US condemns Iran for telling EU it will break nuclear deal on uranium enrichment

WORLD NEWS US condemns Iran for telling EU it will break nuclear deal on uranium enrichment

Oleksii Liskonih/iStock(WASHINGTON) — The Iranian government moved Friday to break another commitment it made under the nuclear deal as it struggles under U.S. economic sanctions reimposed after President Donald Trump withdrew from the historic accord.

The move, which sparked condemnation from the U.S. and concern from Europe, comes as the Trump administration is stepping up its pressure on Iran’s oil industry as a way to pin down the Iranian government, even taking the unusual move to offer a ship’s captain a multi-million dollar payout if he turned over his vessel carrying Iranian oil to U.S. authorities.

A diplomatic overture by France’s President Emmanuel Macron also now seems dead, despite initial support from Trump, leaving heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran that analysts worry could lead to skirmishes or wider conflict.

Iran is set to begin work on advanced centrifuges that will enrich uranium faster and to halt other caps on its nuclear research and development, according to state run news agency IRNA. Those breaches of its commitment under the nuclear deal follow two previous actions — stockpiling a greater amount of enriched uranium above 300 kilograms and enriching uranium above 3.67 percent — the limits set by the accord.

The advanced centrifuges would allow Iran to speed up enrichment, with Iranian officials floating the idea of enriching to 20 percent. That’s a small gap from the 90 percent needed to made nuclear weapons, although Iran says it is not interested in pursuing such weapons.

The deal, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, granted Iran sanctions relief and promised economic benefit in exchange for limits on its nuclear program and international inspections. But since Trump withdrew and reimposed sanctions at “maximum pressure,” especially targeting Iran’s critical oil industry, Iran began ending its commitments to pressure Europe to make up the difference financially.

Germany, France, and the United Kingdom — the remaining signatories to the deal, along with Russia and China — have worked with the European Union to create a financial mechanism that allowed transactions to bypass U.S. sanctions, but it’s not made up for the multiple businesses that have withdrawn from the country or the enormous drop in oil sales.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned Iran’s decision Friday, tweeting, “We are confident that the UK, France, and Germany – indeed, all civilized nations – will take decisive actions to stop Iran’s nuclear extortion.”

Last week, the U.S. seemed to support a French-backed off-ramp to tensions that Macron presented to Trump at the G-7 summit. Macron’s proposition called for Iran to return to all of its commitments in exchange for a $15 billion line of credit to compensate Iran for the oil sales blocked by U.S. sanctions.

“We’re really talking about a letter of credit-type facility,” Trump said on August 26 in Biarritz, France. “We’re looking for no nuclear weapons, no ballistic missiles, and a longer period of time. Very simple.”

That seemed to counter what senior advisers like Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton have said, laying out a long list of demands for Iran in any new deal with the U.S. That possibility seemed to fade this week, after U.S. special envoy for Iran Brian Hook said more sanctions would be coming and they “need to see some progress” on those demands first.

The final nail seemed to be hammered home in a phone call late Thursday between Trump and Macron, where Trump said “that dropping sanctions against Iran is not going to happen at this time,” according to a White House spokesperson.

Instead, the administration is turning to unusual moves to ratchet up the pressure on Iran, including direct outreach to ship captains and shipping companies, “warning them of the consequences of providing support” to Iran’s oil industry, a State Department spokesperson told ABC News.

In particular, the U.S. offered $5 million to the captain of the Adrian Darya 1, a oil tanker carrying Iranian crude that was detained by authorities in Gibraltar at the request of the U.S., before it was released on a judge’s order. The U.S. has tried to make an example of it by preventing it from offloading its oil in exchange for revenue that the U.S. says support Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, an elite wing of its military the Trump administration designated a terrorist organization.

The ship’s captain turned down the reward, which was communicated directly to him by email and radio transmission, the spokesperson confirmed.

