2-year-old mimics dad shouting while watching NBA game

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iStock(DREXEL HILL, Pa.) — A little girl imitating her dad’s basketball commentary has us laughing out loud.

Mom Kimberley Tuller of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, recorded her daughter, Amara Sanaa as she and dad Jarell were watching an NBA game together.

In the video, the 2-year-old can be heard hilariously mimicking dad’s verbal reactions.

“Come on man!” Amara Sanaa yells after her dad followed by, “It’s a foul man! What?!”

Tuller posted the short clip onto Twitter captioning, “Daddy’s little girl.”

Tuller also shared the footage on Instagram on Father’s Day writing, “We love you and appreciate you!!

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Posted On 26 Jun 2019

American woman killed by sharks while snorkeling in the Bahamas: Police

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iStock(NEW YORK) — An American woman has died after she was attacked by sharks while snorkeling with her family in the Bahamas, authorities said.

Jordan Lindsey, 21, of Torrance, California, was swimming in waters near Rose Island when she was bitten by multiple sharks, local police said in a statement.

Investigators believe there were three sharks involved in the attack. Lindsey’s parents said they saw the sharks approaching and yelled to warn her, but she didn’t respond in time, according to police.

“Jordan was 21 and such a great daughter and person. We already miss her terribly,” her father, Michael Lindsey, said in a statement to ABC News.

Her right arm was torn off and she suffered bites to her left arm, both legs and buttocks. She was then taken to shore and transported to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead, according to police.

“We can confirm a U.S. citizen in the Bahamas succumbed to her injuries following a shark attack on June 26,” a State Department spokesperson told ABC News in a statement.

Lindsey was a student at Loyola Marymount University.

“I am saddened to share that Jordan Lindsey, a communication studies major, died on June 26, 2019. She was 21 years old,” the university said in a letter to students. “Jordan was snorkeling with her family and friends in the Bahamas when she was attacked by sharks. Efforts were made to save her life, but she was pronounced dead at a hospital.”

“A devoted animal lover and climate change advocate, Jordan transferred to LMU from Santa Monica College,” the letter continued. “She participated in LMU’s Entrepreneurship Society, the Tau Sigma National Honor Society, and worked as a communications assistant for the LMU Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering. Jordan was also a student researcher with CUREs, LMU’s Center for Urban Resilience.”

The investigation is ongoing. Department of Fisheries is scheduled to assess the area to determine if the water is safe.

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Posted On 26 Jun 2019

American woman killed by shark while snorkeling in Bahamas, police say

WORLD NEWS American woman killed by shark while snorkeling in Bahamas, police say  https://linewsradio.com/american-woman-killed-by-shark-while-snorkeling-in-bahamas-police-say/  http://abcnewsradioonline.com/world-news/

iStock(NEW YORK) — An American woman has died after she was attacked by a shark while snorkeling in the Bahamas, authorities said.

The woman, an adult, was swimming in waters near Rose Island when she was attacked, local police said in a statement.

She was then taken to shore and transported to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead, according to police.

Additional information was not immediately available. The investigation is ongoing.

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Posted On 26 Jun 2019

Trump says what happens in Putin meeting is ‘none of your business’

WORLD NEWS Trump says what happens in Putin meeting is 'none of your business'  https://linewsradio.com/trump-says-what-happens-in-putin-meeting-is-none-of-your-business/  http://abcnewsradioonline.com/world-news/

Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Image(NEW YORK) — Ahead of a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Japan, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said what he talks about with the Russian president is “none of your business.”

That kind of dismissal has fueled concerns about their previous meetings, some of which are under investigation by Congress over reports that Trump destroyed translators’ notes afterwards or met without any U.S. officials present. The reported destruction of notes is also the subject of lawsuits that allege the Trump administration has violated federal laws about records preservation.

“I’ll have a very good conversation with him. What I say to him is none of your business,” Trump answered as he left the White House when a reporter asked him whether he would tell Putin not to meddle in U.S. elections.

Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet Friday on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. The Kremlin said the two will meet for about an hour and talk about U.S.-Russian relations and regional issues such as Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iran and Ukraine, according to Putin aide Yuri Ushakov.

It’s that last topic that soured the chance of a meeting last time. Days before Trump and Putin were to meet at the G20 in November in Argentina, the U.S. canceled because Russia had seized 24 Ukrainian sailors and three vessels in international waters.

“Based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to Ukraine from Russia, I have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting in Argentina with President Vladimir Putin. I look forward to a meaningful Summit again as soon as this situation is resolved!” Trump tweeted at the time.

Trump ended up speaking to Putin during the G20 leaders’ dinner in Buenos Aires. The White House described the encounter as an “informal conversation,” but no staff were present for it.

Ukraine’s sailors remain in pre-trial detention in Moscow.

House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, announced on Monday that his committee sent a follow-up letter to Trump’s acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, demanding information about Trump’s meetings with Putin in July 2017 and July 2018.

After Trump and Putin met for two hours with only their translators in Helsinki, Finland, in the 2018 summit, U.S. officials reportedly had difficulty getting a full readout of the meeting. Top aides including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said publicly they had been “fully” briefed. After the July 2017 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, where Trump was accompanied by then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and a U.S. translator, Trump reportedly took the translator’s notes.

