Woman injured in Venezuela’s May Day protests says ‘It was like war, everyone was shot’

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Edilzon Gamez/Getty Images(CARACAS, Venezuela) — Violent clashes this week between anti-government protesters and security forces in Venezuela led to at least four deaths and hundreds of injuries. But one protester who was injured in the clashes said protesters would keep up the pressure to force President Nicolas Maduro to step down.

On Tuesday, Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido called on his supporters to take to the streets in mass demonstrations, as his months-long effort to oust Maduro appeared to be gathering force.

But by Thursday, Maduro, who has faced months of protests over the country’s economic collapse and his consolidation of power, appeared on state television and again derided what he has called a U.S.-backed coup and vowed to combat “traitors.”

Eva Anato, a middle school teacher in Caracas, said she was struck in the face by pellets after participating in the mass protests on Wednesday.

“It was like war. Everyone was shot,” Anato told ABC News.

But she added that even though people are frightened, the protests would continue.

“A lot of people expect so much” from Guaido, she said. “[But] this is not a one-day thing.”

Guaido, the leader of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, was sworn in as interim president by that body in January. He was immediately recognized by the U.S. and ultimately 53 other countries as the legitimate leader.

Anato, 49, said that after a day of protest on Wednesday, she was on her way home with a small group that included two of her nieces, a former student and two other people. The group was intercepted by Maduro supporters, who began shooting pellets at the crowd, Anato said. Chaos broke out as one woman started screaming that the National Guard was approaching, she said.

“When I felt the first shot, I said, ‘My God, I’m dying,’ because I felt all the blood immediately on my face,” Anato told ABC News. “I felt the next shot immediately after. I was screaming. We were screaming, ‘God help us!’ … The guy with me was bleeding a lot from his head. I thought they had killed him. It was horrible.”

She said that the group took shelter in a parking lot trench. But when the group attempted to escape from the trench, they were met with tear gas, said Anato, who fell and fractured her knee. She said that they were able to run to safety, and that they were eventually rescued by a group of motorcyclists who brought them to a hospital.

At least four people died in the two days of protests and 239 were injured, the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict, a human rights group, told ABC News on Thursday.

Anato said she blames Maduro for a lack of food, quality medical care and good schools in Venezuela. She said that she would continue protesting, even if it meant losing her job at a government-run school.

“A colleague called me and told me that since I’m injured…they would know that I was out there, and they will supposedly fire me,” Anato said.

She said that she and other protesters understood that ousting Maduro would take time.

“I know Guaido has done a lot in three months. We have international support, sanctions have been put through. We have to give him a vote of confidence,” she said. “I think he is a courageous man who is probably feeling the same fear we feel. Because believe it, there is fear on the streets. A lot of people don’t go out to protest because they are scared.”

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Posted On 03 May 2019

New study puts fear of HIV transmission to bed in patients compliant with treatment

iStock/andresr(LONDON) — Compliance with HIV treatment can be effective in preventing sexual transmission of the disease to non-HIV infected persons, according to a new study.

Researchers followed 1,000 gay male couples from Europe who had sex without condom use over an eight-year period. One partner had HIV and was taking anti-retroviral therapy (ART).

“Our findings provide conclusive evidence for gay men that the risk of HIV transmission with suppressive ART is zero,” Alison Rodger, the study’s co-researcher and a professor at the University College London, said in a press release.

According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2017 approximately 38,739 people were diagnosed with HIV in the United States. Of those infected by the virus, 25,748 cases involved male-to-male sexual contact. Worldwide, there were about 1.8 million new cases of HIV in 2017 alone, and approximately 940,000 people died from AIDS-related diseases.

In an interview earlier this week in Atlanta, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield told ABC News’ chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton that improvements in treatment and prevention are a major priority of his.

“Persons living with HIV really can become undetectable and therefore they are not able to transmit [the virus],” he said. “We also had major improvements in prevention. I know that many scientists and groups are still working very hard and I’m confident that like the success we’ve seen with the measles vaccine and the polio vaccine, that someday we’ll have the same success with an HIV vaccine.”

