Brookhaven, NY – Under the leadership of Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro, crews worked tirelessly to keep Brookhaven Town roads safe during and after the most severe rain storm in New York State history. According to the National Weather Service, some parts of Brookhaven received rain at a rate of two to four inches per hour for up to four hours on Wednesday, August 13th.

“This was a very rare event,” said Brian Ciemnecki, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Crews were in early Wednesday morning removing cars from roadways and working to keep roads passable, while administrators were coordinating how to address the most affected areas.

“We treated this rainstorm like a snow event,” Superintendent Losquadro said. “The same technology we used to track work orders during the winter allowed us to locate flooded areas and make the most use of our resources. Overall, the Highway Department responded to more than 225 separate locations during this storm. I cannot say enough about the men and women from this Department who came in early, worked straight through the night and into Thursday to keep Brookhaven Town roadways open.”

Precipitation levels varied greatly throughout Brookhaven, with Holbrook receiving 12.57 inches, Ronkonkoma 8.20, Farmingville 7.73 and Centereach 7.71, according to the National Weather Service.

“I’m 44 years old and I never saw rain like that in my life,” said Roland Jackson of Hallock Landing in Rocky Point. “When I left for work in the morning, I did not think I was going to be able to get back to my home. The Highway Department did a great job of getting pumps out to clear the roadway and in a well-coordinated effort took care of all the issues to make it safe for the thousands of residents that live off my road. I’m happy to say by the time I got home the roadway was completely clear of any debris or evidence of this historical storm.”


Posted On 15 Aug 2014