How Flint residents are reacting to the Democratic debates in Detroit

Political News How Flint residents are reacting to the Democratic debates in Detroit

ehrlif/iStock(FLINT, Mich.) —  A quick word search of the transcripts from this week’s two Democratic debates in Detroit show Flint, Michigan was referenced a total of 19 times over the course of the two nights.

Several candidates had stopped in Flint in the weeks and days before the debate, and numerous Democratic candidates championed Flint’s cause on the debate stage before an audience of millions of Americans.

But those in Flint remain apprehensive about putting their faith in any of the candidates now claiming their cause — gingerly listening to the promises, but protective of how they invest their trust.

And if calling their name on stage said anything to them this week, it reinforced their reluctance to becoming a campaign prop and the desire for substantive solutions.

“We just scratched the surface this week,” State Sen. Jim Ananich, who represents Flint, said, reacting to the debate and sharing his community’s hesitance. “Flint isn’t a talking point or a box to check — we’re a city trying to recover.”

In recent years, Flint has become a national symbol of the consequences of broken goverment and environmental deregulation — sparking larger debates over pollution, race, infrastructure and the revitalization of the nation’s most beleaguered regions.

Elevated lead levels were found in the water supply in Flint after the city disconnected from Detroit’s water line to save money and began drawing water from the Flint river in 2014. The move was intended to be a stop-gap measure until the pipeline to Port Huron Lake was completed for Flint’s municipal water. Improperly treated water from the Flint River allowed lead to leach from the pipes.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder apologized to the citizens of Flint in his State of the State address in January, 2016, saying he would take “full responsibility” for fixing the toxic water “catastrophe” that has stricken the town.

Fifteen people who worked in state and local government have been criminally charged in connection with the water crisis. A 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study in found that Flint children had an almost 50% higher chance of elevated blood lead levels during about 18 months when the city was drawing in river water.

Ananich said many Flint residents remain jaded about promises and praise from politicians.

“We don’t want to be disaster porn,” Ananich said. “We know we’re the canary in the coal mine, but there are so many issues all over that have gone ignored for so long – algae bloom, PFAs – like, you can’t just say Flint or show up here and that’s it — like you can’t just visit Selma to show you care about civil rights. I’m not saying we don’t want you to come to Flint, but make it real. We don’t want to feel that we’re in a zoo.”

It’s been five years now since cost-cutting measures led to lead and other toxins seeping into the drinking water supply, tainting it — even after officials assured that the situation had improved. It was a decision that exposed thousands to serious health risks — and brought national awareness to the glaring gaps in drinking water infrastructure not just in Flint – but in cities from coast to coast.

Flint has made great improvements since — replacing lead pipes across the board — but residents still use bottled water; the problem hasn’t ended. Just this June, authorities seized the cell phone and hard drive of former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder – along with more than 65 other current or former officials’ cell phones or other information seized – in connection with the water crisis probe. Then – state prosecutors announced they were dropping all criminal charges filed against a group of eight government officials in the scandal, in favor of launching a new and expanded investigation.

Now – the people of Flint repeatedly expressed to ABC News the importance of politicians re-earning their trust.

“It’s been broken on so many levels,” Mayor Karen Weaver said.

Davonte Walker, 25, was born and raised in Flint. And he’s seen the procession of candidates flow in and out throughout the years. “It’s felt good bringing it to people’s attention, but at the same time – I know Flint is the name of the issue – but we’re not the only city that has bad water, or are suffering. And Flint is suffering from many issues, it’s not just the water,” Walker said.

“Let’s focus on making this a better city. Like – come to Flint – but come for the right reasons.”

The real recognition they’re looking for: substantive solutions in the foreseeable future.

“Four years ago, we had a debate here. And our water is still a problem,” Ananich said. “It’s a sad balance to make. I get it — you can tell when visits are genuine and when they’re like oh I just have to get this over with. I haven’t seen that yet – it’s just a concern.”