That would constitute a violation of the Presidential Records Act, according to watchdog groups like Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and American Oversight. Both groups are among the plaintiffs in two separate lawsuits against the Trump administration for allegedly destroying these records.

“This may be the only written record of a meeting between two heads of state, and the interpreter’s notes can’t be seized or destroyed just because President Trump might want them hidden,” said Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight, last week. “The law requires that the interpreter’s notes are recovered and preserved.”

In a letter dated March 21, the White House counsel Pat Cipollone said the administration had already provided information on some of the committee’s questions and Congress wasn’t entitled to answers on others: “Information concerning the conduct of foreign affairs is, constitutionally, within the exclusive control of the Executive Branch and Congress cannot demand its disclosure,” Cipollone wrote.

In response, House Democrats have weighed using subpoenas to compel testimony, including from the State Department translators present in Trump’s meetings — an unprecedented move.

The Trump administration has been trying to win Russia over as a partner on the world stage and peel it away from its ally Iran. Secretary Pompeo met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Putin in May and said afterwards they had made progress on Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea. National Security Adviser John Bolton had a series of meetings this week in Israel with his Israeli and Russian counterparts on the way forward in Syria.

But after their meeting Tuesday, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev made clear Russia stands by Iran, saying the U.S. drone the Iranian military shot done was in its airspace and supporting the country’s military presence in neighboring Syria.

Lavrov said Wednesday that Russia would not bend to U.S. wishes: “The U.S. begins to understand the futility of its counterproductive demands that Russia should change its independent policy and follow the approaches unilaterally promoted by the United States on the international arena.”

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Posted On 26 Jun 2019

‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington thanks fans for setting up charity fundraiser in his honor

Entertainment News  'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington thanks fans for setting up charity fundraiser in his honor https://linewsradio.com/game-of-thrones-star-kit-harington-thanks-fans-for-setting-up-charity-fundraiser-in-his-honor/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/entertainment-news/


Helen Sloan/HBO(LONDON) — Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington is helping his fans reach their charitable goals.

The actor donated nearly $10,000 to a fundraiser set up by GoT fans in his honor, with proceeds going to the U.K. charity Royal Mencap Society, which supports people with learning disabilities. His contribution helped the fundraiser reach its goal of £50,000 — approximately $63,000.

Fans launched the donation page on JustGiving.com earlier this month as a way of showing support for Harington and one of his favorite charities. Following the end of Game of Thrones, the actor had checked into a wellness facility in Connecticut to receive treatment for “personal issues.”

Harington attached a note of gratitude to his donation, writing, “To those of you who set this page up in my name and to those of you who contributed and left messages, please accept my deepest and most heartfelt thank you.”

He continued, “This donations page lifted my heart and brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful gift to receive…how generous of all of you.”

“Mencap is truly a wonderful charity and the money given here will go to the most incredible cause,” he added. “With love and respect from beyond the wall…Kit x.”

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Posted On 26 Jun 2019

Leaving for G20 in Osaka, Trump complains about US defense pact with Japan

WORLD NEWS Leaving for G20 in Osaka, Trump complains about US defense pact with Japan  https://linewsradio.com/leaving-for-g20-in-osaka-trump-complains-about-us-defense-pact-with-japan/  http://abcnewsradioonline.com/world-news/

AlxeyPnferov/iStock(WASHINGTON) — Just before taking off on Air Force One for the G20 summit in Osaka, President Donald Trump complained about the longstanding U.S. defense pact with Japan, America’s closest ally in Asia, and bashed some member countries for using the United States as a “piggy bank.”

The president accused member countries of the G20 — specifically close allies — including Japan, Germany, and Canada — of abusing the United States in trade and defense. The president said he took particular issue with a historic postwar U.S.-Japan defense treaty that states the United States will come to defense of Japan if it is attacked and allows the United States to have a military presence on the island nation.

“If Japan is attacked, we will fight World War III. We will go in and protect them with our lives and with our treasure,” Trump said during an interview on Fox Business Network with anchor Maria Bartiromo. “But if we are attacked, Japan doesn’t have to help us at all. They can watch on a Sony television, the attack.”

Bloomberg News reported earlier this week that president has considered pulling out of the defense pact in private, but the crumbling of the agreement would have a significant impact on the United States’ influence in Asia and leave the island nation of Japan, surrounded by nuclear threats on all sides, to fend for itself.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

The president’s comments come just a month after he was treated as a special state guest in Japan where the red carpet was rolled out for a meeting with the new emperor, lavish dinners and a VIP seat at Japan’s sumo wrestling tournament. While at the G20, he is expected to again meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and discuss trade and regional geopolitical concerns like North Korea.

But Japan wasn’t the only country the president called out ahead of his G20 trip. He also said European countries were abusing the United States.

The president said Europe treats the United States “worse than China,” and then went on to suggest an EU leader “hates the United States.”

“There’s a woman in Europe — I won’t mention her name — she’s actually considered to take Jean Claude’s place — she hates the United States perhaps worse than any person I’ve ever met. What she does to our country. She is suing all of our companies.”

