Jon Gosselin ‘Heartbroken’ over TLC Special About His Kids and Ex-Wife

(NEW YORK) — Jon Gosselin will not tune in to his ex-wife Kate’s upcoming TLC special this June. He’s hoping you won’t, either.

Predictably, Gosselin strongly objects to the recently-announced TLC special that will update viewers on his ex-wife and their eight children, who rose to fame in the reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Gosselin, who has stated in a number of interviews that he does not want the ex-couple’s kids to appear on TV again, tells E! News he was “heartbroken” to learn of the special. He adds, “Even without a current television show, they still live a very public life. They’re still constantly in and out of the media; updates are given practically daily via social media.”

Gosselin says he hopes “no one watches the show” because he’s concerned for his children. He asks, “What if they’re unhappy or embarrassed about how they’re portrayed in the special? Growing up is hard enough; they don’t needed the added pressure of being in the public eye.”

Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiered in 2007. Jon Gosselin left the show in 2009 after the couple’s split, and the show became Kate Plus Eight in June 2010. The show ran until late 2011.

Posted On 24 Mar 2014

Eating Too Much Salt Could Increase Heart Risk in Overweight Teens

(NEW YORK) — A new study finds that overweight or obese teens who consume foods containing high levels of sodium may heighten their risk of other serious medical problems including heart disease.

Research presented at a joint meeting of the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association included data from over 700 teens who were overweight or obese. Researchers said that teens who fit that criteria and who took in large amounts of salt, had faster cell aging. That aging, researchers said, could result in more risk of heart disease.

By avoiding or limiting their consumption of salt, teens can counteract the danger of too much sodium, however. The American Heart Association recommends consumption of no more than 1,500 mg per day of sodium

Posted On 24 Mar 2014

Three in Ten Americans Haven’t Visited a Bank Branch in Six Months, Survey Says

(NEW YORK) — American banking habits are changing, with the Internet and mobile technology heralding a shift in the way people are managing their money.

A new survey from Bankrate says three in ten Americans haven’t visited a bank or credit union in at least six months. There’s also a gap in age, with the report saying 42 percent of those under age 30 have been to a branch within the last 30 days, compared to 52 percent of people over age 50 who have done the same.

Bank branches have seen a drop in foot traffic with the rising convenience and popularity of technology, said Bankrate’s Chief Financial Analyst Greg McBride.

“Increasingly, we pay bills online or by mobile devices. We have direct deposit of our paychecks,” McBride said. “There’s just less need for going into a bank branch, particularly for routine-type transactions, but that being said, consumers still have a preference to have access to a branch.”

Some consumers access customer service via social media, where online posts can prompt a call from their bank. One woman told Bankrate she resolved an issue with a tweet in about an hour.

While some Americans haven’t made a trip to their local bank, it’s unlikely branches will disappear anytime soon. There are still financial services that require in-depth explanation where face-to-face interactions are better suited. The study, released Monday, says half of all bank or credit union customers still physically visited within the past 30 days for reasons other than the ATM.

People are also feeling better about their financial security, according to McBride. The report details 27 percent of Americans say they have a higher net worth than one year ago, versus 16 percent of those who note a decrease.

Posted On 24 Mar 2014

Scoreboard Roundup!

(NEW YORK) — NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – Midwest Region: (8) Kentucky 78 (26-10) – (1) Wichita State 76 (35-1)

(11) Tennessee 83 (24-12) – (14) Mercer 63 (27-9)

South Region: (10) Stanford 67 (23-12) – (2) Kansas 57 (25-10)

(4) UCLA 77 (28-8) – (12) Stephen F. Austin 60 (32-3)

East Region: (1) Virginia 78 (30-6) – (8) Memphis 60 (24-10)

(3) Iowa State 85 (28-7) – (6) North Carolina 83 (24-10)

West Region: (1) Arizona 84 (32-4) – (8) Gonzaga 61 (29-7)

(6) Baylor 85 (26-11) – (3) Creighton 55 (27-8)

NBA: Toronto Raptors 96 (39-30) – Atlanta Hawks 86 (31-37)

