DC Pride parade ends in chaos after false report of gunshots, officials say

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Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — A brief commotion broke out during Washington, D.C.’s “Capital Pride” parade after revelers heard what they took to be gunshots, but city officials said it was a false alarm.

There were minor injuries “due to reports of a shooting,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said in a post on Twitter. “There were no shots fired, and there is no active threat.”



Kevin Donahue, the deputy mayor for public safety, tweeted: “There are injuries from people running from what they thought were gunshots. But there is NO ACTIVE SHOOTER at Dupont Circle.”

Seven people were transported to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries sustained while running from the scene, authorities said. Others were treated on scene for minor injuries.



“Loud pops near Dupont Circle sent people running and screaming a few moments ago,” Tom Roussey of Washington ABC affiliate WJLA, who was at the scene, said in post on Twitter. He said the incident caused the event to end sooner than expected.

An adult male was later arrested on a charge of gun possession charge, though there was no evidence that any shots had been fired, local ABC affiliate WJLA-TV reported.

According to an incident report, police said the suspect, who was not named, approached a brown bag near a tree in Dupont Circle as an officer was responding to the commotion. The bag was partially open and appeared to have a handgun inside, according to the report.

The suspect told the officer that he pulled the gun on a man who was having an argument with a person he believed to be “his significant other,” the report says. The suspect said the weapon was a BB gun, according to the report.

When the officer placed the suspect in custody, he said, “I’ll be back.” He also said he’ll shoot someone, though it wasn’t clear whom, according to the report.

The report said the chaos caused by the armed suspect “caused widespread fear.”

A witness told ABC News the popping sounded like gunfire.

“I am no expert on guns; I know virtually nothing about them, but what I know is that I heard a sound that sounded like a gun,” said Delany Young.

Young said some parade-goers fled to a nearby restaurant, where many others were already packed inside.

“It sounded semi-automatic and it was absolutely terrifying to the point that people were stacking bodies on top of each other and handing babies off for the sake of protecting them,” Young added.

A female was also arrested in an unrelated incident, WJLA reported.

The commotion occurred near DuPont Circle.

The incident comes in the wake of several violent incidents, as a month of LGBT pride events kick off around the world.

Last week, a lesbian couple was assaulted on a London bus.

Following the incident people took to social media to recall the terrifying incident and share videos of dozens of people fleeing the scene. Others took the opportunity to reflect on the sense of shared vulnerability.

“Even if it turns out no shots were fired at #dcpride that doesn’t mean real trauma didn’t just occur,” Twitter user Emily C. Heath said in a post on the plkatform. “More LGBTQ people live in fear of something like this happening every day. To run because you think your life is in danger is traumatic.”

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Posted On 08 Jun 2019

Commotion at Capital Pride parade after false report of gunshots, officials say

U.S. NEWS Commotion at Capital Pride parade after false report of gunshots, officials say https://linewsradio.com/commotion-at-capital-pride-parade-after-false-report-of-gunshots-officials-say/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/national-news/

Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — A brief commotion broke out during Washington DC’s “Capital Pride” parade after revelers heard what they took to be gunshots, but city officials said it was a false alarm.

There were minor injuries “due to reports of a shooting,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said in a post on Twitter. “There were no shots fired, and there is no active threat.”

Kevin Donahue, the deputy mayor for public safety, tweeted: “There are injuries from people running from what they thought were gunshots. But there is NO ACTIVE SHOOTER at Dupont Circle.”

It was not immediately clear how many people had been injured.

The commotion occurred near DuPont Circle.

The incident comes in the wake of several violent incidents, as a month of LGBT pride events kick off across the country.

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Shootings reported in Chicago, as new mayor pledges to tackle gun violence

U.S. NEWS Shootings reported in Chicago, as new mayor pledges to tackle gun violence https://linewsradio.com/shootings-reported-in-chicago-as-new-mayor-pledges-to-tackle-gun-violence/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/national-news/

iStock/Mlenny(NEW CANNAN, Conn.) — Less than a month into the first term of Chicago’s newly elected Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the city is experiencing a second straight weekend of gun violence.