This study sheds awareness on the importance and effectiveness in disease prevention with appropriate ART use. According to the National Aids Trust, 97% of people on ART in the United Kingdom had undetectable levels of the virus. In other words, they cannot pass on the disease.

“Hearing this can be enormously empowering and reassuring to people living with HIV,” according to -Deborah Gold, chief executive of National Aids Trust, a nonprofit charity organization in the U.K.

Keep in mind, however, the use of barrier contraception is always a recommended pillar in safe sex. Condom use is the only effective way to prevent transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis.

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Church of Scientology ship with measles case on board headed for Curacao home port

Courtesy St. Lucia Times(NEW YORK) — The Church of Scientology cruise ship Freewinds that was quarantined on the island nation of St. Lucia for three days because of a measles case is on its way to its home port, where authorities plan to quarantine it again.

The ship is expected to arrive in Willemstad, Curacao, around daybreak Saturday, according to officials on the island and Albert Elens, managing director of Maduro Shipping, the Freewinds’ agent in Curacao.

When it arrives, a team of local health officials will assess those on board before consulting with international health agencies on a disembarkation plan, the head of the Epidemiology and Research Unit at Curacao’s Ministry of Health, Izzy Gerstenbluth, told ABC News. The vast majority of those aboard the ship were crew members, including the woman who had tested positive for measles, Gerstenbluth, said.

The ship is expected to arrive around 3:45 a.m. Saturday, according to the Curacao Ports Authority. There are about 300 crew members and passengers on board, according to Elens.

On Tuesday, Dr. Merlene Fredericks-James, chief medical officer in St. Lucia, announced that a cruise ship had docked on the island and was being quarantined as health officials investigated a possible case of measles aboard the vessel. By Wednesday, St. Lucia police had confirmed the ship was the Freewinds and belonged to the Church of Scientology.

The Freewinds website describes the ship as “a religious retreat that marks for Scientologists the pinnacle of their journey to total spiritual freedom.”

St. Lucia’s Department of Health and Wellness said in a statement Thursday that its investigation aboard the ship had confirmed that one person had measles.

Gerstenbluth, who is a public health physician and epidemiologist, said he had been in touch daily with the ship’s doctor, who originally thought the woman with measles had a cold. The woman had been in Europe “for a while” before boarding the ship on April 17, he said. The ship’s doctor said she exhibited cold symptoms on April 22, developed a fever the next day, and three days later developed a rash, according to Gerstenbluth, who said the ship’s doctor isolated the woman from the start.

When the ship stopped in Aruba on Monday, the ship’s doctor took a blood sample that, two days later, tested positive for measles, Gerstenbluth said. At that point, Gerstenbluth consulted with the ship’s doctor about isolating the woman and taking an inventory of those on the ship, as authorities in St. Lucia — the ship’s next destination — were notified.

“On the ship, you have to be a bit more broad-minded and consider the entire ship to have had contact,” Gerstenbluth said.

In St. Lucia, both police and the health ministry said that no one had been allowed on or off the ship until it departed Thursday night over fears that others on the ship may be infected.

“Measles, we know, is a highly infectious disease. So because of the risk of potential infection, not just from the confirmed measles case but from other persons who may be on the boat at the time, we thought it prudent to make a decision not to allow anyone to disembark,” Fredericks-James said. “The Ministry of Health continues to work with all authorities.”

St. Lucian authorities did not disclose any information about the woman and Gerstenbluth said he did not know her nationality.

The woman, as well as other crew and passengers, were “stable” and under surveillance by the ship’s doctor, the St. Lucian health ministry said Thursday.

“Continued surveillance is necessary as the incubation period for measles ranges from 10 to 12 days, before symptoms in exposed persons occur,” the health ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said it had also provided 100 doses of the measles vaccine, free of charge, at the request of the ship’s doctor.

When Curacao authorities investigate Saturday, they will also seek out information about people who had been in contact with the infected woman in the days before she tested positive for measles and who had already left the ship, Gerstenbluth said.