He went on to say the United States is propping NATO up and claimed that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said: “If it wasn’t for President Trump we won’t have NATO.”

Trump said that Canada has also taken advantage of the United States, too: “We were being taken advantage of by Canada nobody knows that — ‘O Canada,’ beautiful song — they charge 300% tariff for a little thing called agricultural products,” he said.

While in Osaka, Trump will also be meeting with China’s Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and later South Korean President Moon Jae-in when he makes a visit to Seoul, South Korea.

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Posted On 26 Jun 2019

In South Korea, specialized schools train wannabe YouTubers

WORLD NEWS In South Korea, specialized schools train wannabe YouTubers  https://linewsradio.com/in-south-korea-specialized-schools-train-wannabe-youtubers/  http://abcnewsradioonline.com/world-news/

ABC News(SEOUL) — Eileen Lee, 41, ditched her well-paying job at one of the top conglomerates in South Korea to become a YouTuber.

Lee, who now runs her own firm, believes that a YouTube channel about successful consulting strategies will help expand her business. Even with her busy work schedule, twice a week she drives three hours from her home to People YouTube, a YouTuber training agency, to take classes on becoming a YouTube star.

Being a YouTuber is one of the top dream jobs among South Korean elementary school students, according to 2018 figures from the Ministry of Education. Like Lee, a significant number of adults are also interested in quitting their stable jobs to become a professional YouTuber.

“Although it takes more than three hours from here to home and back, I come to take classes here hoping to establish a personal concept for my YouTube channel, ” Lee told ABC News.

All told, there are more than 60 YouTube-specialized programs across South Korea.

Students ranging from teenagers to 60-year-olds take so-called ‘YouTuber Master’ courses to learn YouTube tools including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. Along with the technical instruction, students take classes on copyright law, personal branding, copywriting and channel analysis.

The agency provides students with a personal brand manager who helps them establish their channel’s identity, and a comedian who give tips on how to be witty. As visual appearance is one of the significant factors for a successful YouTuber, there’s even a Miss Bikini champion who comes to class to train students on how to keep up their body shape.

Popular institutes like People YouTube require students to take a series of tests when applying for admission. Only students who make it through all of the camera tests, interviews, and personality tests qualify for the program.

“Because we teach in small groups, around 160 students apply every month, but only 10 of them get the shot,” Lee Dong Gyu, head of teaching and learning at People YouTube, told ABC News.

Seventy students have completed the program since last November. More than half of them have begun their career as a YouTuber, and others will be starting their channel soon.

“YouTuber schools gave me the courage to make my own YouTube videos,” said Bae Soon-deok, a 64-year-old painter who took classes at People YouTube in order to start her own channel featuring memories of her mother, who has suffered from Alzheimer’s for ten years.

Even governmental organizations are offering training programs for potential YouTubers.

Gyeonggi province’s Content Agency offers a complimentary seven-week YouTube training course that teaches basic video editing plus provides mentoring opportunities and YouTuber networking activities. The agency even has in-depth courses for full-time YouTubers specializing in the beauty and game industries.

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Posted On 26 Jun 2019

Rate of some sexually transmitted infections rising in the US military: Military Health System

flySnow/iStock(WASHINGTON) — The rate of some sexually transmitted infections, known as STIs, is rising for both male and female service members in the U.S. military, the Military Health System (MHS) warned in a release on Wednesday.

“There appears to be an increase in high-risk behaviors among service members; that is, having sex without a condom or having more than one sexual partner,” said Maj. Dianne Frankel, an Air Force internal medicine physician.

Both are on a list of behaviors the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says can increase the risk of contracting an STI, including HIV.

The Defense Department’s 2015 Health-Related Behaviors Survey (HRBS) found that one-third of respondents reported having more than one sexual partner in the past year, while one-third reported having sex with a new partner in the past year without using a condom. Frankel told MHS that those numbers had doubled since the 2011 survey, possibly contributing to the increase in STIs.

Another possible reason for the increase could be the use of dating apps.

Dating apps can lead to random, anonymous encounters, and when infections result, that anonymity can make partners difficult to track down, according to Norma Jean Suarez, a nurse practitioner in preventive medicine at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

“Anonymous sex” is another behavior the CDC identified as possibly increasing the risk of contracting an STI.

Col. Amy Costello, chief of preventive medicine at the Air Force Medical Support Agency, said that condom use is critical, and service members should get tested for STIs.

While rates for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are rising in the military, the 2015 survey found that isn’t the case for all STIs — the rates for genital herpes and genital human papillomavirus, or HPV, have decreased.

STIs are a concern to the military because they can have “a significant impact on individual readiness, which in turn impacts unit readiness, which then leads to a decrease in force health protection,” Frankel said, adding that the infections also place “a significant economic strain on the U.S. and military health care systems.”

It’s not surprising that STIs would pose a challenge for the U.S. military, as they are most common for 18 to 25-year-olds, which makes up a sizable portion of the more than 1.3 million Department of Defense personnel.

Rates for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are on the rise in the civilian population as well, according to the CDC.

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