ER visits almost double for young children swallowing objects

romrodinka/iStock(NEW YORK) — Before children explore the world on foot, they explore it with their five senses.

Early development often includes children listening, looking, touching, smelling and tasting their way through their surroundings. The mouth is one of the first body parts that babies have control of, and anything that they can see and touch is often something they can sink their teeth — or gums — into.

Unfortunately, this newfound eagerness for discovery is often accompanied by the hazard of accidentally swallowing objects and potential choking.

A new study in the journal Pediatrics, by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, found the number of ER visits by children younger than 6 who accidentally swallowed objects nearly doubled between 1995 and 2015.

“This means an average of 99 children per day are going to emergency departments for foreign body ingestion,” Dr. Danielle Orsagh-Yentis, a pediatric gastroenterologist and primary author of the study, told ABC News.

The study found the most common objects ingested were coins, specifically pennies and quarters. The other most likely objects were small toys, jewelry and so-called button batteries.

Dr. Orsagh-Yentis attributes this rise in hospital visits to the increased availability of easily swallowed objects in households despite stricter choking hazard regulations.

“Button batteries,” she told ABC News, “are in things like watches, hearing aids, small remotes, and in toys. The relative availability of these and other objects has increased since 1995.”

While most kids who swallow objects have few or no symptoms, swallowing any object has the ability to cause difficulty breathing or choking. Certain objects such as batteries and magnets pose the greatest risk when swallowed, since they could potentially cause burns or tear the lining of the esophagus, stomach or intestine.

“What is of paramount importance is practicing safe storage” said Dr. Orsagh-Yentis, who recommends that any small objects be stored and locked at an elevated level. “If children can’t see them, they can’t be enticed by them.”

The following are some ways to prevent accidental object ingestion in kids:

  • Put yourself in their shoes. Get down on all fours so you can see what your child sees in nooks and crannies that you otherwise may not see while standing. You’ll also be able to tell which drawers, cabinets or trash containers they are able to open from that level.
  • Store small objects in closed containers, out of reach and locked away. Even though some containers and most prescription bottles are made to be childproof, never underestimate a curious child. The key is out of sight, out of reach, out of mouth.
  • Keep your guard up. Kids can be speedy, and it sometimes takes just a few seconds for them to swallow something they shouldn’t. While it’s virtually impossible to keep them away from every single object they might accidentally swallow, close supervision can help prevent many of these accidents from happening.

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Assange fears being beaten up in US prison, called Trump crowd ‘clowns’: Visitor

WORLD NEWS Assange fears being beaten up in US prison, called Trump crowd 'clowns': Visitor

Jack Taylor/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — After nearly seven years holed up inside the cramped Ecuadorian Embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is dreading the prospect of violent attacks on him in an American prison, one of his regular visitors told ABC News’ “The Investigation” podcast on Thursday.

The interview was conducted one day after Assange’s long-anticipated arrest by London police and court appearance on a 2012 bail jumping warrant and U.S. extradition request.

“He did say he was worried that, if he was in a normal American prison, being beaten up,” war documentary filmmaker and former Taliban hostage Sean Langan, who has spent more than 50 hours with Assange in the past year, told ABC News. Langan’s last visit to Assange at the embassy was on March 22, he said.

“And then I said, ‘Well, the chances are you’re most likely’ — slightly gallows humor, it didn’t make him feel better – ‘you’re most likely going to be put into one of those federal Supermax prisons where you won’t see a soul,” said Langan, an ABC News contributor.


Perhaps most surprising to many who saw his leaks of embarrassing Democratic party emails during the 2016 campaign — which special counsel Robert Mueller has alleged were hacked by Russian spies in an effort to hurt rival Hillary Clinton’s chances — Assange was often sharply critical of President Donald Trump in casual conversation with a handful of visitors.

Langan says Assange described longtime Trump friend and political adviser Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. as intellectually incapable of a conspiracy, much less one that included WikiLeaks or him, and he rejoiced when Mueller recently closed his investigation without indicting him for conspiring with Russian military intelligence to tilt the U.S. election.