“That’s another group that we’re trying to make an inventory of,” he said. “Who are these people, where do they live, and where do they come from?”

Gerstenbluth said those still aboard who had been previously vaccinated or who had previously had the measles would likely be allowed to disembark after authorities investigate Saturday.

Before the ship’s departure from St. Lucia Thursday night, authorities there were in contact with their counterparts in Curacao and shared information with them, St. Lucia’s health ministry said. It also said local officers who boarded the ship while it was in St. Lucia would continue to be monitored. St. Lucia confirmed Friday that the ship had departed Thursday night “for its home port in the Dutch Caribbean.”

An adviser to Dominica’s prime minister told ABC News Thursday that the ship had intended to come to Dominica for an event but that the event had since been canceled and the ship was not coming.

The ship was scheduled to depart to Aruba on Sunday night but Elens said the health-inspection team and Aruban officials would determine whether the ship would stay in Curacao or continue onward as planned.

“[We] will have to wait and see,” he said.

The Church of Scientology has not responded to a request for comment from ABC News.

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The Russo Bros. aren’t too happy about Chris Pratt’s sneaky ‘Endgame’ Instagram spoiler

Entertainment News  The Russo Bros. aren't too happy about Chris Pratt's sneaky 'Endgame' Instagram spoiler https://linewsradio.com/the-russo-bros-arent-too-happy-about-chris-pratts-sneaky-endgame-instagram-spoiler/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/entertainment-news/


L-R Josh Brolin, Joe, Anthony Russo — Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney(LOS ANGELES) — It appears Star-Lord is every bit the outlaw he claims to be, according to Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

Millions have respectfully followed the Russos’ hashtag warnings to not spoil the Marvel blockbuster, but ever the renegade, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt defied the brothers. This week, he dropped a sneakily-shot video from the Endgame set that showed virtually every star rehearsing a critical final battle. Pratt’s Instagram post alone attracted 20 million views and counting.

The Russos say on May 6, their spoiler ban is over, which is why an exasperated Joe Russo laughed to ABC Radio,  “If we had our druthers, Pratt would’ve held onto that video until this Monday.”

The lifting of the ban comes as a relief to the pair, though.

“It literally is like working for the CIA for a year,” Joe says. “You really have to train your mind not to give anything away in casual conversation with people.”

Anthony chimed in, “We’re the type of people that enjoy the dialogue about movies almost as much as we enjoy movies,  so…yeah, to be able to finally get to…where we can all freely discuss it is exciting for us!”

While moviegoers haven’t actually filmed the movie, they’ve been recording and posting their audible reactions to the film — and The Russos have been watching.

“That was something we really discovered on Infinity War,” Anthony says of Endgame‘s predecessor. “[J]ust to see the audience reaction…just to watch people explode! It’s thrilling…! You don’t see that in a movie theater very often.”

Twitter just announced that a record 50 million Endgame-related tweets have been sent. 

Marvel Studios is owned by Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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Pentagon warns about China’s increased activity in the Arctic, growing ambition to expand its presence

WORLD NEWS Pentagon warns about China's increased activity in the Arctic, growing ambition to expand its presence  https://linewsradio.com/pentagon-warns-about-chinas-increased-activity-in-the-arctic-growing-ambition-to-expand-its-presence/  http://abcnewsradioonline.com/world-news/

Xinhua/Liu Shiping via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — China is increasing its activity in the Arctic, building a second ice-breaking ship and looking to expand its footprint in Greenland, according to a new Pentagon report, and Beijing’s presence in the region could lead to the deployment of armed submarines, the report warned.

The warning comes as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo prepares to attend a summit of the Arctic Council, the eight countries with territory in the region, and hopes to rally them to counter Chinese influence.

“We’ve committed to peace and sustainable economic developments [in the Arctic] for the long term, and we’re concerned about activities of other nations, including China, that do not share these same commitments,” said a senior State Department official, speaking anonymously to brief reporters.