Since Friday, two people have been killed in shootings and 22 others have been wounded, according to the Chicago Police Department. This comes just a week after the city’s most violent weekend so far this year, which left 8 dead and 44 wounded in shootings, according to Chicago’s ABC affiliate.

Lightfoot, who was sworn in as mayor on May 20, and Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson have made tackling the city’s crime rate a top priority.

Last week, the city experienced an outburst of shootings due to gang-related incidents. The violent outburst came just hours after the department announced a sharp decrease in crime on Friday.

Data collected by the Chicago Police Department from the first five months of this year showed a 13% decrease in shootings and a 7% decrease in murders compared to a year ago.

Police said 41 people were shot and seven were killed in the city just two weeks before.

More shootings are often reported in warmer months, when large numbers of people tend to congregate outdoors.

This weekend, police said Chicago residents should expect to see a “heavy” police preference.

“While we don’t comment on specifics in terms of officer deployments, we have positioned saturation and tactical teams in areas of the city that we are addressing ongoing gang conflicts that are contributing to recent violence,” Chicago Police Department Chief Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi told ABC News.

“Additionally, there will be heavy saturation patrols along Lake Shore Drive and major thoroughfares beginning Friday and through the weekend. Supplemental summer patrols were also deployed in neighborhoods across the south and west side of the city,” Guglielmi added.

Detectives have already made 1 arrest in connection with last night’s shootings and there are also several initiatives underway city wide to address the proliferation of guns, police said.

Since Friday, 14 people have been arrested on illegal gun charges and 43 weapons have been seized.

On the day of her inauguration last month, Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor who is the city’s first black female mayor, said there was “no higher calling than restoring safety and peace in our neighborhoods,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Enough of the shootings. Enough of the guns. Enough of the violence,” the newspaper quoted her as saying.

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Connecticut mom of 5 still missing after 15 days

U.S. NEWS Connecticut mom of 5 still missing after 15 days https://linewsradio.com/connecticut-mom-of-5-still-missing-after-15-days/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/national-news/

New Canaan Police Department (NEW CANNAN, Conn.) —  In the 15 days since Jennifer Dulos was reported missing, her husband and his girlfriend have gone to jail, her blood-soaked clothes have been found in trash cans and her five children have relocated to New York City to stay with her mother.

Yet Dulos has still yet to be found.

The 50-year old mother was last seen driving a black Chevrolet Suburban in tony New Canaan, Connecticut, on May 24, New Canaan police said. She did not show up for several appointments that day, police said, and friends reported her missing 10 hours after she was seen dropping her kids off at school.

Her SUV was found in New Caanan later that day, but she was not inside the vehicle, police said. They checked her home later that night, yielding no results.

In the next week, police found blood stains in her garage in Farmington, Connecticut, where investigators believe Dulos experienced a “serious physical assault,” according to arrest warrants obtained earlier this week. Clothes and sponges laced with her blood were recovered from trash cans in Hartford.

Her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, 51, with whom she was in the middle of a contentious divorce and custody battle, and his live-in girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, 44, were charged last Saturday with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and hindering prosecution.

On Monday, the couple appeared in court and bond was set at $500,000. Hours later, Troconis posted bond. Dulos remains in custody.

On Friday Traconis and her attorney were spotted meeting with investigators at Dolus’ home in Farmington, which is on the market for $4.4 million. She and Dulos are due back in court on Tuesday.

On the night Jennifer Dulos was reported missing, surveillance video showed a man resembling Fotis Dulos throwing around 30 garbage bags into dumpsters in Hartford at 7:15 p.m., according to court documents. The video also captures a woman in the passenger seat of a car.