Flint had seen its share of troubles long before the water crisis surfaced. The flight of manufacturing jobs from the Michigan town in recent decades has shrunk the city’s population by more than half since 1960.

Yet, the view from Flint is not a bleak one; its grit and gumption to keep on keeping on now blend with the demand for candidates to appeal to them on their level.

“The president is really good at showing a problem, then blaming someone,” Ananich said. “But the best we’ll get from President Trump is a tweet saying how shitty our city is. But people living paycheck to paycheck? We’ve had enough of that. We have to show a path forward.”

“Especially now after 2016, people are looking for this magic formula of how to talk to us, and those Obama-Trump voters,” Ananich said. “But we’re just scrappy folks surviving, trying to get through the week, and a lot of soundbites, naming our city, it just doesn’t relate to them – the person who’s authentic gets through. This should go beyond the Michigan debate.”

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Posted On 02 Aug 2019

American Airlines crew gives teen a party sendoff as she travels for life-saving surgery

Deanna Miller-Berry(COLUMBIA, S.C.) —  When Shantell “Shannie” Pooser arrived at the airport in Columbia, South Carolina, a surprise was waiting for her and her family.

Although it was a flight she’d taken countless times to Cincinnati, Ohio, this time she was headed there to receive a life-saving surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Pooser, 17, has Down syndrome and a terminal illness characterized by a series of airway defects called laryngomalacia, tracheomalacia and tracheobronchomalacia. She is American Airlines’ first honorary flight attendant.

Her mother, Deanna Miller-Berry, said the respiratory disease affected her airways, making her 87 percent obstructed and even 100 percent obstructed when she was experiencing an episode.

But on Wednesday, when Pooser arrived at the airport, a celebration was underway just for her. There was a red carpet, cake, streamers, balloons and princess crowns and wands.

“It’s important to celebrate her now. She needs to see the love and the support she has. And, the love and support that she’s gotten from American Airlines is beyond what I could ever ask for,” Miller-Berry said. “We will forever have these memories. No matter what the outcome, I’ll be able to say, as a parent, that I did everything I could to save my baby.”

The party had been organized by pilots and flight attendants working for American Airlines and PSA Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines. And, when she arrived in Cincinnati, another party was waiting for her in the airport.

“It’s important for American to take care of people on their journey because that’s what we do. We’re taking people to some of the most important parts of their life,” PSA pilot Capt. Matthew Coelyn.

American Airlines said in a post on its website that its employees had formed bonds with the 17-year-old during her many trips from South Carolina to Ohio.

In 2018, Shantell Pooser had even been given the title of honorary flight attendant by PSA Airlines after flying more than 50 flights from Columbia, South Carolina, to Cincinnati, Ohio, the airline said.

On Wednesday’s flight, Pooser walked the aisle on the plane, wearing her wings and dressed as a flight attendant — but wearing a sash and crown — and handing out snacks to the passengers.

“Her smile will just light up a room,” said PSA flight attendant Casablanca Francis said in a video posted by American Airlines. “She has so much joy.”

On Thursday, Pooser’s family said that the festivities held by the airlines’ had powered the teenager through her surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and that she was recovering.

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Another federal judge rules against Trump asylum policy

Political News Another federal judge rules against Trump asylum policy

Motortion/iStock(WASHINGTON) — The Trump administration’s policy to prohibit migrants from seeking asylum unless they come into the United States through a designated port of entry was rejected by a federal judge on Friday, the latest loss the White House has faced in the courts.

The administration was trying to stop those crossing the southern border illegally — outside a designated port of entry — from applying for asylum.

But U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss in Washington, D.C., ruled that the policy was unlawful and “in excess of statutory … authority.”

The judge said that while Congress grants the U.S. Department of Homeland Security secretary the authority to create additional restrictions on asylum policy, those limitations still must fit within the confines of the law as established by Congress.

Trump has launched multiple efforts to limit asylum, including a new controversial rule that was announced and immediately challenged just last month.

That rule aimed to further limit who could apply for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border by attempting to force migrants to apply for asylum in a third country if they were passing through before applying upon arrival in the United States.