“‘Those bunch of clowns’ — that was the exact quote — ‘those bunch of clowns couldn’t conspire and organize this kind of thing’,” Langan recalled Assange telling him. “He certainly did not hold [President Trump] in high regard. He was quite dismissive.”

Langan and Vaughan Smith, an Assange confidant and owner of London’s Frontline Club, began making “social visits” — as the Ecuadorian Embassy called them — with Assange in early November. The pair was among the first people summoned by the controversial publisher of sensitive secrets after Ecuador lifted a ban on his visitors and most of his communications, a loosening of restrictions on Assange that lasted six months in 2018.

Inside, they didn’t find an apartment littered with cat droppings or feces on the wall — as alleged by his Ecuadorian hosts who over time turned against their notorious asylee — but instead the “claustrophobic” quarters of a man in poor health toughing out intense surveillance of the tiny rooms he has occupied since entering the embassy in August, 2012.

That year, fearing he would extradited to the United States, Assange skipped out on his bail during a rape inquiry in Sweden. The rape inquiry was dropped two years ago but reopened Thursday in the wake of Assange’s removal from the embassy in London, Swedish prosecutors said. Assange has denied the rape allegation.

Assange shared his recollections with Langan in five-hour rolling conversations at a table between two speakers meant to deter electronic surveillance by Ecuador or other countries. One speaker blared symphony music and the other David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” Langan told ABC News.

Asked about a controversial November, 2018 report in the Guardian newspaper that Assange had met with Trump 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort — since convicted on financial crimes related to lobbying in Virginia and in Washington — he was adamant it never happened.

“He said, ‘That’s [bull]. Never met him.’ So he strongly denied that,” Langan said.

The Guardian report has not been matched by any other major news organization or corroborated since it was published.

Langan said that Assange seemed to acknowledge that he had communicated with Guccifer2.0, an online persona Mueller has said in a U.S. indictment was really an amalgam of Russian spies who stole the Democratic party emails and coordinated with WikiLeaks to leak them, but said that he believes Assange was unaware of Guccifer 2.0’s true identity.

Langan said that Assange complained to him that other news outlets were communicating with Guccifer2.0 too but the U.S. government was unfairly picking on him.

“I took it to be a non-denial denial,” Langan said.

With his arrest and the prospect of a trial in the U.S. for computer intrusion relating to WikiLeaks document dumps of military and intelligence secrets almost a decade ago, Langan said Assange now realizes “that he could face the rest of his life in isolation.”

The idea of further confinement weighs on Assange, he said.

“You can see the toll it is taking on him,” Langan added. “It’s an unpleasant thing to see in any man.”

He is no doubt glad to be out of the embassy, however, Langan added.

“It’s like a gilded cage. But a cage is a cage is a cage,” said Langan.

Langan said Assange expressed frustration with what he described as false news reports that claimed Assange wore smelly socks and did not care for the cat his kids gave to him as a gift.

“That really hurt him,” Langan recounted.

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Posted On 12 Apr 2019

Boy with cancer needs a mixed-race bone marrow match to save his life

Courtesy Jacoby Family(LOS ANGELES) — A 7-year-old mixed-raced boy who’s fighting his second battle with an aggressive form of cancer is in need of a stem cell donor who shares his ethnic background, and his parents are asking people to register as donors.

Ryan Jacoby was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in April, 2017 and is currently at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles receiving treatment. In order to push his cancer back into remission, the second grader and video game-lover needs a bone marrow transplant.

“We were shocked, stunned, crushed and distraught,” dad Chris Jacoby of Redondo Beach, California, told ABC News’ Good Morning America of his son’s diagnosis. “To save Ryan we need someone with the same ethnic mix–half Vietnamese, half Caucasian and time is of the essence. It’s imperative for Ryan’s survival.”

In 2017, doctors had looked to the bone marrow registry for what’s called a “perfect-10 match” for Ryan but their search came up short. Instead, they performed a stem cell transplant with his older brother Matthew, 22, who is a half-match.

For one year, Ryan remained in remission. He returned home to play with his beloved cat, Sonic, and even posted videos with his sister Mikayla on their shared YouTube channel.

“Things were looking good, but knowing how vicious AML is, I didn’t high-five and say, ‘We’re done.'” Jacoby said.