Phoenix Suns 127 (41-29) – Minnesota Timberwolves 120 (34-34)

Denver Nuggets 105 (32-38) – Washington Wizards 102 (36-34)

Sacramento Kings 124 (25-45) – Milwaukee Bucks 107 (13-57)

Cleveland Cavaliers 106 (27-44) – New York Knicks 100 (29-41)

Brooklyn Nets 107 (37-31) – Dallas Mavericks 104 (42-29) – Overtime

Los Angeles Lakers 103 (23-46) – Orlando Magic 94 (19-52)

NHL: New York Islanders 2 (27-35-9, 63pts) – Columbus Blue Jackets 0 (36-29-6, 78pts)

St. Louis Blues 1 (48-16-7, 103pts) – Pittsburgh Penguins 0 (46-20-5, 97pts)

Nashville Predators 2 (31-31-10, 72pts) – Chicago Blackhawks 0 (41-16-15, 97pts)

New Jersey Devils 3 (31-28-13, 75pts) – Toronto Maple Leafs 2 (36-29-8, 80pts)

Minnesota Wild 4 (37-24-11, 85pts) – Detroit Red Wings 3 (33-24-14, 80pts) – Overtime

Vancouver Canucks 4 (33-30-10, 76pts) – Buffalo Sabres 2 (20-43-8, 48pts)

Anaheim Ducks 6 (46-18-7, 99pts) – Florida Panthers 2 (26-38-8, 60pts)

Posted On 24 Mar 2014

Matt Damon: ‘Real Opportunity’ to Save People through Clean Water

(LOS ANGELES) — Matt Damon spoke with ABC News’ Cecilia Vega during an interview on This Week about his philanthropic efforts to provide worldwide access to clean drinking water.

An estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, and 780 million lack access to clean water. It was staggering figures like these that prompted Damon to co-found the non-profit in 2009.

“It’s just so huge,” Damon said. “There’s a real opportunity to save a lot of people.”

Since its inception, has provided safe drinking water and sanitation across three continents by building wells and toilets through donations and microloan programs.

“It’s really hard for us to relate to it in the West,” Damon said. “A clean glass of water is as far as the faucet and we all have toilets.”

Damon is using his fame, and some bathroom humor, to bring the issue to light.

In a viral YouTube video, “Matt Damon Goes on Strike,” Damon declared, “Until everybody has access to clean water, I will not go to the bathroom.” He also enlisted some celebrity friends to take the fictitious pledge, including A-Listers Jessica Biel and Bono.

All jokes aside, the Oscar-winning actor wants people in the West to understand the severity of this global issue.

“Every 20 seconds, a child dies because they lack access to clean water and sanitation — not here,” Damon said. “Our kids aren’t going to die from diarrhea. That’s just an inconvenience to us in the West. But it is a stark, terrifying reality to billions of people on the planet.”

Through a hands-on, community driven approach, works with the local communities through the entire building process, starting with a loan, or what they refer to as “WaterCredit.”

“Instead of just drilling a well and giving it to somebody for free, what we’re looking at is how do we help them get access to a small loan, so that they can get a water connection at their home from the local utility and become a customer,” co-founder Gary White said.

Their approach is working. Damon said that of the roughly 250,000 loans has provided, 98% have been paid back in full. As loans are repaid, funds can be redistributed to others in need, reducing the need for subsidies, and allowing parents to work and children to go to school instead of spend their days fetching water. Those who are affected most, Damon said, are girls.

“Girls are the ones who do the water collections,” he said. “Girls are the ones who are leaving school and not going to school because their job is to fetch water for the family. If you can get them access to water then the outlook for that girl completely changes. Suddenly, she can have hope for a bright future rather than a future that basically exists around trying to scavenge for water to survive to the next day.”

While has made a significant impact, Damon said this is still a timely issue that needs more attention.

“People’s lives are at stake,” he said. “These deaths are unnecessary, yet children are still dying by the millions.”

Posted On 24 Mar 2014

Why Singer JoJo Would Never Go by Her Real Name

(NEW YORK) — JoJo is back!

And while the former teen singer is now all grown up, don’t expect the 23-year-old to start using her given name — Joanna Levesque — when she’s performing.