That trash is processed at Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority’s in Hartford, where state police have been searching this week and returned again on Saturday, the Hartford Courant reported.

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Feeling stressed? It might be making your dog stressed, too

iStock/Rawpixel(NEW YORK) — A dog has traditionally been called man’s best friend, but it might be possible that dogs and their owners share an even deeper relationship than originally thought.

Dogs mirror the stress levels of their owners over long periods of time, according to a new study, which found that the level to which they fell in sync depended on the owners’ personality.

For the study, Swedish researchers compared the stress levels in 58 dogs — Shetland Sheepdogs and Border Collies — with their respective female owners by measuring levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their hair. They measured levels of the hormone in both the summer and winter to detect long-term associations.

The researchers also took into account other factors, like the dogs’ activity levels, the owners’ personality traits and whether or not the dog’s owner worked — all of which can affect the dogs’ stress levels.

Even after accounting for differences in lifestyle and dog age, there was a strong and significant correlation in long-term stress levels between dogs and their owners. However, there was one exception.

Owners who considered themselves to be high-strung, or neurotic, tended to have dogs with lower cortisol levels throughout the study period. The researchers attributed this finding to a strong attachment between more anxious owners and their dogs and said that in the long run, this bond may facilitate lower stress levels and better health for both people and their pets.

“For humans with high scores for neuroticism, the dog may serve as an important source of social support, which might then lead to lower cortisol in both owner and dog,” Lina Roth, an author of the study and associate professor of biology at Linkӧping University in Linkӧping, Sweden, told ABC News. “These results raise new questions about the interaction between personality and stress.”

The results also lead to further questions about interspecies dynamics. In particular, Roth and her team are interested in the occurrence of emotional contagion, or how emotions are shared by two individuals.

“From our results, we can now conclude that this synchronization is not [a] species’ specific phenomenon,” she said, adding that the group has planned follow-up studies to test this relationship further.

While cortisol is an important indicator and surrogate marker for measuring stress levels, it doesn’t totally explain the complex set of processes that occur in the body when it becomes stressed. Cortisol can have beneficial effects on the body, too, such as reducing inflammation.

Likewise, not all kinds of stress are necessarily bad for people or for dogs, and more research will be necessary before saying for certain whether the associated rise in cortisol levels are detrimental to health.

Even though more research is necessary, Roth does have some advice for better health: “Get a dog.”

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President Trump prompts state of confusion over space policy with tweet

Political News President Trump prompts state of confusion over space policy with tweet https://linewsradio.com/president-trump-prompts-state-of-confusion-over-space-policy-with-tweet/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/politics-news/

iStock/Kevin Wells(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump launched a state of confusion with a tweet about his administration’s plans to send astronauts to Mars.

“For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon — We did that 50 years ago,” Trump tweeted on his return from Ireland.

“They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!”

The tweet had stargazers scratching their heads, as the Moon is not a part of Mars, and the tweet contradicted the president’s previous statements about his plans to send humans back to the moon.

In early May, the president said he planned to allocate an additional $1.6 billion for space exploration and tweeted, “Under my Administration, we are restoring @NASA to greatness and we are going back to the Moon, then Mars,” referring to the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The tweet was followed by an announcement by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who said NASA plans to send people to test a flight around the moon by 2022 as the first step in the Artemis program. Named after the twin sister of Apollo and goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology, the Artemis program hopes to “return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024, including the first woman and the next man.”

Plans to have people or a presence on the moon in the long-term were first announced in December 2017 with the president’s Space Policy Directive.

But hours after Trump’s tweet, Bridenstine tweeted from his own verified account, saying “As @POTUS said, @NASA is using the Moon to send humans to Mars! Right now, @MarsCuriosity and @NASAInSight are on Mars and will soon be joined by the Mars 2020 rover and the Mars helicopter.

According to NASA’s website, “exploration of the Moon and Mars is intertwined.”