In February, Ryan began having a series of random headaches. A bone marrow examination and spinal tap revealed the devastating news that the AML had returned.

Ryan underwent another round of chemotherapy and was once again hospitalized. Now, his doctors and his parents — Chris and Fawn Jacoby — are pleading with people who are half Asian and half Caucasian to register with Be The Match marrow registry.

“It would be the greatest gift we could ever receive,” Jacoby said. “Looking at it from the other perspective it will hopefully save us having to bury a 7-year-old year old boy. It’s almost a cliche to say you’re someone’s hero but you are potentially the only lifesaver you could be for that human being. “

Dr. David Freyer, a pediatric oncologist at the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, is Ryan’s primary doctor.

Freyer told GMA that Ryan is not the first patient he’s seen who requires a stem cell donor of mixed-race ethnicity.

“His mother is Vietnamese, his father’s Caucasian and that combo is rare,” Freyer said. “The current status of the donor pool there are less than 1 percent that have that particular racial background.”

“If there are listerners out there, readers who are Vietnamese and Caucasian, if they have a parent who had that ABCG, I would want to encourage them to contact Be The Match and see if they’d be willing to get tested,” Freyer added. “It requires so little in the way of burden–blood test or swab inside the mouth.”

The Jacoby family lauched the hashtag #Match4Ryan on Facebook. They’re hoping Ryan’s story not only finds him a bone marrow donor, but that it helps other children fighting for their lives as well.

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One of America’s smallest babies heads home from New York hospital

Jamie and John Florio(VALHALLA, N.Y.) — A baby born weighing less than 11 ounces, about the size of a human heart, has been sent home after spending 270 days in the hospital.

Connor Florio, now 8 months, was discharged from Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, New York, on April 9, 2019. Now, parents John and Jamie Florio are thrilled to have their family all in one place.

“He’s going really well,” dad John Florio told ABC News’ Good Morning America. “He’s still on a couple of medications and oxygen. He’s very playful, calm — he doesn’t cry very much. He loves people watching and so far he doesn’t mind getting licked by the dog.”

Connor arrived via emergency caesarean section on July 13, 2018, at 26 weeks at Westchester Medical Center. He was then transferred to the NICU at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and was diagnosed with with chronic lung disease, bronchopulmonary dysplasia and SGA (small for gestational age), among various other medical conditions.

When he was born, doctors told Connor’s parents that their son may not survive.

“We knew that was definetely a possibilty with his size,” John Florio said. “I was cautiously optimistic.”

Dr. Dennis Davidson, unit chief for the Infant & Toddler Unit at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, said a 26-week-old baby born at normal weight would normally have an 80 to 90 percent chance of survival.

“However, Connor was less than half of the appropriate weight for a 26-week baby,” Davidson said in a statement released to GMA. “He was 310 grams which is about 11 ounces, roughly. And his father could literally hold him in his hand. Babies who are that small barely have a chance for survival but he made it through.”

“The work at the neonatal ICU at Westchester County Medical Center, Maria Fareri, brought him from a life-threatening situation at birth to the point where we could start his rehabilitation at Blythedale,” Davidson added.

Besides medical care, Connor received physical therapy, occupational therapy, as well as speech and feeding therapy, Davidson noted.

“He attended infant school,” Davidson said. “There he became much more interactive, starting to play with toys. So he got a lot of developmental care. Partly from us, but his family was here all the time and you can’t beat that.”

To keep their spirits up, Jamie and John Florio dressed Connor in outfits for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, among other holidays.

Today, Connor weighs 10 pounds, 10 ounces, and is happy to be home.

“It’s really nice to be our own little family in almost 9 months,” mom Jamie Florio told GMA of her son’s homecoming. “I don’t know if Connor would’ve survived today if it wasn’t for the doctors and nurses. They really are superheroes in the NICU.”

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Holy Stairs believed to have been climbed by Jesus unveiled in Rome

WORLD NEWS Holy Stairs believed to have been climbed by Jesus unveiled in Rome

Franco Origlia/Getty Images(ROME) — After more than a year of restoration, the 28 steps that make up the “Scala Sancta,” or Holy Stairs, of the Pontifical Shrine in Rome were unveiled on Thursday, just in time for the thousands of people who will flock to Rome and the Vatican for Easter.