If a migrant failed to do this, per the rule, their asylum claim would be denied and they would be immediately deported.

A migrant “who enters or attempts to enter the United States across the southern border after failing to apply for protection in a third country outside the alien’s country of citizenship, nationality, or last lawful habitual residence through which the alien transited en route to the United States is ineligible for asylum,” according to the rule.

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Woman says a man she met on Tinder swindled her out of $200K

WORLD NEWS Woman says a man she met on Tinder swindled her out of $200K

ABC News(LONDON) — Cecilie Fjellhoy thought she had met her prince charming when she matched on Tinder with Simon Leviev.

Fjellhoy, a 29-year-old Norwegian masters student living in London, said she was swept off her feet on their first date, which included a private plane ride to Bulgaria. Fjellhoy said Leviev told her he was an Israeli millionaire who called himself the “Prince of Diamonds.”

“I was texting my friends at the same time like in a group chat just like, ‘I don’t know what’s going on,'” she said.

But what began as a storybook romance turned into a real-life nightmare, Fjellhoy said – one that sent her into debt and fearing for her safety. It’s a cautionary tale in the dangers of online dating.

“I hate him, he’s so horrible,” she said. “I am just tired of crying about this you know? It’s just so painful. I just hate myself that I did this.”

Watch the full story on “Nightline” TONIGHT at 12:35 a.m. ET

Leviev was born Shimon Hayut, a 28-year-old convicted Israeli con-man who served three years in Finnish prison for defrauding several women in order to fund his lavish lifestyle of private jets and fast cars, which Fjellhoy said he loved to show off.

Fjellhoy said Hayut defrauded her out of more than $200,000, finding herself lulled into a false sense of security by his grand romantic gestures and flowery declarations of love. She said she fell prey to “confidence fraud.”

In June, Hayut was arrested in Greece for using a false passport following a joint operation between Interpol and Israeli police.

Outside of court Hayut told reporters from VG, a Norwegian outlet that first broke the story, “I will go back to Israel, [which] is my home country, and I will face what is waiting for me there and that’s it, and we will sort everything out. [Whatever] problems that we have, we will sort it out in court.”

He now faces extradition to Israel, where he was indicted in 2011 on theft, forgery and fraud charges unrelated to Fjellhoy but he fled the country before he was set to stand trial.

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, internet-facilitated romance scams, also known as confidence fraud, is the number one type of consumer fraud in the U.S. Around the world, victims of confidence fraud lose billions of dollars each year, according to the FBI.

Fjellhoy, who shared her story with “Nightline” earlier this year, said her romance with Hayut started out innocently enough.

“This was the first time where I felt like, ‘Oh my god I really like him. And it seems that he really likes me back as well,'” She said. “He’s texting and he’s calling and he seems to really want to get to know me, and I think I feel a bit for that.”

Fjellhoy said Hayut told her that his job as a diamond dealer, working for a company called LLD Diamonds, kept him traveling constantly, so they dated long distance. She said they sent each other love notes over text, in video declarations and voice recordings.

She said he came to visit her in London when he could, but more often than not, she said he flew her to where he was. She said he would always allude to an element of danger in his job that kept him away, always on a private jet. At one point, Fjellhoy said he told her he couldn’t go back to London because of threats he was receiving, “but he could get me to where he was.”

She said Hayut claimed to be under constant threat from unknown nefarious enemies. She said he told her it was a hazard of working in the diamond business.

Fjellhoy said Hayut surrounded himself with people who helped perpetuate the myth, even going so far as to send photos of himself and his bodyguard in the hospital after they were allegedly “attacked.”

According to Fjellhoy, it was not long before Hayut made a big ask, begging her to extend her line of credit to him so that any plane tickets, hotels and dinners would be booked under her name and his supposed “enemies,” as she said he called them, would be thrown off his trail.