“The Moon provides an opportunity to test new tools, instruments and equipment that could be used on Mars, including human habitats, life support systems, and technologies and practices that could help us build self-sustaining outposts away from Earth,” NASA officials state in its “Moon to Mars Overview” section of the agency’s website.

“Living on the Gateway for months at a time will also allow researchers to understand how the human body responds in a true deep space environment before committing to the years-long journey to Mars.”

The president’s unexpected Moon tweet appeared to be in reference to a Fox News segment with Neil Cavuto and the NASA’s chief financial officer, Jeff DeWit — as noted by liberal watchdog organization, Media Matters for America.

Cavuto asked why NASA is “refocusing on the moon…didn’t we do this moon thing quite a few decades ago?”

An hour later, the president launched his tweet.

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LGBT Senate pioneer warns against complacency in era of Trump

Political News LGBT Senate pioneer warns against complacency in era of Trump https://linewsradio.com/lgbt-senate-pioneer-warns-against-complacency-in-era-of-trump/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/politics-news/

Alex Wong/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, the first openly gay woman elected to Congress, says the biggest obstacle to advancing LGBT rights in the era of Donald Trump isn’t the president, but complacency in parts of the gay community.

“Both supporters of LGBTQ rights, LGBTQ people themselves, as well as opponents, kinda thought the battle was over after the Supreme Court ruled in the Obergefell case that there is marriage equality,” Baldwin told ABC News Live “The Briefing Room.”

“But what remains the case is that people in over 29 states do not have comprehensive anti-discrimination laws protecting them,” she said.

Baldwin is trying to build a campaign of grassroots support for the EQUALITY Act, a bill she sponsored which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to federal civil rights law as protected classes. The measure would prohibit discrimination in public facilities, education, employment and housing.

It passed the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives last month with bipartisan support but faces an uphill climb in the Republican-controlled Senate.

“The bill is bipartisan in both houses of Congress and that’s a sign of progress also. I’m hoping that in this era when President Trump and his administration are taking a step backward in some areas by executive edict or executive order, that we will get more bipartisan support,” Baldwin said.

The measure would need 60 votes to pass the Senate. Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has publicly endorsed the bill, however, Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not expressed a willingness to bring it for a vote.

“Do we have the requisite number of Republicans? We have virtually all the Democrats. That’s our task right now,” Baldwin added, “to open the dialogue. Those conversations are foundational to getting it over the finish line.”

Baldwin said a number of Republican senators are privately open to supporting the measure. None have come forward as co-sponsors. President Trump opposes the bill.

“I feel I might be opening people’s eyes to the discrimination that really does still go on today and why this is so necessary in states, sometimes like their own,” Baldwin said.

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Recent LGBTQ attacks highlight hate crimes

U.S. NEWS Recent LGBTQ attacks highlight hate crimes https://linewsradio.com/recent-lgbtq-attacks-highlight-hate-crimes/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/national-news/

The Dallas Police Department(NEW YORK) —  Pride Month is off to a violent start, according to activists.

In the first week of June, the killings of two gay men and a transgendered woman in Detroit and a gay man outside Atlanta have highlighted an alarming uptick in attacks against LGBTQ people and hate crimes in general, activists say.

“The month has really started very tragically,” Georgia Equality Executive Director Jeff Graham told ABC News. “This is part of the challenging times in which we live. We know that the discrimination of LGBT folks is at an all-time high.”

On Thursday, 18-year-old Devon Robinson was charged in connection with the May 25th fatal shooting of three people in a home in east Detroit: two gay men Alunte Davis, 21, Timothy Blancher, 20, and a transgender woman, Paris Cameron, 20. On Tuesday, Ronald Peters, a 28-year-old gay man was shot and killed in Decatur, Georgia on his way to work, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Georgia Equality’s Graham noted that visibility for the LGBTQ community is especially high this month, particularly because the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots against a police raid of an iconic gay bar is on June 28.