The steps were believed to be part of Pontius Pilate’s palace in Jerusalem and are the same steps Jesus climbed before being tried by the Roman governor and sentenced to crucifixion.

It is believed that Emperor Constantine’s mother, St. Helena, brought the steps from Jerusalem to Rome in the fourth century once Christianity became the Roman Empire’s main religion. They are now housed in a building that contains part of the old papal Lateran Palace, across from the Basilica of St. John the Lateran in Rome.

Since the Middle Ages, when pilgrims started flocking to Rome to pray in churches and venerate relics, millions of faithful have made the traditional penitential ascent up the stairs on their knees as they pray and meditate on Christ’s passion.

The stairs had not been seen without their wooden protection in almost 300 years.

“The newly restored frescoes help the faithful connect with the Holy history,” Father Francesco Guerra said.

For the next two months, until Pentecost, pilgrims will be able to ascend the bare marble Holy Stairs on their knees — since 1723, they had been encased in walnut wood for protection.

Before Thursday’s unveiling ceremony, the Vatican Museum restorers described how moving it was to uncover the original stairs, which contain three small bronze crosses embedded in the marble and spots believed to be stained by Jesus’ blood.

The restorers also found large furrows running along each step, which they deduced were caused by the toes of pilgrims’ shoes as they knelt and rose to move up to the next step over the course of centuries.

Along with the strata of dust and dirt, piles of notes, photos, coins and votive offerings were uncovered since the stairs’ last cleaning in the 1950s. Pilgrims had shoved them under the wooden casing as they knelt.

The restoration of the entire sanctuary, not just the stairs, started six years ago and should be completed by summer 2020. Over 18,000 square feet of dingy-looking frescoes that decorate the stairs and the chapels in the building were carefully cleaned of grime to reveal them in their original splendor. Restorers uncovered stories of devotion in the ancient graffiti they found on the frescoes, like the slave who came to give thanks for being free of his Turkish master.

After Italian Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, vicar general of Rome, blessed the newly unveiled steps, a throng of faithful pushed forward to kneel and kiss the first step.

Others were handed plastic shoe-covers to protect the marble and be the first to start the ascent on their knees.

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Scoreboard roundup — 4/11/19

Sports News Scoreboard roundup -- 4/11/19

iStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Thursday’s sports events:


Oakland 8 Baltimore 5
Cleveland 4 Detroit 0
Seattle 7 Kansas City 6, 10 Innings
Boston 7 Toronto 6

Cincinnati 5 Miami 0
St. Louis 11 L-A Dodgers 7
NY Mets 6 Atlanta 3
Chi Cubs 2 Pittsburgh 0
San Francisco 1 Colorado 0
San Diego 7 Arizona 6

Toronto 4 Boston 1
Washington 4 Carolina 2
Calgary 4 Colorado 0

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Surveillance video shows police dragging female student down stairs, using stun gun

U.S. NEWS Surveillance video shows police dragging female student down stairs, using stun gun

Laurentio Howard(CHICAGO) — The actions of two former Chicago school resource officers toward a 16-year-old student, including dragging her down a flight of stairs and Tasering her three times, are being further called into question after the release of new surveillance video on Thursday.

Dnigma Howard, 16, had allegedly disobeyed a teacher who told her to put her phone away when she was kicked out of class in the early February incident. Her father, Laurentio Howard, had come to John Marshall Metropolitan High School to pick up his daughter when a confrontation between the teen and two school police officers deteriorated into a physical fight.

In cellphone video shared days later, Dnigma Howard can be seen at the bottom of a flight of stairs, kicking out at the officers — one male and one female — but it’s unclear what led up to the incident.

School surveillance video newly released by Chicago ABC station WLS-TV on Thursday tells a different story than what police said at the time — that the 16-year-old began fighting the officers. Instead, in the surveillance video, Howard and an officer can be seen standing at the top of the stairs when the officer grabbed her and tackled her to the ground, then dragged her down the stairs by one leg.

