Lake-effect snow, Arctic air blast Midwest, Northeast

U.S. NEWS Lake-effect snow, Arctic air blast Midwest, Northeast

ABC News(NEW YORK) — At least 7 inches of lake-effect snow had been reported in western New York as of early Thursday morning, with squalls coming off the Great Lakes and occasionally pushing snowfall rates to 1 to 2 inches per hour in northwest Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

Additionally, wind gusts nearing 40 mph are causing near whiteout conditions on roadways affected by the snow squalls. This comes after a quick-moving storm dumped 7 to 8 inches of snow on Vermont and New Hampshire on Wednesday.

In parts of New York state on Thursday, snow accumulations could exceed 1 foot. As the winter storm pulls away farther into Southeast Canada, lake-effect snow squalls should end later Thursday.

Meanwhile, gusty winds are still an issue along the Appalachian Mountains and are extending into parts of the Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia metro areas. Wind gusts approaching 50 mph were reported on the New Jersey shore on Wednesday and others near 60 mph were reported in western North Carolina.

New winter storm watches have been issued Thursday for parts of the Midwest as a new storm is forecast to develop on Friday.

This storm already is pulling down an Arctic blast into parts of the Midwest Thursday morning, with single-digit wind chills greeting those waking up from Minneapolis to Chicago. This Arctic air will make its way into the Northeast on Friday, with wind chills across the entire region in the single digits and teens.

The wind chill in New York City will be about 13 degrees Friday morning.

There’s increasing confidence that a new winter storm will develop on Friday morning in the southern high Plains, bringing snow to parts of Colorado and northern New Mexico.

On Friday and into Saturday, this storm will organize a bit more, boosted by a separate system from the north, potentially adding to snowfalls in the central Plains and along the Interstate 70 corridor from Kansas City to Indianapolis. Snow may just reach Chicago, with heavier snow seen in central Illinois and northern Missouri. The storm should slide into the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys on Saturday night.

Forecasters have more confidence in what the storm does this weekend on the East Coast, however some aspects of this weather event remain unclear. On Sunday and Monday, the storm likely will become a little more energized and organized again as it moves towards the coast line near Virginia and North Carolina.

However, a high pressure sitting in southern Canada should suppress the storm from making too much northern movement. The result of this is a snow shield wrapping around the cold side of the storm that likely brings impacts to parts of the mid Atlantic.

There’s increasing potential for accumulating snowfall in the mid-Atlantic for the second half of the weekend and into early Monday. However, there’s still potential for the heaviest snow bands to slide a little north or be suppressed a little south. So it’s still too early to pinpoint where the heaviest snowfall will set up. Additionally, it seems the snow wouldn’t be particularly intense.

It’s still too early to tell. There’s no sufficient evidence, despite reports on social media, to suggest a blockbuster winter weather event is in the offing.

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Posted On 10 Jan 2019

The 2018 Oscars: And this year’s hosting job goes to…nobody?

Entertainment News  The 2018 Oscars: And this year's hosting job goes to...nobody?


ABC(LOS ANGELES) — On the heels of Kevin Hart’s emphatic statement to ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday that he’s “over” hosting the Oscars, the show may forge ahead without a host, sources tell Variety.

Marking a radical departure from past Oscar telecasts, the show’s producers are considering relying on a group of A-list celebrities to introduce the various segments and take part in sketches, according to the insiders. The telecast will likely also play up musical performances from likely nominees including Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton and Kendrick Lamar.

Of course, that leaves the producers and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — the group behind the Oscars — scrambling to round up that talent, with the show just six weeks away, sources note.

Hart told Good Morning America that he’s “over” the controversy, which saw him stepping down from the Oscar job after ten-year-old homophobic tweets resurfaced.

“There’s no more conversation about it…I’m over that, I’m over the moment,” Hart said.

The 91st Academy Awards will be broadcast live from Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre February 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Posted On 10 Jan 2019

Report: Jets to hire Adam Gase as next head coach

Sports News Report: Jets to hire Adam Gase as next head coach

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — It appears the New York Jets have chosen their next head coach.

ESPN reports the team is expected to bring former Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase on board to lead the squad.

Gase, 40, was fired by Miami on Dec. 31 after three seasons with the team. During his time with the Dolphins, the team went 23-25 but beat the Jets in five of their six matchups.