“One of the main reasons why he needed it was protection… he needed my name as a cover, he said,” Fjellhoy told “Nightline.” “I know it sounds crazy… [but] why would he have this giant guy with him if he didn’t need the protection?”

Fjellhoy said she relented because Hayut promised to pay her back, but funding his jet-set lifestyle was costing her. And the money he was promising her wasn’t coming in.

“My angel My love I just talked to the bank and they told me that the [transfer] of Amex will be there on Monday thousand percent,” read one text message Hayut sent her.

“The amount that he needs to be able to just function for a week is just so much,” Fjellhoy said. “It’s never just a few thousand, for us normal people that is a lot of money, but for him it’s not a lot of money.”

She said he told her he needed large amounts of money because he had “an entire team” he needed to book flights and hotels for. Fjellhoy said she assumed, due to his flashy clothes and lifestyle, he had money and would pay her back.

“You didn’t even think that it was a problem when you were taking up the loans because you were so sure that this guy and the people that you had met was part of the LLD Diamonds and that the money existed,” she said. “When he said, ‘Everything’s going to be fine after this week,’ and then it didn’t. So just ‘one more week’ and then ‘one more week.’ So in the end you almost you didn’t even realize how much money you actually [owed].”

And ultimately, Fjelljoy said, she was in love with him.

“That’s the hardest part of it … when I realized that he wasn’t [who] he said he was,” she said. “That the person that I thought that I knew and loved, he had just done [something] in the most evil way.”

The moment she realized that the man she loved had taken the money and run was “such a shock,” she said.

“I almost wanted to throw up,” she said. “It was the first time in my life that I had gotten such a shock that my body physically was telling me that, ‘OK your life is ruined,’ everything came crashing down around me.”

Fjellhoy alleged that Hayut continued to run the same scheme to lure other women into his orbit until his June arrest.

“I had to be put into a hospital. Psychiatric ward. Because of suicidal thoughts because I thought my life was over, like I didn’t see a way out,” she said. “You’ve lost your boyfriend but he didn’t just dump you, he never existed, he was never your boyfriend.”

Fjellhoy filed a report with the Metro Police in London, who declined “Nightline’s” request for comment. Israeli authorities also declined to comment for this report.

Hayut told “Nightline” in May that he was innocent. In a text message, he said, “There is nothing here just [a] loan between friends that went south… she agreed to loan me the money and then she disappeared… before we [were]able to pay back… they used me for my life they got expensive gifts and everything, In other words gold diggers, When I ask help they agreed to help and they know that I have some problems I didn’t run from no one it’s all fake news and lies.”

For now, Fjellhoy remains in London and is trying to rebuild her life. She told “Nightline” via text that the news of Hayut’s arrest was “really amazing” and that she believes the media attention was an important factor in leading to his capture.

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Trump announces his pick for DNI Rep. John Ratcliffe dropped from consideration

Political News Trump announces his pick for DNI Rep. John Ratcliffe dropped from consideration

US House Of Representatives(WASHINGTON) — In a surprise move, President Donald Trump on Friday announced that his pick to be the next Director of National Intelligence, GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe, has been dropped from consideration in the face of news reports that he misrepresented his record as a prosecutor in terrorism-related cases.

In tweets, Trump said “our great Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe is being treated very unfairly by the LameStream Media. Rather than going through months of slander and libel, I explained to John how miserable it would be for him and his family to deal with these people….


In explaining the decision to withdraw John Ratcliffe as his pick to the lead the nation’s intelligence agencies, President Trump blamed the news media for treating his choice “very unfairly” and “very harshly.”

“I could see that the press was treating him very unfairly. He’s an outstanding man. I asked him, I said, do you want to go through this for two or three months or want me to maybe do something else? He thought about it. I said it’s going to be rough. I can see exactly where the press is going,” Trump said.

In a statement, Ratcliffe said he had withdrawn his name.

“While I am and will remain very grateful to the President for his intention to nominate me as Director of National Intelligence, I am withdrawing from consideration,” he said.