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Posted On 06 Sep 2019

‘What are they waiting for?’: Whistleblowers look to Vatican as embattled Buffalo bishop clings to power

WORLD NEWS 'What are they waiting for?': Whistleblowers look to Vatican as embattled Buffalo bishop clings to power

ABC News(VATICAN CITY) — A pair of whistleblowers are calling for the Vatican to act amid a growing scandal surrounding Bishop Richard Malone of the Diocese of Buffalo, who has faced widespread criticism for his handling of allegations of sexual misconduct against clergy.

The local crisis deepened this week with the emergence of secret audio recordings obtained by ABC News and its local affiliate WKBW. The recordings suggest Malone sought to conceal allegations that an active priest had sexually harassed a then-seminarian, even though Malone can be heard on the tapes describing the accused priest as “a sick puppy” and calling his alleged penchant for manipulation and retaliation “dangerous.”

Now two Buffalo whistleblowers (both of whom worked closely with Malone until they turned against him) and a group of prominent local Catholics (that had until recently been one of Malone’s major sources of support.

Siobhan O’Connor, Malone’s former personal secretary who sparked a scandal last year when she leaked internal church documents to investigative reporter Charlie Specht from ABC’s local affiliate WKBW, said Vatican interest in the beleaguered Diocese of Buffalo is “long overdue.”

“What are they waiting for?” O’Connor told ABC News. “Our diocese is suffering because of the severe lack of episcopal leadership from Bishop Malone, which has manifested itself in many ways. I beseech Vatican officials to intervene before our diocese is decimated.”

Fr. Ryszard Biernat, who until recently lived at the bishop’s residence before coming forward this week with those secret audio recordings, said Malone is unlikely to leave his position of his own accord.

“I hope he steps down. But we had those hopes for a long, long time. He stays,” Biernat told WKBW. “And I’m hoping the Vatican intervenes. I’m hoping that somebody intervenes. Maybe [the] FBI. Somebody, please. We need help. We need help here.”

And The Movement to Restore Trust, a local group of Catholic lay leaders in Buffalo that had previously been a major ally of Malone’s, withdrew its support for him on Thursday and called for immediate resignation, citing “recent events and disclosures.”

“We make this request of Bishop Malone with a degree of humility and sadness,” the group said in a statement, noting that it will be following up with both Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, and the Apostolic Nunciature, Pope Francis’ ambassador in the United States.

On Wednesday, Malone responded to this latest scandal, suggesting to a small group of hand-picked reporters that the pope’s apparent lack of concern is an endorsement of his leadership.

“They say the pope frequently picks up the phone and calls people around the world, but I have not been the recipient of one of these calls,” Malone said. “I’ve had no communications from the pope at all.”

“I know for sure they’re not unaware of all the news around here,” he continued. “But so far apparently I like to think they are trusting in my goodwill and my intention and my capacity working with other people to lead us further. But if I get a call from the pope, maybe I’ll let you know.”

The Catholic Church hierarchy has been strangely silent about Buffalo, even after Pope Francis promised greater transparency and mandated new policies and procedures designed to hold bishops accountable earlier this year.

Neither the Vatican nor the Apostolic Nunciature to the United States have responded to requests for comment from ABC News, aside from pointing out that, under those new policies, the Vatican could direct Cardinal Dolan to investigate Malone. Dolan’s spokesperson told ABC News, however, that no such order has been given.

Vatican officials appear to have taken notice of at least one case that has raised concerns in Buffalo. Following an ABC News investigation detailed in a special edition of Nightline in July, Vatican officials requested information from the Diocese of Buffalo about Bishop Malone’s decision to reinstate a Buffalo priest who had faced multiple accusations of sexually abusing minors.

“The Congregation for Bishops asked for a report on the details of a widely publicized case in Buffalo, in which a priest’s allegation of abuse of a minor, after thorough professional investigation and extended review by our Independent Review Board, was found to be unsubstantiated,” Buffalo Diocese spokesperson Kathy Spangler told the Catholic Herald.

Spangler did not identify the specific case at the focus of the report, and she declined to provide more information to ABC News, but her description of the case matches that of Fr. Dennis Riter, who has denied the accusations and continues to serve as pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in the Buffalo suburb of Dunkirk.

Fr. Biernat, who served as Bishop Malone’s personal secretary until he agreed to take a leave of absence in August, confirmed that the inquiry concerned Riter.