As in previous years, the congressionally mandated Pentagon report assesses China’s military and security developments and how those fit in with the nation’s long-term growth strategies in the Pacific. This year’s report specifically highlights China’s growing interest in the Arctic, which has alarmed countries with interests in that region.

In 2018, China published its first Arctic strategy, coining the phrase “Polar Silk Road” — a reference to the ancient network of trade routes that connected China to the West. The strategy also declared that China is a “Near-Arctic State.”

“There’s no such definition in the [Arctic] Council’s lexicon,” the senior State Department official said. “There are Arctic states and there are non-Arctic states. The eight Arctic states conduct governance of the Arctic region, and we reject attempts by non-Arctic states to claim a role in this process.”

According to the report, China’s interest in the Arctic is multi-faceted but centers around a desire for access to natural resources and securing sea routes in that region. As the earth’s temperature warms due to climate change, ice melt in the Arctic is opening up new shipping lanes, but the Pentagon warned that China’s presence there could lead to the deployment of submarines “as a deterrent against nuclear attacks.”

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Randall Schriver told reporters on Friday that the Pentagon will watch whether or not the Arctic “becomes an access point for safe harbor for [China’s] strategic assets, such as ballistic missile-carrying submarines.”

“It is a possibility in the future, and one to watch very closely,” Schriver said.

Pompeo will push the Arctic Council countries to take action to address that concern, among others, and keep China out of any decision-making.

But he could be distracted by fighting within the Council over climate change. The Trump administration has moved to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, but the other members have been pushing for language in a joint statement that would recognize the commitments they made to combat climate change in the historic accord. U.S. officials have tried to remove any of that language.

The State Department declined to comment on those discussions, but a second senior official told reporters, “When we don’t agree with our allies and friends, we talk with them about it directly. We engage them closely, and that’s what we’re doing in the Arctic Council.”

The official denied that any fights over climate change would distract from the goal of unity against China’s steps into the region.

Anne-Marie Brady, author of a book on China’s role in the Arctic and executive editor of The Polar Journal, pointed out on Twitter that Chinese rulers have had Arctic ambitions for over half a century. Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Mao Zedong set a goal of sending nuclear submarines to the Arctic back in 1959.

While China has yet to achieve that goal, it would have significant implications for global security, Brady said.

“If Chinese submarines armed with nuclear weapons were able to access the Arctic Ocean without detection, this would enhance China’s nuclear deterrence, strengthen China’s position in NE/SE Asia, would bolster China’s position as a military power and global leader,” she tweeted.

The deployment of submarines is only one piece of China’s Arctic strategy.

Last year, China’s Xuelong ice-breaking research vessel, a Ukrainian-built ship operated by the Chinese, completed its ninth Arctic expedition. And in September, China announced it would build its first domestic ice breaking research vessel, the Xuelong 2, which will be able to penetrate ice up to about five feet thick. The Xuelong 2 would also be the first polar research vessel that would be able to break through ice while moving forwards or backwards, the Pentagon said.

While China already has research stations in Iceland and Norway, the nation is looking to expand its footprint into Greenland with a satellite ground station, renovated airport, and mining operations. Those ambitions have alarmed Denmark — as Greenland is a Danish territory — with the Danes publicly expressed concerns with China’s interest in the world’s largest island.

And China’s icebreaker missions are not getting support from Russia, another country with major Arctic ambitions. Russia opposes all foreign icebreakers operating in the Northern Sea Route.

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Selma Blair posts powerful note on struggling with MS treatments: ‘I cannot imagine ever feeling ok again’

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images(NEW YORK) —  Actress Selma Blair is once again shining a light on the struggles of her multiple sclerosis (MS) journey. But she’s also inspiring others in the process.

Since being diagnosed last summer, Blair has been a trailblazer in raising awareness about the diseases, never holding back about what she’s been going through over the past year.

On Friday, she posted a photo to Instagram, in bed, looking sullen and worn down after having gone through medical treatments.