Despite the progress against homophobia on many fronts, “amidst all the good, there tends to be a backlash,” Graham said.

“We’ve certainly seen the current administration roll back protections for transgendered folks in housing and healthcare,” Graham said. “When you have administrative and legislative action it does have correlation in seeing spikes in terms of violence.”

In May, the Trump administration announced plans to strip Obama-era health care regulations that provided nondiscrimination protections for transgender patients. The administration also announced plans to allow homeless shelters that receive federal housing money to reject trans applicants. In March, the Pentagon instituted a policy to limit the military service of transgender people to birth gender.

What’s particularly alarming advocates is the violence against transgendered women of color.

Cameron’s death in Detroit marks the ninth killing of a black transgendered woman in 2019, according to Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest LGBTQ advocacy lobbying group in the U.S. In 2018, the group recorded at least 26 killings of transgender people in the U.S., the majority of whom were also black women.

In the last month, two black transgendered women were found dead in Dallas, Texas.

“When transphobia mixes with racism and misogyny it can often have deadly consequences,” HRC spokeswoman Sarah McBride told ABC News.

Georgia Equality’s Graham agrees. “The violence and murder rate for trans folks, especially trans women of color, is just unacceptable.”

It’s difficult to track precise trends in violence for LGBTQ attacks, advocates say, because law enforcement agencies do not uniformly track hate crimes, says McBride.

Georgia, Graham said, is one of only four states that does not have a no hate crimes statute.

“We need Georgia to pass a hate crime law and so we can have good statistics so we can have training for police,” Graham said. “It’s really hard to say [how much violence there is], if you don’t have any data. All of that starts with having an awareness of the problem and that starts with identifying the problem and naming the problem.”

HRC’s McBride also wants more uniform reporting for bias crimes.

“Data we have doesn’t tell the full picture but even with the partial picture we have, we can see an increase in violence,” McBride said.

As Pride month continues throughout June, the idea of violence is something leaders do take into account.

“There’s no question that LGBTQ people, particularly after Pulse, are particularly aware of their surroundings and particularly aware of their safety in large gatherings,” McBride said.

That’s not to say that anyone is advocating staying home.

“Violence against all minority groups has been on the rise the last couple of years,” Graham said. “It is important that people do go out and continue to be proud of their lives and be very public. We know that has increased the level of acceptance.”

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Memorial service for slain 4-year-old Maleah Davis draws crowd where body was found

U.S. NEWS Memorial service for slain 4-year-old Maleah Davis draws crowd where body was found https://linewsradio.com/memorial-service-for-slain-4-year-old-maleah-davis-draws-crowd-where-body-was-found/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/national-news/

iStock/xijian(HOPE, Ark.) —  Pink-clad mourners gathered near an Arkansas highway early Saturday to pay tribute to a slain 4-year old Texas girl whose body was found after a month-long search.

Pink was the hue of choice for pint-sized Houston native Maleah Davis, who was last seen in surveillance videos sporting a blush tutu on April 30 when she left her apartment with her stepfather, Derion Vence.

Four weeks later, her body was found wrapped in a black plastic bag near the side of a highway in Hope, Arkansas, where Saturday’s memorial took place.

Police say Vence, who has denied any wrongdoing, led them to her body.

“Maleah was her name and she deserved better,” Laura Beth Martin, a writer who was dressed in a pink T-shirt, said in remarks to the crowd. “She deserved to have a life filled with love, hope, peace and community. She deserved a future that has been robbed from her.”

The story of the 4-year old girl, who lived in Houston, has captured the interest of people from both her hometown and the place she was found, as evidenced by the crowd of dozens of people who came to pay tribute to the child in Arkansas.

A week after Maleah was last spotted alive, separate surveillance footage from a neighbor showed Vence leaving the family’s apartment with his son and a laundry basket. Maleah’s mother, Brittany Bowens, said she was suspicious of the laundry basket in an interview with ABC station KTRK-TV in Houston.