The Jets have been searching for a new head coach since firing Todd Bowles after their last game this past season. Under Bowles’ leadership, New York went 24-40 in four seasons without any playoff appearances.

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Posted On 10 Jan 2019

Report: Yasmani Grandal signs one-year deal with Brewers

Sports News Report: Yasmani Grandal signs one-year deal with Brewers

Allen Kee / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) — The Milwaukee Brewers have reportedly extended their budget to sign free agent catcher Yasmani Grandal.

League sources tell ESPN the Cuban born catcher agreed to a one-year deal with Milwaukee for $18.25 million on Wednesday. The Brewers went over their planned budget in order to acquire Grandal, according to the sources.

In his seven seasons in the MLB with the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers, Grandal has compiled a .240 batting average with 113 home runs and 339 RBIs.

Last season with the Dodgers, the 30-year-old batted .241 and had 106 home runs and 68 RBIs. He opted for free agency at the end of October.

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Posted On 10 Jan 2019

How two friends are using texts to purge their homes of clutter

Courtesy Lynne Hilton/Jenni DeWitt(NEW YORK) — Lynne Hilton and Jenni DeWitt are best friends of nearly 20 years who have committed to texting each other every day in the month of January.

Their texts are focused on one thing: The items they are getting rid of from their homes.

Hilton and DeWitt are decluttering in the month of January and using their texts to hold each other accountable. The friends are following a modified version of The Minimalists challenge of getting rid of the same number of items as the day of the month, so one item on Jan. 1, two items on Jan. 2 and so on, all the way through Jan. 31.

Along with photos of the items, the friends’ texts also include the reasons why they kept the items and why they’re getting rid of them.

“I have tried to declutter off and on before but it never really stuck,” said Hilton, 36, who lives with her fiance, daughter and stepdaughter in Freemont, Nebraska. “Now I look forward to receiving her texts and seeing the things she’s throwing away and the funny stories, and I have to text her every day so it’s held me accountable.”

Nearly 90 minutes away, in Albion, Nebraska, DeWitt, 37, a mother of two and a writer, said texting the items she is getting rid of has not only held her accountable but also made her look more deeply at why she has held on to items like a name tag and paperwork from a bank she hasn’t been to in over 10 years (real items, according to DeWitt).

“Texting has made me look at, ‘Why am I holding onto this? Why am I afraid of not having this? Do I really need this to be okay?,'” she said. “I’ve learned to tell myself, ‘Release it. What I need will be there.'”

Hilton, who works in the mortgage industry and writes her own blog, said of the challenge, “I’ve learned how easy it is for stuff to fade into the background and for you to think, ‘Oh this is useful.’ Now I look at something and think, ‘I don’t use this and it could find a new home.'”

The two friends, who met in college, both said that getting rid of items has given them “mental energy” and a feeling of clarity in their homes. DeWitt, who wrote about starting the challenge, has cleared so much space in the first week alone that she was able to create a writing nook for herself in her bedroom.

Hilton said the challenge has allowed her, for the first time in years, to look at her home with “fresh eyes” and helped her to let go of the past.

“In my early 20s I envisioned myself entertaining so I have big serving platters and big crystal bowls and serving utensils,” she said. “But we don’t really entertain, and if we do, it’s not that formal.”

DeWitt and Hilton are each keeping a pile of their discarded items throughout the month and then plan to donate them at the end of January.

Ready to try a decluttering challenge with your friends? Here are the keys to success, according to DeWitt and Hilton:

1. Establish rules ahead of time, like deciding how often to text and when you will donate the items.

2. Make the challenge your own by deciding what counts as an item (is it a piece of paper or a filing drawer or both) and how long you want the challenge to last.

3. Figure out what’s realistic so that you will see it all the way through.

4. Make it fun by remembering this is something fun you are doing with your friend.

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Hospital ‘floss-off’ as teen celebrates end of stay

PeopleImages/iStock(ATLANTA) — When 16-year-old Hunter Keith was being discharged from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), he did what any kid feeling celebratory would do.

The floss.

It became a floss-off with his physician assistant, Kami Gudger, a CHOA spokesperson told ABC News’ Good Morning America. The two had been going back and forth during Keith’s stay on which of the two had the better moves. CHOA posted the video to their Facebook page on Sunday.

Over the course of the two weeks Keith was treated and began recovering from a perforated appendix, news of the impending floss-off spread.