“I was humbled and honored that the President put his trust in me to lead our nation’s intelligence operations and remain convinced that when confirmed, I would have done so with the objectivity, fairness and integrity that our intelligence agencies need and deserve. However, I do not wish for a national security and intelligence debate surrounding my confirmation, however untrue, to become a purely political and partisan issue. The country we all love deserves that it be treated as an American issue. Accordingly, I have asked the President to nominate someone other than me for this position,” Ratcliffe said.

The development comes just five days after the president announced his choice of Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats, who steps down later this month and amid a series of reports that Ratcliffe exaggerated his record. ABC News was the first to report earlier this week that Ratcliffe misrepresented his role in an anti-terrorism case that he’s repeatedly cited among his credentials related to national security issues.

Even as the president criticized the media for being too tough on Ratcliffe, the president also praised the media for vetting his candidates for him as he defended the White House’s overall vetting protocols.

“The White House has a great vetting process. When you vet for me, I give a name, give it to the press and you vet for me. A lot of times you do a very good job,” Trump said. “The vetting process for the White House is very good. You’re part of the vetting process, you know? I give out a name to the press and they vet for me. We save a lot of money that way. In the case of John, I believe that he was being treated very harshly and very unfairly.”

The president’s choice of Ratcliffe was facing stiff opposition from Democrats on Capitol Hill and had received only a lukewarm reception within the president’s own party.

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee that was set to consider any Ratcliffe nomination, said he respects the congressman’s decision to withdraw, adding there’s “no substitute for having a Senate-confirmed director.”

“I respect John Ratcliffe’s decision to withdraw his name from consideration for Director of National Intelligence, and I appreciate him considering serving his nation in a new role,” Burr said in a statement.

“I am grateful that he will continue serving the people of Texas in the House. As the White House determines its next nominee, I‘m heartened by the fact that ODNI has an experienced and capable leadership team to help see it through this transition. However, there is no substitute for having a Senate-confirmed director in place to lead our Intelligence Community. I remain committed to moving the official nomination through regular order once it is submitted to the Senate,” Burr said.

The president said he’s narrowed his list of prospective replacements down to three people but declined to say who is on that list. He said he will be reviewing his short list over the weekend and said he’ll make an announcement on his selection soon.

The president said he likes Sue Gordon, the current deputy, for the acting role.

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Irish teen invents method to remove microplastics from ocean

Google Science Fair(NEW YORK) —  A teen from Ireland may have found the solution to rid world’s oceans from the microplastics that are near impossible to remove.

Fionn Ferreira, 18, designed a new method for the extraction of microplastics, or particles of plastic less than 5 millimeters in diameter, as part of the Google Science Fair, an online competition open to students between the ages of 13 and 18.

The procedure, inspired by an article written by physicist Arden Warner, involves using non-toxic iron oxide to clean up oil spills, according to Ferreira’s project study. When he tested the method on water containing a known concentration of microplastics, the plastic particles migrated into the oil phase, and the fluid was able to be removed using strong magnets, he wrote in his project synopsis.

He first produced microplastics to remove from the water and then extracted them using his method. Ten of the most common microplastics were used for the experiment.

Ferreira concluded that his extraction method would remove 85% to 92% of microplastics in samples. The next step would be to scale the project up to an industrial level, he said.

“From this I can conclude that using magnetite with a minimum of oil forms a viable method for the extraction of microplastics,” he wrote.

Ferreira won the science fair’s grand prize — a $50,000 scholarship fund — for his project.

“I am so proud to have been named the winner of the 2018-2019 Google Science Fair,” he wrote, adding that the experience allowed him to meet several scientists and engineers associated with Google.

Ferreira was inspired to launch the project after growing up near the shore in West Cork, Ireland, where he became “increasingly aware of plastic pollution of the oceans,” he said.

“I was alarmed to find out how many microplastics enter our [wastewater] system and consequently the oceans,” he wrote. “This inspired me to try and find out a way to try and remove microplastics from water before they even reached the sea.”

