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dentistDr. Ames

At the office of Dr. Ames, we strive for excellence, providing you with the most modern, personalized dental treatment available. We do everything possible to make your visit a pleasant one. Your comfort and dental health is very important to us. This is why we provide the most current and up-to date techniques available.

Becoming a dentist is more than completing dental school. Continuing education is a requirement and Dr. Ames has been pursuing excellence in dentistry for years. Not just as a dentist, but even earlier in her years as a dental hygienist and teaching at highly regarded institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania.

She is the Founding President of The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry. This dental discipline combines Minimally Invasive procedures with advanced Biomimetic techniques which, when combined, respect the vitality of your teeth and support outstanding oral health. There are only several hundred practitioners of Biomimetic dentistry in the US and a mere handful in the NY tri-state region. In her role as the Academy’s founding president, she guided its first two years in its mission of educating dental practitioners in these advanced techniques.

Her weekly radio show explores, in easy to understand terminology, the many aspects of dental care in order to make you a more enlightened and educated dental consumer. Tune is Saturdays at 10:00AM and learn what most patients don’t know about dental health and what it means to you and your family. You can visit her website at or call her office at (631) 261-4525.

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