Several of Keith’s nurses, surgeons and physicians stopped by to watch the competition and say their goodbyes. At the end of the competition and his time at Children’s, he was awarded a button and certificate that read “World’s Best Flosser.”

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Scoreboard roundup — 1/9/19

Sports News Scoreboard roundup -- 1/9/19

iStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Wednesday’s sports events:


Boston 135, Indiana 108
Washington 123, Philadelphia 106
Brooklyn 116, Atlanta 100
Milwaukee 116, Houston 109
Memphis 96, San Antonio 86
New Orleans 140, Cleveland 124
Dallas 104, Phoenix 94
Utah 106, Orlando 93
Portland 124, Chicago 112
L.A. Lakers 113, Detroit 100

OT Nashville 4, Chicago 3
Calgary 5, Colorado 3
OT Ottawa 2, Anaheim 1


(4) Virginia 83, Boston College 56
(7) Kansas 77, (25) TCU 68
(9) Virginia Tech 52, Georgia Tech 49
(10) Nevada 92, San Jose St. 53
Mississippi 82, (11) Auburn 67
(13) Florida St. 68, Miami 62
Rutgers 64, (16) Ohio St. 61
Temple 73, (17) Houston 69
OT (21) Marquette 106, Creighton 104

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Posted On 10 Jan 2019

Louisiana police officer fatally shot just before starting shift

U.S. NEWS Louisiana police officer fatally shot just before starting shift

Chalabala/iStock(SHREVEPORT, La.) — Authorities are searching for a suspect in the death of a Louisiana police officer who was shot just before her shift Wednesday night.

The Shreveport Police Department didn’t disclose details about the shooting, but the city’s police association confirmed the officer’s death in a Facebook post around 2 a.m. Thursday and thanked the Oschner LSU Health Hospital doctors who “fought so hard” to save her.

“We have lost one of our own. She was young, and she was beautiful. She was proving herself to be a capable professional, dedicated to serving the Citizens of Shreveport,” the Shreveport Police Officer’s Association said in a statement. “We lift her family in prayer, and we thank you for allowing her to be a part of us.”

Shreveport Police Captain Marcus Hines said more than 50 police units responded to the shooting, which happened around 8:30 p.m., ABC affiliate KTBS-TV reported.

He said the officer was a new addition to the department and was in uniform at the time of the shooting. She was not yet on duty.

At least one person was detained for questioning, but there hadn’t been any arrests as of early Thursday, according to KTBS.

The Shreveport Police Officer’s Association urged residents in the city to pray for the officer and her family during this “critical time.”

“We thank the Fire Chief Scott Wolverton and his administrative staff for responding and standing with us in our hour of need,” the association said. “God Bless you all! Please continue to pray for the men and women that will work through night and every night to make Shreveport a safer place.”

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Posted On 10 Jan 2019

Pastor who praised Pulse nightclub shooting resigns after admitting he paid for sex

U.S. NEWS Pastor who praised Pulse nightclub shooting resigns after admitting he paid for sex

TriggerPhoto/iStock(FORT WORTH, Texas) — A Texas pastor who praised a deadly shooting at a gay nightclub has resigned after admitting to using drugs, gambling and paying for sex.

Donnie Romero, former pastor of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, apologized in a YouTube video posted Wednesday.

“I want to tell you guys I’m sorry. I’ve lied to many of the people at our church. Last Wednesday, I resigned, but I didn’t tell anybody all the details,” he said. “I went to Jacksonville and I went to a casino and I was drinking. And there were girls there that were prostitutes and I committed adultery on my wife multiple times. I drank and gambled multiple times. … I even smoked weed.”

Romero gained national notoriety in 2016 when he voiced support for the gunman behind the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida in which 49 people were slaughtered.

“These 50 sodomites are all perverts and pedophiles, they’re the scum of the Earth and the Earth is a better place now and I’ll take it a step further,” Romero said in a sermon published online by the Dallas Morning News. “I’ll pray to God like I did this morning, and I will again tonight, that God will finish the job that that man started.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center classified the Stedfast Baptist Church as an anti-LGBT hate group after the incident.

The church posted a separate video on its YouTube page, showing Romero as he broke the news of his departure last week.

“I have been a terrible husband and father,” Romero said in a video posted to the church’s official YouTube page. “This is the best decision, for my family and this church, to make.”

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Posted On 10 Jan 2019