between the ages of 6 and 19.

The study also found that men eat more pizza than women, and white Americans eat more pizza than other groups.

But who doesn’t eat pizza? Americans over 60, the report finds.


Posted On 08 Feb 2014

Colo. Woman Reportedly Breast Fed Puppy

A Colorado woman says offering her breast to her new puppy was a last ditch effort when the puppy would not drink from a bottle or canine formula.
The woman, who is not being identified, says the last resort occurred to her to offer the puppy her own breast when he was not taking other food.

“He just wasn’t taking it, I didn’t know what else to do I was desperate. I just couldn’t bear sitting there watching him die,” she said. “I never thought I would ever do that but… It was taboo to me as well. I guess you could call it in a sense it’s like a maternal instinct.”
Veterinarian Dr. Amber Williams does not recommend humans breast feeding animals as there are diseases that can be transmitted from the puppy to human babies. And, she says, it may not be great for the dog either.
“I’m more concerned about zoo-notic disease because there are things that can be passed from… puppies to babies,” Dr. Williams said. “In an emergency situation, I don’t think it’s a big deal but for them to grow appropriately, I think it would be important for them to get on a canine formula.”

Posted On 08 Feb 2014

Backlash over Valentino Email Promoting Bag at Hoffman’s Wake

Fashion house Valentino is facing harsh criticism for a PR blast it  sent out a day after Philip Seymour Hoffman’s wake, using a photo of  actress Amy Adams as she attended the event to advertise its newest  handbag.

“We are pleased to announce Amy Adams carrying the Valentino Garavany  Rockstud Duble bag from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection on Feb. 6 in  New York,” Valentino publicist, Upasna Khosla, emailed to journalists on  Friday morning.

The offending release was coupled with pictures of the actress  arriving with her husband Darren Le Gallo at Hoffman’s private wake,  which was held Thursday at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan.

Hoffman, 46, died last Sunday of a suspected drug overdose in his Manhattan apartment.

Adams, who co-starred with Hoffman in the 2012 film The Master, Doubt in 2008, and Charlie Wilson’s War in 2007, was not aware that  her name was being used for Valentino’s publicity, a representative for  Adams confirmed to ABC News Saturday.

“Amy Adams is not a paid spokesperson for Valentino, and the  suggestion she would use this moment to participate in a promotion is  truly appalling,” spokeswoman Megan Moss ­Pachon said in a statement.

Those who received the email were also not impressed.

Donna Freydkin tweeted: “Just got a press release naming the handbag Amy Adams was carrying while in NYC for PSH’s funeral. #tasteless #ew”

Khosla did not respond to ABC News’ request to comment but the  fashion house released a statement on Friday saying it was “not aware  the photograph was taken while she was attending the wake of Philip  Seymour Hoffman” and that Adams was “not aware, or a part of, our PR  efforts.”

Valentino’s press office later tweeted another apology saying it was an innocent mistake: “We regret releasing a photo of Amy Adams with a Valentino bag. Unaware  of the circumstances it was a mistake and we apologize to Ms. Adams”


Posted On 08 Feb 2014

American Bobsledder Smashes Through Jammed Door in Sochi

Dirty drinking water and substandard accommodations in Sochi are just a  few issues that have made headlines during the Winter Olympics.

It seems  like faulty doors need to be added to that list after United States bobsledder  Johnny Quinn got stuck in the bathroom and had to break out.

Quinn tweeted: “I was taking a shower and the door got locked/jammed….” “…With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out. #SochiJailBreak”

No word if Quinn stuck his head out of  the gaping hole in the door and stated “Here’s Johnny” before escaping.



Posted On 08 Feb 2014

Heroin’s Euphoric High Makes It Hard to Quit

The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has highlighted the plight of some 369,000 Americans addicted to heroin.

Use of the drug – an opiate similar to morphine – is on the rise in  the United States, nearly doubling between 2007 and 2011 when 620,000 Americans  reported using heroin at least once, according to the Substance Abuse  and Mental Health Services Administration. In the same year, use of the  drug led to nearly 260,000 emergency room visits.

Whether injected, inhaled or smoked, heroin quickly enters the brain  to cause a euphoric rush. But the high comes with a dangerous drop in  blood pressure and respiration, which can be fatal.

Heroin is also highly addictive, luring almost a quarter of those who  use it into dependence, according to the National Institute on Drug  Abuse. Medications like methadone and buprenorphine, which activate the  same brain receptors as heroin, can help reduce cravings and dampen  withdrawal symptoms.  But for some, the treatments are no match for  heroin’s addictive high.

“The research shows that about 60 to 70 percent of people who use  medications like buprenorphine or methadone are still in treatment after  one year,” Dr. Jason Jerry, a professor of medicine with the Cleveland  Clinic’s Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, told ABCNews.com. “Only 10 to  20 percent of patients who are completely detoxed and off of everything  manage to stay clean for an extended period of time.”