“There had been an inquiry from the Vatican in August,” Biernat told ABC News. “I know the second in command from the [Apostolic Nunciature to the United States] called Malone in August and he responded by a letter drafted by [diocesan attorney] Lawlor Quinlan.”

As the scandal has grown, the state’s civic leaders have also begun to look to church leaders for action.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, a powerful Democrat from New York, addressed the issue during an appearance in Buffalo on Thursday, calling the situation “terrible.”

“I am not a member of this faith, and I’m very respectful of the separation of church and state, so I am reluctant to say what it is they should do,” Schumer said. “But I sincerely hope that the Church — its lay community and it’s leadership — will handle this issue quickly, effectively, and decisively.”

But as Malone suggested in an interview with ABC News earlier this year, he is answerable to just one person.

“Bishops obey our conscience. We try to do that,” Malone said. “We obey the central teachings of scripture and tradition. Ultimately, we obey the Pope.”

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BET’s ‘Black Girls Rock’ airs Sunday night; Angela Bassett, Regina King to be honored

Entertainment News  BET's 'Black Girls Rock' airs Sunday night; Angela Bassett, Regina King to be honored


Ari Lennox – Photo Credit: Eva Zar

(NEW YORK) — A who’s who of talent from across the entertainment spectrum will be seen on Sunday night, when BET’s Black Girls Rock airs.

Hosted by Claws star Niecy Nash, the show celebrates a notable list of honorees: Angela Bassett will receive the Icon Award, Regina King is getting the Star Power Award, and Ciara will receive the Rock Star Award.

Ari Lennox will be among the star-studded list of performers which
includes India.Arie, Common, Erykah Badu, Elle Varner, Monica and more, tells ABC Radio that attending the show, which was recorded for broadcast in August, was a monumental moment for her.

“Thank you, Black Girls Rock, for changing my whole freakin’ life and bringing all those beautiful black women together,” she says. “I feel like it is just something that is needed because there is so much divide, like the industry is cutthroat.”

Ari continues, “I feel the media is always trying to divide black women and…shows like that…are so special.”

While being around some of her personal favorite artists was undoubtedly one of the many highlights of the evening, Lennox admits that the most touching moment for her was when a young fan recognized her.

“This beautiful, chocolate girl with curly hair came up to me and she hugged me,” Lennox recalls. “And that was like my most favorite part. Out of meeting all these beautiful legends — just to see like a little baby girl…just be so proud and happy.”

In addition, H.E.R. receives the Young Gifted and Black Award, and The Mothers of the Movement activists — Sybrina Fulton, Geneva Reed-Veal, Gwen Carr, Congresswoman Lucy McBath, Maria Hamilton, and Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton — will be honored with the Community Change Award.

Black Girls Rock airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET. on BET.

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We were there for…the sneak peek of the ‘Friends25’ experience

Entertainment News  We were there for...the sneak peek of the 'Friends25' experience


ABC Radio/Steve Iervolino(NEW YORK) — On Thursday evening in New York City, ABC Radio got a sneak peek of Friends25, an immersive exhibit celebrating the sitcom’s silver anniversary, which opens on Saturday.

The experiential exhibition company Superfly, which was behind the similar Seinfeld Experience, has painstakingly recreated Friends‘ Central Perk coffee shop, as well as the living room of Joey and Chandler’s bachelor pad — complete with their hockey stick-locked entertainment center and matching recliners — and other sets from the show. 

On hand were The Rembrandts, who played the show’s theme song, “I’ll Be There For You,” as well as “Smelly Cat.” Fans were also treated to Friends-themed food like Joey’s Meatball Hero sliders and Phoebe’s Crazy Shake.

“It’s selfie heaven in here!” said Maggie Wheeler, who played Chandler’s famously nasal girlfriend Janice on the show.

“You can see how much joy people have,” she told ABC Radio. “The minute I walked into this space on the first day, my face just cracked open with this huge smile…[I]t’s just an amazing feeling to walk through here.”

Another Friends alum, James Michael Taylor, who played blond barista Gunther on the show, called the space  “surreal.” 