Because he lives in such a remote area, he had to build his own equipment and lab to conduct tests and experiments, he said. On his website, Ferreria describes himself as not only a scientist but a musician, gardener, educator, entrepreneur and innovator.

Scientists have found microplastics in the furthest reaches of the ocean, from the deepest waters of the Mariana Trench to the Arctic and Antarctic, and the entire marine ecosystem is contaminated, researchers say. Plastic typically ends up in oceans through rivers after it is washed down drains by rainwater or blown by wind into bodies of water that flow into rivers and ultimately into the ocean.

Since it is extremely difficult to remove plastic — especially microplastics — from open ocean water, experts have leaned toward prevention — such as transforming industry standards, consumer habits and beach cleanups — as the solution to mitigate the snowballing amount of plastic dumped into the ocean each.

Ferreria’s method may provide environmentalists a way to clean wastewater of the tiniest particles of plastics that never break down and remain in the water indefinitely.

Ferreira said it is “essential to find efficient and effective ways of extracting microplastics from wastewaters” before they reach the oceans.

“There is no doubt that the most effective way to reduce microplastic pollution in oceans is to use less plastics and ensure that plastics used can be recycled and separated to prevent them from entering our wastewater, but the reality is that more and more of the products we use contain plastics and potentially degrade into microplastics before entering our wastewater,” he said.

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Edward Norton’s drama ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ lands plum closing night slot at New York Film Festival

Entertainment News  Edward Norton's drama 'Motherless Brooklyn' lands plum closing night slot at New York Film Festival


ABC/Paula Lobo(NEW YORK) — Edward Norton’s period piece Motherless Brooklyn will be honored with closing out this year’s upcoming New York Film Festival. 

The 17-day event kicks off September 27 with a screening of Martin Scorsese’s anticipated crime drama The Irishman. Norton’s film, an adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s best-selling novel starring Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin, will screen at Alice Tully Hall on Friday, October 11.

“To have this particular film — which grew out of my love affair with New York — selected for closing night is just a huge thrill…a dream come true, actually,” Norton said in a statement. 

Willem Dafoe, Bobby Cannavale, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Leslie Mann and Cherry Jones also star.

Back in 2018, Motherless Brooklyn made headlines for the wrong reason: a blaze on the set in Harlem led to the death of a New York City fire fighter.

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Amid historic heat, Greenland ice sheet loses 11 billion tons of water in one day of melting

WORLD NEWS Amid historic heat, Greenland ice sheet loses 11 billion tons of water in one day of melting

bluejayphoto/iStockphoto(WASHINGTON) — Greenland, home to the world’s second largest ice sheet, is melting at such an alarming rate that scientists are warning it’s on track with worst-case scenario models for the year 2070.

On Wednesday alone, the island lost 11 billion tons of ice, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). That’s enough water to fill 4,400,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Video from science journalist Laurie Garrett went viral, showing melt water gushing under a bridge in Kangerlussiauq, a small town in western Greenland at the eastern end of a deep fjord.

Greenland has been enduring the heat wave that last week baked Europe, breaking temperature records in five countries. Now, it is accelerating the annual summer melt of the ice sheet and causing massive ice loss.

“The current melt rate is equivalent to what the model projects for 2070, using the most pessimistic model,” Xavier Fettweis, a Belgian climate researcher at the University of Liège, said.

There is ice melt every year in the Arctic with slightly warmer months. But temperatures across the ice sheet have reached above freezing, even climbing into the 70’s Fahrenheit on parts of the coast, and warmer winter months mean that the ice is less likely to recover.

Since June, 240 billion tons of ice have melted, per DMI. In comparison, 290 billion tons were lost in all of 2018, and August, the last month in peak melting season, has just begun. Melting season also began a month earlier than usual this year, according to DMI.

Scientists are noticing that these kinds of heat waves are becoming “more and more frequent,” Marco Tedesco, a polar scientist specializing in Greenland for the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University in New York, told ABC News in June. At the time, another pocket of air led to clear skies and therefore more solar radiation, baking the eastern part of Greenland and melting 2 billion tons of the ice sheet.