Hoffman was found dead Sunday with a needle stuck in his arm and  buprenorphine inside his New York City apartment, according to police.  The Oscar-winning actor had been sober for 23 years before relapsing  into addiction.

Signs and symptoms of heroin use include:

  • Euphoria
  • Drowsiness
  • Impaired mental functioning
  • Constricted pupils

Signs of a heroin overdose include:

  • Shallow breathing
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Clammy skin
  • Convulsions


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Posted On 08 Feb 2014

Winter Storm Janus in full swing


Winter Storm Janus in full swing – January 21st 6:15 pm

Traffic on the LIE remains bumper to bumper as Long Islanders flee home through the storm.  What’s being called a ‘carbon copy’ of the blizzard which rolled over the Northeast close to New Year’s is leaving residents of Suffolk and Nassau counties nearly immobilized on major highways.

Many towns across the Island have issued a state of emergency, asking that all vehicles be off the roads and into driveways.

LI News Radio spoke with Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter who said, “You need to use a certain amount of common sense when issuing a town wide state of emergency.”  After conferring with the Riverhead Police Chief, School Supervisor and Highway Dept. Supervisor, Walter issued a state of emergency asking all vehicles be off the roads by 6 pm.

A major concern of both highway departments and residents is the fact that chemicals normally used for de-icing roads, such as rock salt, are rendered ineffective at the temperatures we’re experiencing here on the Island, and with a weather forecast comprised of below freezing temperatures for days to come, the snow is projected to stay for a while.  Tune in to 103.9 FM for up-to-date weather coverage.

Posted On 21 Jan 2014

Winter Storm Warning in Effect

macgarthur snow

Winter Storm Warning in Effect for Suffolk and Nassau

A winter storm warning remains in effect from noon today to 6 am Wednesday for Suffolk and Nassau counties.  Heavy/blowing snow is expected to accumulate up to 12 inches.  Beginning late this morning, snowfall will continue through tonight winding down early Wednesday morning.  The heaviest snowfall is projected for tonight.

Temperatures in the mid 20’s will drop down to the lower teens tonight, with gusts up to 40 mph could push wind chills as low as 5 below zero late tonight.  Severe temperatures will cause hazardous travel conditions, caution signs on the long island expressway this morning warned of icing roads.

The National Weather Service for New York advises to only travel in an emergency.  “If you must travel keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.”  Heavy winds and blowing snow with an estimated quarter mile or less visibility range will impact evening commutes.

The National Weather Service has also issued a coastal flood warning for the North Shore of the island as well as Southeast Suffolk during the times of high tide between 1am and 4am.  Areas impacted may be vulnerable shore roads and/or basements due to the height of the storm tide and wave splash over.  There is no significant threat to life and any impact on property is minimal.

Suffolk highway departments readied yesterday for the storm by preparing salters and sanders, but snow removal may be difficult this afternoon through tonight.  For up to date and breaking weather news listen to 103.9FM LI News Radio.

Posted On 21 Jan 2014

Anti-Deer Rally in East Hampton


Posted On 18 Jan 2014

Suffolk County PBA and DA condemn Newsday

The Coalition of Suffolk Police Unions issued a press-conference this Friday to address and condemn Newsday’s decision to publish their January 14th “Serial Robber’s Use of Body Shop Cars Eyed” article which included specific investigative details that according to the CSPU, “not only compromised an ongoing investigation, but, more importantly, put Suffolk families and police officers at risk.”


Spota PRESSThe article revealed confidential and specific details, obtained from “intelligence documents,” critical to the success of this ongoing investigation–details neither the reporter nor Newsday were entitled to and which could have only been obtained through illegal distribution.  Details on how Newsday illegally obtained, sensitive information are still unknown.

The day following the release of the January 14th article Suffolk County Police arrested two people in connection with a series of armed robberies that occurred at businesses beginning December 9th.  Following a lengthy investigation into a pattern of robberies targeting businesses, detectives determined that Christopher Marino, 29, committed 15 armed robberies during which he stole cash.  His girlfriend, Jamie Greco, waited in a vehicle and drove Marino away from the scene.  Marino, 29, and Greco, 23, both of Medford, were charged with 13 counts of Robbery 1st Degree and two counts of Attempted Robbery 1st Degree.

The Coalition stated in a press release on Friday, “By disclosing facts about Suffolk County Police operational tactics and strategies that were specific to this investigation, and could have alerted the suspect that he had been identified and lived ‘in Medford,’  Newsday could have compromised the success of the investigation, aided the suspect in avoiding apprehension and carelessly put at risk both the safety of the police investigators and the Suffolk families we work so hard to protect.”


Posted On 17 Jan 2014