“Here’s a truth. I feel sick as all hell,” she wrote. “I am vomiting and all the things which are not polite to speak of. My son ran away. From me. I have to get him to school. The medical treatments take their toll.”

She went on, “I am going to get through this. We do. This will pass. And to moms and dads who watch their kids sick on things we take to get better… I hold you. So glad this is me and not my child. I cannot imagine ever feeling ok again. #roughday. We get through. #realitycheck.”

As can be expected, hundreds of her fans are sending “healing vibes” her way in the comments section, among other supportive messages.

The honesty and grace at which she battles her multiple sclerosis is nothing new.

In February, Blair spoke to “GMA,” opening up about the mental and physical challenges of the disease, especially after going almost seven years without a diagnosis.

When she finally was able to get a definitive answer last August, “I had tears,” she said. “They weren’t tears of panic. They were tears of knowing I now had to give in to a body that had loss of control, and there was some relief in that.”

View this post on Instagram

There is a truth with neurogedenerative brain disease. It is uncomfortable. It is a stadium of uncontrollable anxiety at times. Going out, being sociable holds a heavy price. My brain is on fire. I am freezing. We feel alone with it even though the loving support has been a god send and appreciated. People write me asking how I do it. I do my best. But I choke with the pain of what I have lost (riding) and what I dare hope for. and how challenging it is to walk around . But my smiles are genuine. This is ok. Life is an adventure with many shards of awakening. I can’t sleep at night but daytime I have trouble staying awake . I am a grown woman holding onto a bear that belonged to a sister type of mine. ( thank you @k.d.w.r ) we do what we can. I have a full week ahead with mothering and appointments and things to look forward to. But like many of us, I am praying. Soaking in love where I can. It’s not easy. That’s ok. I send love to you. And by the way, this #eileenfisher sweater is my go to cozy tonight in this hotel room. Thank you. And @lorrigoddard_ I can’t thank you enough for the morale boost of blonde. And to my love @mrchrismcmillan 🖤 #humancondition #strengthinvulnerablity #MS #stillanactress #always #willmakeitwork #heartwideopen ❤️ #thisisforallofus. #littlethings PS. Some outlets use quotes as clickbait of suffering. My life is not about suffering. These are moments of sharing in a way that some may find too much, but there is positivity in these posts. A face to a disease I could not get information about from people I saw succeeding. I am succeeding and love my life. It is doable to have some rough moments and express it. No?

A post shared by Selma Blair (@selmablair) on

“Ever since my son was born, I was in an MS flare-up and didn’t know, and I was giving it everything to seem normal,” Blair told Robin Roberts in the interview. “And I was self-medicating when he wasn’t with me. I was drinking. I was in pain. I wasn’t always drinking, but there were times when I couldn’t take it.”

In addition to her candid interviews, Blair has been vocal on Instagram, trying to help anyone out there who may be living with MS or any other illness. Fellow MS sufferers have thanked the actress for shedding light about the struggles with the disease.

“There is a truth with neurodegenerative brain disease. It is uncomfortable. It is a stadium of uncontrollable anxiety at times,” Blair wrote on Instagram in January. “Going out, being sociable holds a heavy price. My brain is on fire. I am freezing. We feel alone with it even though the loving support has been a god send and appreciated. People write me asking how I do it. I do my best.”

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Women’s hockey players are protesting playing professionally — but don’t call it a boycott

Sports News Women's hockey players are protesting playing professionally -- but don't call it a boycott https://linewsradio.com/womens-hockey-players-are-protesting-playing-professionally-but-dont-call-it-a-boycott/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/sports-news/

Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Kendall Coyne Schofield refused to move from Los Angeles to play for the Minnesota Whitecaps, a National Women’s Hockey League team.

Instead, the two-time Olympic medalist would fly in for Whitecaps games and fly back to L.A. afterwards, “because I wasn’t packing up my life and moving to Minnesota for the money I was getting,” she told ABC News.

“The treatment of the players, the way the players are compensated, it’s not possible for women to train and prepare to be professional athletes,” she said. “And in the current state of the game, there’s nothing professional about it.”