“In the video you can see they pull her by the leg down the stairs, the whole flight of stairs,” Laurentio Howard, who was standing by as his daughter was punched and Tased, told WLS.

“I thought maybe they were going to try to choke her out or she would lose consciousness or something like that,” he added. “They had their foot on her chest. She has asthma, she’s telling me she can’t breathe.”

The initial cellphone video did not fully show the actions of the police officers at the bottom of the stairs as they moved out of view. In the new video, they can be seen pinning her to the ground, throwing several punches and eventually using a stun gun on her three times.

Both officers were reassigned in the wake of the incident, Chicago police said in February.

The department did not offer further comment after the release of the surveillance video this week, deferring to an ongoing investigation.

“We hold our officers to the highest level of professional standards. CPD will remain guided by the facts of the investigation,” the department said in a statement. “Due to the fact that this incident is currently under the jurisdiction of COPA for the purpose of an independent investigation, we cannot comment on the specifics of the incident or the investigation.”

Dnigma Howard was initially charged with two felony counts for aggravated battery against a peace officer. Those charges were later dropped by the State’s Attorney’s Office.

“The Board of Education and the Chicago Police Department continue to fail our children,” Howard’s lawyer, Andrew M. Stroth, said. “An unarmed, 16-year-old girl was beaten, kicked, punched and Tasered by Officers Johnnie Pierre and Sherry Tripp at Marshall High School. The Inspector General’s report and the Consent Decree have made clear recommendations to effectively address the issue of police in school.”

Stroth also called on Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot to “address this important issue and make our schools safe.”

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Blizzard winding down after dumping 2 feet of snow on Plains

U.S. NEWS Blizzard winding down after dumping 2 feet of snow on Plains

ABC News(NEW YORK) — The blizzard that dumped 2 feet of snow in South Dakota and Wyoming is winding down on Friday morning.

Daily records for snowfall were reported in the Twin Cities and Wausau and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

South Dakota and Minnesota saw half an inch of pure ice weigh down power lines and trees while wind gusts in Pueblo, Colorado, reached 107 mph and 70 mph in Duluth, Minnesota.

The storm is winding down Friday with only six states under snow alerts.

The storm was located in southwestern Minnesota on Friday morning and still bringing some snow and gusty winds to the eastern Dakotas, Minnesota and parts of northern Wisconsin. Only about 2 to 4 inches of more snow is expected in northern Minnesota.

Lightning, hail and gusty winds from strong thunderstorms ahead of the snow were moving through the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley early Friday.

The center of the storm moves into northern Minnesota and southern Canada by Friday evening, but the cold front extending from the storm will move into the Northeast with strong storms, including heavy rain, lightning, gusty winds and some hail.

These storms will reach the Interstate 95 corridor after dinner time Friday evening and continue into the overnight hours.

South expecting severe storms

A new storm will move out of the Southwest Friday and into the Gulf Coast and Deep South bringing a threat for strong tornadoes, damaging winds and huge hail.

This is probably one of the highest tornado threats so far this year,

The storm moves into the Southeast and onto the East Coast Sunday into Monday with more severe weather.

It will also bring very heavy rain from Texas into the Northeast with some areas in the Mid-South likely to see more than 4 inches of rain and flash flooding.

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Trump administration discussed plan to release immigrants in sanctuary cities

Political News Trump administration discussed plan to release immigrants in sanctuary cities

VallarieE/iStock(WASHINGTON) — Trump administration officials engaged in conversations as recently as February about a plan to punish political rivals by transferring immigrants detained at the southern border onto the streets of “sanctuary cities,” senior government officials familiar with the matter confirm to ABC News.

One White House official acknowledged the existence of the discussions in a statement to ABC, but says it’s no longer being considered.

“This was just a suggestion that was floated and rejected, which ended any further discussion,” the White House official said.

An official at the Department of Homeland Security released a nearly identical statement asserting that the discussion is now over.

Sanctuary cities, such as San Francisco and New York City, do not cooperate with the federal government in complying with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests.

The proposal, first reported by The Washington Post, would have targeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco, among other Democratic strongholds, according to these officials.

“The extent of this Administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” said Ashley Etienne, Pelosi’s communications director.