While that melt was shocking, it pales in comparison to the one on Wednesday, as evident in the chart above.

Researchers believe these events are connected to the jet stream, or polar vortex, becoming less stable, which creates high-pressure systems that can be sustained for longer periods of time and leads to the “exceptional melting,” Tedesco said.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in April found that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet has contributed to more than a half-inch of rising ocean waters since 1972, making it the largest contributor of new water into the ocean every year.

The warming has accelerated so much in recent years that about a quarter inch of the additional water occurred in the last eight years, the study found.

On average, the Greenland ice sheet produces about 270 gigatons of discharge in the oceans per year, Tedesco said. Since 2003, the ice sheet has contributed about 10 millimeters over the last 15 years, and scientists expect that number to increase as the earth continues to warm, which would equate to about a 1 meter sea rise by the end of the century, said Martin Stendel, senior climate and arctic researcher with DMI.

President Donald Trump has continually cast doubt on the science behind climate change and rather than address it, has relaxed environmental regulations and withdrawn the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

During the Arctic Summit in April, his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo heralded the melting of the sea ice as an economic opportunity: “Steady reductions in sea ice are opening new passageways and new opportunities for trade,” he said during a speech on the sidelines of the summit in Finland. “Arctic sea lanes could come before — could [become] the 21st Century Suez and Panama Canals.”

Pompeo was scheduled to visit Greenland, but he canceled hours before to fly back to Washington for White House meetings.

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Omar and Pelosi troll Trump’s ‘go back’ comments with photos of trip to Ghana

Political News Omar and Pelosi troll Trump's 'go back' comments with photos of trip to Ghana

NATALIJA GORMALOVA /Getty Images(WASHINGTON) —  After President Donald Trump told four congresswomen of color, all U.S. citizens, to “go back” to where they came from, Rep. Ilhan Omar said she did just that, returning to “Mother Africa” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by her side.

Omar, a Somalian refugee, shared photos of the two walking through historic slave sites, including the dungeons at the Elmina Castle where slaves were tortured, and a memorial to the slave trade in Ghana — the “Door of No Return” — through which slaves were loaded on ships.

“They said ‘send her back’ but Speaker @SpeakerPelosi didn’t just make arrangements to send me back, she went back with me,” Omar tweeted with photos of herself and Pelosi wearing an African pattern kente stole around her neck.



Her reference was Trump to lashing out at Omar during a rally in North Carolina earlier this month. Trump stood back and listened while supporters chanted “send her back” after he spoke about Omar.

Pelosi traveled to West Africa, along with members of the Congressional Black Caucus, to address the Ghanaian Parliament and affirmed the U.S.’s partnership with Ghana, while also recognizing the 400th anniversary of the start of the transatlantic slave trade.

“Today was deeply transformative. We saw the horrors of slavery & humbly walked through the “Door of Return” with a renewed sense of purpose to fight injustice & inequality everywhere,” Pelosi tweeted with photos of herself and natives dressed in African garments.

The trip took place during the lawmakers six-week congressional break. They return to Washington the second week of September.

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Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren teaming up for TV action drama

Entertainment News  Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren teaming up for TV action drama


Yana Blajeva/Lionsgate(LOS ANGELES) — Once enemies — at least in Rocky IV — Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren are teaming up for an action drama series that would star Aquaman veteran Lundgren.

According to Deadline, Rambo: Last Blood star Stallone is producing, and may direct the pilot for the show, in which his Expendables co-star would play a hostage negotiator and covert agent working for the Department of Safety and Security at the United Nations. Befitting the six-foot-five-inch actor, he’s described as a “one man SWAT team.”

The trade notes the pair are shopping the project around to major networks, including Netflix.

Lundgren played towering Russian Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, and just two years ago reprised the role in Creed II opposite Stallone. That film had Dolph training his onscreen son for a bout with Michael B. Jordan’s Adonnis Creed, the son of Apollo, who Drago killed in the ring.

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