Scoreboard roundup — 3/12/19

Sports News Scoreboard roundup -- 3/12/19

iStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Tuesday’s sports events:


Minnesota 10, Pittsburgh 4
Washington 5, Houston 3
Oakland at San Diego 9:40 p.m., canceled
Texas at Arizona 9:40 p.m., canceled

Detroit 4, Boston 3
Tampa Bay 2, Toronto 1
NY Yankees 8, Baltimore 7
Seattle at Chi White Sox 4:05 p.m., canceled
Chi White Sox at Kansas City 4:05 p.m., canceled

Atlanta 5, St. Louis 0
Miami 8, NY Mets 1
San Francisco 4, Milwaukee 2, 5 Innings
Cincinnati 12, Chi Cubs 3
San Diego at Cincinnati 9:05 p.m., canceled


Indiana 103, NY Knicks 98
Philadelphia 106, Cleveland 99
LA Lakers 123, Chicago 107
Milwaukee 130, New Orleans 113
San Antonio 112, Dallas 105
Denver 133, Minnesota 107
Portland 125, L.A. Clippers 104

Dallas 2, Buffalo 0
Columbus 7, Boston 4
Pittsburgh 5, Washington 3
Montreal 3, Detroit 1
San Jose 5, Winnipeg 4
Arizona 3, St. Louis 1
Calgary 9, New Jersey 4
Anaheim 3, Nashville 2


Saint Mary’s (Cal) 60, (1) Gonzaga 47

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Posted On 13 Mar 2019

In Venezuela, hospitals struggling to keep patients alive amid daily blackouts

WORLD NEWS In Venezuela, hospitals struggling to keep patients alive amid daily blackouts

ABC News(CARACAS, Venezuela) — In Venezuela, the country’s most needy are trying to stay alive in hospitals despite little to no power.

The emergency room chief at a private hospital in Caracas took ABC News through a dark maze to show the desperation. Parts of the hospital were relying on a generator, but the staff had to conserve power in order to keep patients like Romero Andrade alive.

Since the nationwide blackout six days ago, Andrade has been in a coma battling colon cancer.

His daughter, Jaqueline Andrade, said the doctors and nurses were treating him using flashlights.

The hospital’s director said that the hospital was running out of time and that staff had already sent patients home.

“I have 67 years,” the director said. “Never in my life, I have seen something like this.”

One patient was so fed up that he shared this message for embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who remains in control and backed by Cuban and Russian allies.

“Maduro, go away!” the patient said.

There have been reports of stores being looted and families scavenging for food and water anywhere they can.

The crisis was on full display at one river, where families got water despite it being polluted.

Maduro is blaming the United States. Without proof, he has accused U.S. hackers of sabotaging Venezuela’s electrical grid, crippling the nation and leading to chaos.

On Monday, the U.S. announced that it was ordering all remaining diplomats from the embassy in Venezeula. The U.S., which supports Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president, pointed to the blackouts, water shortages and threat of further protests when explaining its decision.

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Posted On 13 Mar 2019

‘The Bachelor’ finale: Colton’s wild ride leads to a happy ending with Cassie; Hannah B. is the next Bachelorette

Entertainment News  'The Bachelor' finale: Colton’s wild ride leads to a happy ending with Cassie; Hannah B. is the next Bachelorette


ABC/John Fleenor(NEW YORK) — In part one of The Bachelor‘s season 23 finale, Colton broke up with Tayshia and Hannah G., choosing to lay it all on the line for Cassie. In part two, the gamble paid off — and one of his former suitors, Hannah B., was revealed as the next Bachelorette.

The episode opens where the first part left off — with Colton showing up at Cassie’s hotel room. When he tells her about all that’s happened over the past 48 hours, she’s both shocked and flattered, but no less confused.

Colton tells Cassie that this time, he’s not just “telling” her he loves her, but “proving it,“ reiterating his original offer of “not asking for marriage at the end of this,” but rather “a second chance to take things day by day and figure it out.”