“I think the whole process of changing your name — I’m not into it. It’s weird,” she told ABC News. “I’m not trying to have a moment where it’s dropping the ‘lil’ from your name. I don’t really feel necessarily that I have anything to prove. People can call me whatever they want.”

They’ll have plenty of reason to talk going forward, as JoJo, for the first time in years, is planning to release a new album in the not-so-distant future.

She performed Saturday as part at VH1’s Save the Music Family Day, promoting arts education in schools, and then she’s planning to head to the studio, where she’ll remain for the next month. Now an adult (and making mortgage and car payments, she said), she has more material to write about.

“I’m actually single for the first long period of time since I’ve been 15 so this is pretty friggin’ different and I’m so inspired by it,” she said. “Maybe it’s because some of my best girlfriends have just been through breakups [too] so we’re all encouraging each other. I’m feeling really strong and more of a woman than I’ve ever felt before.”

And while she’s using this new energy to fuel her career, JoJo said that in the future, she’d like to go back to school to study cultural anthropology.

“I really, really want to get a degree,” she said. “I definitely believe in higher education…and there will be a time in my life when I can take time off. This just isn’t it.”Getty_032414_JoJo

Posted On 24 Mar 2014

Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane: Possible Debris Located in Search for Jet

(NEW YORK) — An Australian plane spotted two objects Monday — described as “circular” and “rectangular” — in the south Indian Ocean while searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, evidence described as “new leads” but “nothing conclusive,” Malaysian officials said.

Malaysian officials said Australia’s HMAS Success was attempting to locate the objects as soon as “the next few hours” to see if they are related to missing plane.

“It’s possible that HMAS Success could pick up the objects within the next few hours or by tomorrow morning at the latest,” Malaysia’s Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said during a news conference. “It is currently the only vessel in the search area.”

Hussein said they are working to “narrow the search area” and that 18,500-square nautical miles had already been searched.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott called the disappearance “one of the great mysteries of our time” and confirmed Monday that two objects have been spotted. Still, he maintained the idea that officials were unsure whether the objects are debris from the missing jetliner.

“We don’t know whether any of these objects are from MH370,” Abbott said. “They could be flotsam.”

The announcement came hours after other “suspicious objects” had been spotted by a Chinese aircraft while searching for missing jetliner, but could not be located by the U.S. Navy, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.

The crew aboard an IL-76 plane spotted the two relatively big floating objects with many white smaller ones scattered over several square miles within the search area, according to China’s Xinhua News Agency. The U.S.’s P-8 Poseidon was unable to subsequently locate the objects.

The P-8 Poseidon was tasked to investigate the reported object sightings by the Chinese aircraft at 33,000 feet, but that the American military plane was unable to relocate the objects, AMSA tweeted.

The Chinese plane was one of two Ilyushins that joined the search today from Perth, Australia, increasing the number of aircraft to 10. The U.S. Navy has also moved a black box locator into the region to aid in the search. The Towed Pinger Locator is dragged behind a vessel and can hear the beeps from black boxes all way down to a depth of 20,000 feet.

Satellite images from Australia and China had earlier identified possible debris in the area, but searchers in the air have yet to find these objects and confirm they are connected to missing Flight MH370. What was believed to be a wooden pallet that could have come from the jet was seen by one plane Saturday, but another search plane sent to photograph it could not locate the pallet.

Hishammuddin said the missing jetliner was carrying wooden pallets, but said there’s no confirmation whether they are linked to pallets found in the water.

Malaysian authorities also said they had also interviewed over 100 people as part of the investigation, including the families of the pilot and co-pilot, but offered no other details.

Posted On 24 Mar 2014

Towns say NO to PSEG plan

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Vick a Jet

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The Jets are bringing in free-agent quarterback MichaelVick and saying goodbye to Mark Sanchez.

Gang Green has signed the 33-year-oldVick,  who lost his starting role with the Eagles last season to second-year signal-caller Nick Foles.  Sanchez guided the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship Games in his first two seasons, but led the NFL with 26 turnovers in 2012.   He then missed all of last season recovering from surgery for a torn labrum.