“I see certain props and reminds me of … a specific episode,” he told ABC Radio. “[M]y character was…a man of very few words…So I had a lot a lot of time to hang around the prop department and see them actually creating these…like the Geller Cup and..Glynnis, the most terrifying painting in the world.”

Tickets for the experience, located at 76 Mercer St., sold out in just three hours. Part of the exhibit, open to the public, includes a retail space that sells items like Central Perk mugs and replicas of Joey’s “bedtime penguin pal” Hugsy

The pop-up closes October 6.

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Chef Jose Andres helps feed hundreds of Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas

WORLD NEWS Chef Jose Andres helps feed hundreds of Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas

CHUYN/iStock(NEW YORK) — Chef and humanitarian José Andrés is on the ground with kitchen supplies, food and volunteers to help those in The Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

The chef, whose organization World Central Kitchen has previously helped with food-relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters, arrived in Abaco on Tuesday after the islands were devastated by the powerful Category 5 hurricane.

“I’m not gonna lie … it’s been an exhausting day,” Andrés shared on Twitter late Thursday. “I am so proud & inspired by our World Central Kitchen team and incredible local volunteers working tirelessly to prepare and deliver 1000s of sandwiches and hot meals.”

On Friday, the team shared photos and videos from the ongoing effort on the islands as they served hot meals at the Bahamas Government Complex in Marsh Harbour.

Andrés and his team handed out water and fresh meals to people in Green Turtle Cay at the center of town.

Members of the relief team told ABC News they’re preparing to make meals for tens of thousands of people each day and have already brought meals from their kitchen 80 miles away in Nassau, while they work to set one up in Abaco.

Then, the team will work on establishing “at least one kitchen in Grand Bahama to serve the many families who have lost everything,” the organization said.

Additionally, Carnival Corporation, which includes their portfolio of cruise lines, announced it has partnered with Direct Relief and World Central Kitchen to feed “those most in need in The Bahamas.”

All of the organizations are asking for others to help and have setup online donation pages.

World Central Kitchen, founded in 2010 to work with local communities to provide food relief and culinary training, also had relief teams in place on Thursday to deliver first meals on the ground in North Carolina, where the storm hit as a Category 1.

During his relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Andrés organized 25 makeshift kitchens and with 19,000 volunteers served over 3.5 million meals. He remains active in the overall recovery efforts and is expected to host an upcoming culinary getaway at Dorado Beach, which will include a gala to benefit WCK, welcome back guests and help rebuild the island.

The Spanish chef was named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People” and won “Outstanding Chef” by the James Beard Foundation.

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Brexit saga’s key players: A guide to the central political figures

WORLD NEWS Brexit saga's key players: A guide to the central political figures

Ismailciydem/iStock(LONDON) — British politics reached unprecedented levels of gridlock and constitutional confusion this week after Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost three key Brexit votes in the House of Commons.

If you have been watching any of the raucous Brexit debates happening now in the U.K., you might have noticed several unique personalities. Here’s a brief guide to some of the most important political players:


Referred to by some as the “British Trump,” the U.K.’s new bombastic leader began his career as a journalist before entering politics. After serving as mayor of London, Johnson quickly became a leading advocate of leaving the EU, while his boss, then Prime Minister David Cameron, led the campaign to remain.

After the Vote Leave campaign’s 2016 referendum victory, the new prime minister, Theresa May, appointed Johnson as foreign minister, a position only members of Parliament can hold. He lasted in the cabinet for two years, resigning over May’s Brexit plan.

He later voted against May’s doomed deal twice as a member of Parliament, before changing his mind and voting in favor of it once May promised to step down and his leadership chances increased.

When May resigned in June, Johnson easily succeeded her as prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party.

As prime minister, he made headlines for firing half of the British cabinet, kicking well-known MPs out of his party after rebelling against him, and moving to suspend Parliament, a move that many observers say was an effort to avoid scrutiny of his plan for a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson recently experienced a fresh blow to his leadership when his brother, Jo Johnson, resigned from his cabinet citing a conflict between “family loyalty and the national interest.”