Cassie eventually agrees to give the relationship another shot, and they go to meet Colton’s family in Mallorca, Spain

Colton greets his family with the news that he’s no longer a virgin, which turns out to be a lie. He also prepares them for the fact that rather than the two ladies they were expecting to see, it’s just Cassie, with whom he’s still “working things out.” That raises concerns from his parents, who are worried that Colton may be heading for another heartache.

After a round-robin of conversations with Colton and Cassie, the folks are still on the fence. That doesn’t deter Colton, who says he would rather have his heart broken again than lose Cassie.

The next day, the couple heads out on a date, which includes a picnic at the foot of a seaside cliff. However, getting there will take a literal leap of faith — they’ll have to rappel their way down to the site using roles. At the bottom, Cassie reveals the reason behind her fear of commitment. She tells Colton about a past relationship in which the guy was very “controlling.” The memory of that is so “ingrained” in her memory, she’s been hesitant about committing in subsequent relationships.

Colton assures Cassie that he wants her to live her life, adding that they can have their own hobbies, interests and friends, but come together at the end of the day. That’s good enough for Cassie, who says that more than ever, she feels how much Colton loves her and is “starting to kind of accept it.”

The date ends with dinner and a trip to the Fantasy Suite, where the two spend an “amazing” night together. They do “what’s best for their relationship” and “grew as a couple,” leaving Colton feeling like “a new man.”   Exactly what that mean in terms of Colton’s virginity, we may never know. The most Colton will say is, “A gentleman never kisses and tells.”

At the finale after party, the couple told host Chris Harrison that engagement is “Definitely something we talked about,” but for now, they’re just “super in love.” Harrison tried one more time to find out what happened in the Fantasy Suite, but Colton said he would rather keep that a mystery: ”I know I’ve been open and candid about my virginity,” he explained, “but since there are now two of us, it’s something we are going to keep to ourselves.” Harrison replied, “I’ll take that as a ‘yes.’”

The couple then danced to a live performance by Air Supply, singing their 1983 hit, “Making Love Out of Nothing at All.”   

As previously mentioned, Harrison also revealed the identity of the next Bachelorette, which, to almost no one’s surprise, is Hannah Brown — a.k.a Hannah B.

Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, the show’s 15th, premieres May 13 on ABC.

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Posted On 13 Mar 2019

Felicity Huffman’s bail set at $250,000 in college admissions bribery scandal

Entertainment News  Felicity Huffman's bail set at $250,000 in college admissions bribery scandal


Felicity Huffman inside the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Los Angeles March 12, 2019; DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — A Los Angeles judge Tuesday night set bail for actress Felicity Huffman at $250,000 for her alleged part in a college admissions bribery scandal, dubbed Operation Varsity Blues, revealed earlier in the day.

According to charging documents, the former Desperate Housewives star, who’s married to Shameless actor William H. Macy, “made a purported charitable contribution of $15,000 … to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme on behalf of her eldest daughter.”

Huffman appeared in court in person with her husband and surrendered her passport, with the judge ordering that her travel be restricted to the U.S.  Macy isn’t named in the charging documents.  Huffman’s next court date is March 29.

Also in court Tuesday night was fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, who’s the husband of former Full House star Lori Loughlin.  The charging documents say the couple “agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the [University of Southern California] crew team — despite the fact that they did not participate in crew — thereby facilitating their admission to USC.”  Federal agents obtained emails from Loughlin implicating her in the scam, according to the documents.

Bond for Giannuli was set at one million dollars.  He also was ordered to surrender his passport and return to court March 29.  Loughlin was shooting a movie in Canada and at last word was flying back to Los Angeles.

Those indicted in Operation Varsity Blues allegedly paid bribes of up to $6 million to get their children into elite colleges, including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and the University of Southern California, federal prosecutors said.

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Posted On 13 Mar 2019