So on Thursday, Schofield joined over 200 fellow athletes — including stars Hilary Knight, Amanda Kessel, Meghan Duggan, Brianna Decker and Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux — in announcing that they will not be playing for a professional hockey league this season.

“We cannot make a sustainable living playing in the current state of the professional game,” the players wrote in a statement posted across social media. “Having no health insurance and making as low as two thousand dollars a season means players can’t adequately train and prepare to play at the highest level.”

“This isn’t a boycott,” Schofield said. “This is a gap year.”

For years, women have been calling for “one league” — a professional league of local teams between the United States and Canada that would function like the National Hockey League, and, preferably, under the NHL’s umbrella.

Instead, they have competed in two separate professional leagues: the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) and the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) in America. Last month, the CWHL announced it was folding, and players saw it as an opportunity to form a unified North American league.

The NHL, however, has been refusing to step in while the NWHL still exists, although they do offer some financial support.

“There is a lot more we need to know before we would be prepared to weigh in at this point,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement to ABC News on Friday. “The NWHL is an existing league with an existing organization and business plan. We do not intend to interfere with their business or their objectives.”

“At the same time, we continue to support the objective of allowing for the opportunity of the best Women Hockey Players in the world to play the sport at the professional level,” Daly continued. “We will further explore the situation privately before taking any affirmative position on next steps.”

For their part, the NWHL released a statement saying they “are among the players’ biggest fans” and reflecting an offer of “increased salaries and a 50-50 revenue split from league-level sponsorships and media rights deals.”

But the players simply aren’t invested in the NWHL. This refusal to play is the culmination of years of unmet demands for better infrastructure for women’s and girl’s hockey, which, Schofield said, is the fastest growing sport in the nation.

Many demands have been directed at USA Hockey, which manages the national team that competes in the Olympics and international tournaments. In 2017, national team players threatened a boycott of World Championships to push USA Hockey negotiations for fair wages and support. They ultimately competed after a positive agreement was signed.

Now, the professional league players are using their collective efforts to force the issue of creating “one league.”

A popular argument against a unified North American women’s professional hockey league has been that there’s a lack of interest from fans. To that, Schofield says, noting the Canadian and American’s international dominance and 2018 ESPY for Best Game, “Do your homework.”

“They always say if you build it they’ll come, and this is a situation where if a sustainable professional league is built, fans will come,” she said. “But fans haven’t had an opportunity to see the best product on the ice for professional women’s hockey — yet.”

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Luptia Nyong’o joins upcoming sci-fi comedy from ‘Little Monsters’ director Abe Forsythe

Entertainment News  Luptia Nyong'o joins upcoming sci-fi comedy from 'Little Monsters' director Abe Forsythe https://linewsradio.com/luptia-nyongo-joins-upcoming-sci-fi-comedy-from-little-monsters-director-abe-forsythe/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/entertainment-news/


ABC/Todd Wawrychuk(LOS ANGELES) — Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o is bringing some laughs to her next project.

According to Deadline, Nyong’o will reteam with her Little Monsters director Abe Forsythe, for an untitled science fiction comedy that has landed at Universal Pictures. Forsythe will both write and direct the project.

Although plot details are currently being kept under wraps, the film is being described as Men In Black meets Miss Congeniality.

This is the latest project for Nyong’o, who recently starred in Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed horror film Us. Later this year she will be seen in Little Monsters on Hulu.

She’s also producing and starring in an adaptation of Trevor Noah’s memoir, Born A Crime, in which she will play Noah’s mother, Patricia. Lupita is also set to star alongside fellow Oscar winner Viola Davis in The Woman King

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Otto Warmbier’s mother calls diplomacy with North Korea a ‘charade’

WORLD NEWS Otto Warmbier's mother calls diplomacy with North Korea a 'charade'  https://linewsradio.com/otto-warmbiers-mother-calls-diplomacy-with-north-korea-a-charade/  http://abcnewsradioonline.com/world-news/

Drew Angerer/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Cindy Warmbier, the mother of American Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old American student who died shortly after being brought back to the U.S. after being held for 18 months in North Korea, made an emotional appeal on Friday to keep the pressure on Kim Jong Un’s regime, calling diplomacy with a regime that “lies” a “charade.”