“Using human beings — including little children — as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable, and in some cases, criminal,” she added. “The American people have resoundingly rejected this Administration’s toxic anti-immigrant policies, and Democrats will continue to advance immigration policies that keep us safe and honor our values.”

The proposal was under discussion in November and February, according to these officials. During both of those months, President Donald Trump was aggressively seeking a political win on border issues. In November, a migrant caravan was approaching the border in the heat of the midterm elections. In February, he was involved in budget negotiations with Democrats over the border wall.

News of this discussion comes the same week Trump appeared to lament the loss of his child separation policy. While he refuted reports that there were discussions about bringing the policy back, he blamed the recent surge in border crossings on the fact that the policy was ended.

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Elizabeth Warren unveils new proposal: 7% tax on corporations’ profits over $100M

Political News Elizabeth Warren unveils new proposal: 7% tax on corporations' profits over $100M

Zach Gibson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, known for her longstanding and ambitious campaign to even the scales of wealth in the country, unveiled a proposal to tax big corporations by closing loopholes that allow them to pay zero federal corporate income taxes.

Her new big proposal, she writes in a Medium post published Thursday, “will make our biggest and most profitable corporations pay more and ensure that none of them can ever make billions and pay zero taxes again.”

The progressive stalwart seeks to bolster small businesses trying to “compete with the giants,” she said in the announcement, by leveling the playing field and requiring the country’s most profitable companies to pay their fair share.

Under Warren’s plan, companies would have to pay a 7 percent surtax on profits exceeding $100 million on top of other federal taxes.

The goal of the new tax would prevent companies with profits over $100 million from zeroing out their tax liabilities.

“This new tax only applies to companies that report more than $100 million in profits — about the 1200 most profitable firms in the country last year,” she explained. “That first $100 million is left alone, but for every dollar of profit above $100 million, the corporation will pay a 7% tax. Any company profitable enough to hit the Real Corporate Profits Tax will pay that tax in addition to whatever its liability might be under our current corporate tax rules.”

Warren specifically called out Amazon and Occidental Petroleum in her campaign’s rollout of the plan.

“Amazon reported more than $10 billion in profits and paid zero federal corporate income taxes. Occidental Petroleum reported $4.1 billion in profits and paid zero federal corporate income taxes,” she said.

Warren estimates that Amazon would contribute $698 million in taxes and Occidental Petroleum would pay $280 million in taxes instead of paying zero if her new proposal were implemented.

An Amazon spokesperson responded to Warren’s pitch, saying in a statement, “Amazon pays all the taxes we are required to pay in the U.S. and every country where we operate, including paying $2.6 billion in corporate tax and reporting $3.4 billion in tax expense over the last three years. Corporate tax is based on profits, not revenues, and our profits remain modest given retail is a highly competitive, low-margin business and our continued heavy investment.”

Warren isn’t the first 2020 candidate to condemn Amazon. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, another progressive loyalist, responded to a news report that the tech giant will pay $0 on its profits, writing in a tweet, “If you paid the $119 annual fee to become an Amazon Prime member, you paid more to Amazon than it paid in taxes.”

In the Medium post, Warren boasts that the small tax at the core of her plan will generate “big new revenue.”

The post adds that according to an estimate from economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman at the University of California-Berkeley, the tax will bring in $1 trillion in revenue over the next 10 years — just from the massive profits of the thousand or so richest companies in the country.

Warren clarifies that while there is a need for corporate tax reform, she aims to prevent companies from exploiting the tax system.

“Let’s bring in the revenue we need to invest in opportunity for all Americans,” she writes. “Let’s make this year the last year any company with massive profits pays zero federal taxes.”

Since announcing her candidacy, the former Harvard professor rolled out a new wealth tax and a plan to break up tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook.

The newest policy comes after Warren’s campaign announced she raised nearly $6 million from 135,000 donors since announcing her exploratory committee. The average donation was $28.

The campaign noted they received as many donors as California Sen. Kamala Harris and as many donations as former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke. Warren outraised two of her colleagues in the Senate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J, by $1 million. But she raised only one-third as much as top fundraiser Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

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