Before his shock 2015 election as leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn operated at the left-wing fringes of his party. A socialist through-and-through, Corbyn reportedly divorced his wife over a disagreement on whether to send their children to a state school.

In his tenure as the largest opposition party’s leader, Corbyn has moved Labour decisively to the left, calling for a nationalization program and appointing a self-described Marxist to lead his economic policy. Corbyn has also faced cross-party backlash over allegations of anti-Semitism and a failure to create a coherent Brexit strategy.

Corbyn has been hesitant on staying in the EU, pledging to support a second referendum on membership in the EU only this July. Because Johnson’s Conservative Party lost its majority, Corbyn’s stance is crucial to finding a way forward on the issue.


With his quick wit and “eccentric gesticulations,” the speaker of the House of Commons has become a critical figure in the Brexit crisis. Bercow serves as the procedural leader of the U.K.’s principal legislative body.

While his position is non-partisan, Bercow has come under fire from critics who argue he has a “bias” against Brexit. Additionally, the speaker has faced allegations of bullying, with The Independent reporting he may face an investigation into his conduct.


Like Johnson, the pro-Brexit Rees-Moog was once a rebel before joining the governing ranks of his Conservative Party. Serving as Leader of the House of Commons (a position different than Bercow’s), Rees-Moog’s style and demeanor make him seem more like he belongs in a past century opposed to the current era.

After his appointment to leader of the House in July, ITV obtained a list of words and phrases he banned from use in office. Some of the forbidden words include “very,” “yourself” and “hopefully.”

This week, Rees-Moog was criticized for lounging on the government’s front bench while leading a debate on Brexit.

In addition to these personalities, several other people have the chance of playing significant roles in the Brexit crisis.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, Jo Swinson, has made her pro-EU party home to opponents to Brexit, attracting MPs from both main parties.

Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the secessionist Scottish National Party, has recently threatened a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Kenneth Clarke, the longest-serving lawmaker in the House of Commons (giving him the title “Father of the House”), was recently kicked out of the Conservative Party and exemplifies the opposition to Brexit from within the prime minister’s own ranks.

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“Cautiously optimistic” or “The door is closed”?: Jon Favreau and Sony Pictures president clash on Spider-Man’s future with the MCU

Entertainment News  "Cautiously optimistic" or "The door is closed"?: Jon Favreau and Sony Pictures president clash on Spider-Man's future with the MCU


Courtesy of Sony Pictures(LOS ANGELES) — Fans still upset about the financial impasse that was going to keep Spider-Man out of Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe are probably even more upset, as a result of some conflicting news about Spidey’s fate.

As you’ll recall, Disney-owned Marvel Studios had made a deal to share the character with Sony Pictures. As a result, Tom Holland’s Spidey appeared in Captain America: Civil War, and the last two Avengers films, and Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige got Sony’s Spider-Man films back on track with the massive success of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Then, the deal fell apart over money — but Marvel stalwart Jon Favreau is still “cautiously optimistic,” according to Variety.

While at a recent conference, Favreau, who directed two Iron Man films, and starred in Homecoming and Far From Home, added, “I’m hopeful that there’s away for us all to play together going forward.”

However, at that same conference, Sony Pictures head Tony Vinciquerra stated flatly, “for the moment, the door is closed.”

Vinciquerra acknowledged it’s been “an interesting couple of weeks” hearing the fan outrage, and insisted there’s “no ill will” between the two studios — but he also sniped, “Kevin [Feige] didn’t do all the work.”

Sony is feeling confident in Spider-Man’s future without Marvel: The spin-off Venom earned more than $850 million worldwide, and the animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, won an Oscar.

Vinciquerra insisted that “five or six” Spidey-related TV projects are in the works, in addition to feature films.

Stay tuned.

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Raiders Antonio Brown Will Play Monday

Sports News Raiders Antonio Brown Will Play Monday

artisteer/iStock(OAKLAND, Calif) — Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver Antonio Brown will play in the team’s season opener on Monday against the Denver Broncos, according to head coach Jon Gruden.