“Unless we keep the pressure on North Korea, they are not going to change, and I am very afraid that we are going to let up on this pressure,” she said at an event in Washington, D.C.

“This should not be a partisan issue. This is a problem. This is not only a nuclear problem, this is a problem that we’re dealing with absolute evil,” she added.

Cindy Warmbier responded to the recent revelation that North Korea gave the U.S. a $2 million bill for her son’s medical expenses when senior diplomats arrived to bring Otto home – saying had she known they wanted money, she would have paid.

President Donald Trump has denied that the U.S. paid the bill, but U.S. officials confirmed that U.S. Amb. Joseph Yun was asked to sign for it when he arrived.

“I don’t fault anyone for signing to get Otto home. In fact, I applaud Ambassador Yun for making sure he brought Otto home,” she said. “If I had to, I would’ve raised the money, and I wish they would’ve asked for the money from day one.”

In March, Cindy Warmbier and her husband Fred spoke out after President Donald Trump seemed to absolve Kim of knowing about or being responsible for Otto Warmbier’s treatment and eventual death. They have said that their son was “systematically tortured” by Kim’s regime.

“Kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son Otto. Kim and his evil regime are responsible for unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. No excuses or lavish praise can change that,” the parents said in a statement at the time.

On Friday, Cindy Warmbier said that while she supported Trump’s effort to negotiate with Kim, she was not optimistic about diplomacy.

“There’s a charade going on right now — it’s called diplomacy. How can you have diplomacy with someone who never tells the truth? That’s what I want to know, I’m all for it, but I’m very skeptical,” she said.

“He lies and he lies and he lies, all for himself,” she said of Kim, comparing him to Hitler, except that Kim is “doing it to all of his people.”

“North Korea is a cancer on this earth, and if we ignore this cancer, it’s not going away, and it’s going to kill all of us,” she added.

As the family has before, Cindy Warmbier described the heart-rending scene of seeing her son for the first time in June 2017 when he was brought back to the U.S.

“My gorgeous boy — who every girl had an immediate crush on — looked like a monster,” she said.

“The look in his eyes — which I didn’t know he was blind at the time — was absolute horror, horror like he had seen the devil – and he had. He was with the devil,” she said.

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‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ sheds light on serial killer Ted Bundy’s double life

Entertainment News  'Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile' sheds light on serial killer Ted Bundy's double life https://linewsradio.com/extremely-wicked-shockingly-evil-and-vile-sheds-light-on-serial-killer-ted-bundys-double-life/ http://abcnewsradioonline.com/entertainment-news/


Brian Douglas(NEW YORK) — The public’s fascination with true crime continues today with the Netflix release of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile – a look at serial killer Ted Bundy’s double life.

Zac Efron plays Bundy, while Lily Collins plays Liz, his longtime girlfriend, who had no idea he was committing horrific crimes against women the whole time they were together.

At the film’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere Thursday night, Collins said the biggest challenge of playing the role was trying to forget everything she knew about Bundy.

“[Liz] believed him to be innocent and so I wanted to make sure that — going into this as actor knowing that he wasn’t innocent — I was able to suspend disbelief while filming it,” she says.

The film doesn’t delve into the murders, but it does show how Bundy manipulated the public and those closest to him.

“The Ted Bundy court case was the first televised court case in history which had a huge effect on true crime and people’s fascination with it,” Collins says. “And I think we’re always fascinated by people that turn out to be different than what we expect…it can be quite surprising and shocking and this is the first case that really did that.”

The film also stars Haley Joel Osment as Liz’s coworker-turned-boyfriend and Angela Sarafyan as her voice-of-reason best friend. It was directed by Joe Berlinger, the filmmaker behind the Netflix docu-series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

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Posted On 03 May 2019