“There is no sidestepping what happened to this innocent African American child. It is the definition of horrific,” Martin said. It is unclear what connection she had to the family. “We are embracing her in death as she should have been embraced in life.”

In her hometown of Houston, Sunday will be designated “Maleah Davis Day” in honor of the child.

Sheila Smith, who said she befriended Davis’s family after hearing the tragic story, has also organized a “Walk with Maleah” event with the child’s relatives for Sunday outside of city hall at 7:54 a.m., to coincide with the time Davis was seen alive on surveillance footage.

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Russian TV to air its own version of Chernobyl, which implies CIA may be to blame

WORLD NEWS Russian TV to air its own version of Chernobyl, which implies CIA may be to blame  https://linewsradio.com/russian-tv-to-air-its-own-version-of-chernobyl-which-implies-cia-may-be-to-blame/  http://abcnewsradioonline.com/world-news/

Liam Daniel/HBO(MOSCOW) — Russian state TV is preparing to broadcast its own drama retelling the story of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, but unlike the acclaimed HBO series that has captivated audiences worldwide, the Russian version will suggest a CIA agent was there during the accident.

The Russian series, also titled “Chernobyl,” is being produced by NTV, one of Russia’s main television channels, which is owned by the state-controlled Gazprom Media.

The HBO series has been a a global hit, including in Russia, praised by critics and viewers for its remarkable attention to detail and the verisimilitude of its representation of Soviet reality. It received the highest-ever rating for a television show on IMdB, as well as a 9.1 rating on Russian equivalent Kinopoisk.

The Russian show sticks less closely to reality. Its director, Aleksey Muradov told the tabloid, Komsomolskaya Pravda, that his version would include an alternative theory of the disaster. According to a description of the show, the plot will focus on a fictional contest between an American CIA agent who infiltrates the power station to gather intelligence and a KGB counter-intelligence officer hunting him.

“Why are you surprised?,” the director, Muradov told Komsomolskaya Pravda. “The hypothesis about American interference in the work of the Chernobyl power station exists. Many histories don’t rule out that on the day of the explosion an agent of the enemy security services was working at the station. Till this day it has not be established whether his activity was connected with the explosion.”

Shot in Belarus, the NTV series has been in production since 2014 and is supported by Russia’s Ministry of Culture, which has reportedly provided 30 million rubles or $463,000 in funds.

The NTV show is surfacing amid a disgruntled reaction among Kremlin media and Russian tabloids to the HBO series. In Russia, the series has been criticized as diminishing the heroism of Soviet emergency workers and as overly-focused on the negative aspects of what remains the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

“Chernobyl didn’t show the most important thing — our victory,” ran one headline in Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia’s most-read newspaper.

The critics, while acknowledging the show’s realism in its costumes and sets, have suggested the show is meant to blacken the Soviet Union by focusing of authorities’ failings.

An op-ed in the magazine Argumenti i Fakti, called the HBO show a “quality propaganda product”.

War correspondent, Dmitry Steshin, writing in Komsomolskaya Pravda, even claimed the show was intended to undermine overseas sales for Russia’s state atomic company, Rosatom.

Russia’s normally conservative, nationalist minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, however, said that, on the whole, he liked the U.S. show, after watching it with his father, who he said took part in the clean up effort shortly after the accident. His father, he said, had found it close to the reality of what actually happened.

Other Russian commentators have said that the ignominious role played by the Soviet state in the run-up and aftermath of the disaster — when authorities initially tried to conceal the catastrophe — make it a subject that the current government is clearly struggling to manage.

Ilya Shepelin, a Russian journalist, wrote in The Moscow Times, “The fact that an American, not a Russian, TV channel tells us about our own heroes is a source of shame that the pro-Kremlin media apparently cannot live down.”

“And this is the real reason they find fault with HBO’s “Chernobyl” series.”

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