“That’s the plan,” Gruden said before Friday’s practice. “That’s the plan, yes.”

Brown was not on the field Friday during the media viewing window, but joined the team for individual workouts after the window had closed.

Earlier in the day, Brown issued an emotional apology to his teammates, acording to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

The apology comes after a confrontation on Wednesday between Brown and general manager Mike Mayock, in which disparaging lanaguage was used by Brown, a source told Anderson.

A Raiders source told ESPN, Brown was upset that he was fined nearly $55,000 dollars for missing a walk-through and a practice during training camp in August and when he saw Mayock watching practice, he walked over and initiated the exchange

The confrontation led to the team planning to suspend Brown for the opening week, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

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3rd vaping-related death reported, CDC vows to find out ‘what is making people sick’

danchooalex/iStock(ATLANTA) — As vaping-related illnesses and deaths continue to climb, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is vowing to work with state and federal agencies to figure out what is causing many e-cigarette users to become ill.

“We are working around the clock to find out what is making people sick,” Ileana Arias, acting deputy director, Non-Infectious Diseases, CDC, said during a conference call on Friday. “The focus of the investigation is narrowing, but we are still faced with complicated questions in this outbreak.”

A third person has died from an e-cigarette-related lung illness and another death is under investigation, the CDC said.

The CDC also said Friday it is aware of 450 possible vaping-related cases in 33 states, including the 215 that have been previously reported.

Indiana health officials reported the latest vaping-related death on Friday. As with the previous vaping-related deaths, the patient’s name, age and city were not released publicly.

“The tragic loss of a Hoosier and rising number of vaping-related injuries are warnings that we cannot ignore,” State Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box said in a statement. “While it is unclear what substances are causing injury when you use these products with other chemicals, you may not know everything that you’re inhaling and the harm it can cause.”

The Food and Drug Administration said it has collected 120 e-cigarette samples with the hope of finding a common device or substance that is causing the pulmonary illnesses.

“The FDA is analyzing these samples for the presence of a broad range of chemicals,” Mitch Zeller, director of Center for Tobacco Products at the FDA, said on a conference call Friday.

While there is not a specific device or chemical linked to all cases, the CDC reports that a majority of the patients are young (18-35), are male and admit to using a THC, nicotine, or both, 90 days before seeing symptoms. CDC officials said symptoms include shortness of breath, gastrointestinal issues, fever and fatigue. In all reported cases of vaping-related illnesses, abnormalities were observed in both lungs after examination and no infections were detected, the CDC said.

The other vaping-related deaths were reported in Oregon and Illinois.

The CDC launched a multi-state investigation into the lung illnesses on Aug. 1. The FDA is asking the public to report any health concerns regarding e-cigarette use by visiting

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Eddie Murphy says he’ll hit the stand-up comedy stage in 2020

Entertainment News  Eddie Murphy says he'll hit the stand-up comedy stage in 2020


Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — In the Season 11 premiere of Netflix’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Eddie Murphy told Jerry Seinfeld that he planned to return to the stand-up stage at some point.


Now it seems as though it’ll be sooner rather than later.


“Next year I am going to tour, do some standup,” Murphy said on the Netflix podcast Present Company with Krista Smith.


A Netflix podcast was a most appropriate venue to tease that information, considering the streaming giant is reportedly willing to pay as much as $70 million to snag comedy specials from Murphy, according to TMZ.


He’ll also be seen in the upcoming Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite Is My Name for Netflix this fall. 


Murphy, whose stand-up specials Delirious and Raw basically gave birth to the idea of a comic who could be as famous as a rock star, hasn’t grabbed a mic in years.


In Comedians in Cars, Eddie revealed to fellow stand-up vet Seinfeld that the late Don Rickles urged him to return to the stage. Murphy told Jerry, “Everything just has to be right…You have to get up there and start working out [material].”


In addition, Eddie will be returning to the Saturday Night Live stage as host for the first time since 1984 on December 21, and he will reprise his role as Prince Akeem the upcoming sequel Coming 2 America, opposite a who’s who of African-American Hollywood talent, from Coming to America castmates Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones, to Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, and Kiki Layne.

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