Up to an inch of snow!

It’s the final day of March and snow took everyone by surprise! The National Weather Service said we can expect snow, sleet and rain Monday on parts of the Island before clearing skies come our way and everything dries out.  Keep it locked to 103.9 LI News Radio as John Wetherbee will have your updates!

Posted On 31 Mar 2014

Schumer calls for WTC review

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Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for a federal review of security procedures at the site of the World Trade Center.

Schumer’s words follow two recent high profile lapses of security at what he calls one of the country’s most visible terror targets.   Schumer says that thankfully, the recent incidents of trespassing were harmless but points out that the consequences “could have been disastrous if individuals were terrorists or criminals looking to do real harm to the people of New York.”

Schumer is urging the Department of Homeland Security to do a comprehensive review of Port Authority procedures. In a statement, the Port Authority says significant steps have been taken to address the two most recent breaches in security.

Boys of summer are back

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After a long, cold winter, its time to play ball.  The Mets home opener takes place this afternoon at Citi Field, where they take on the Washington Nationals.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  The mayor will be joined by several children from the East Harlem Tutorial Program, who were affected by the building collapse earlier this month. Founded in 1958, the program runs public charter schools and after-school programs serving children in East Harlem.

Yankee fans will have to wait another day to see their season get underway.  The Bronx Bombers open up their season tomorrow night in Houston.

74 year old man robbed in Roosevelt

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Nassau County detectives are investigating after two men robbed a 74-year-old man as he was sitting in his vehicle in Roosevelt.

Police say two males on mountain bikes approached the victim around 4:45 yesterday afternoon on East Roosevelt Avenue. One of them displayed a handgun and demanded money. The pair then took off with an unknown amount of cash.

No one was injured.

Budget vote today in Albany


Lawmakers are scheduled to vote today on the state budget deal reached over the weekend in Albany.

The 140-billion dollar plan includes money for the city’s universal pre-K program.   Mayor Bill de Blasio says the inclusion of 300-million dollars for his cherished pre-K program will change the lives of thousands of children. With a five-year commitment, de Blasio says we can deliver truly universal pre-K.

The budget bill also provides for property and renter’s tax credits, tax credits for families and revisions in bank, corporate, manufacturers and estate taxes.

Nassau Republicans plan to block smoking ban


Nassau County Republicans plan to block a vote on legislation that would boost the age required to purchase cigarettes to 21.

Republican Presiding Officer Norma Gonsalves of East Meadow says she will not call for a vote, claiming the issue should fall into Albany’s hands for the purpose of “statewide uniformity,” “Newsday” reports.  However, Democratic Legislator Judy Jacobs, the sponsor of the bill, says Nassau County needs to deal with its reputation as a “haven for ill health” for young people.

A bill raising the age limit to 21 was passed by Suffolk County leaders this month and goes into effect in January. A similar law goes into effect in New York City on May 19th.


NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – Sweet 16 – Midwest Region: (2) Michigan 73 (28-8) – (11) Tennessee 71 (24-13)

(8) Kentucky 74 (27-10) – (4) Louisville 69 (31-6)

East Region: (4) Michigan State 61 (29-8) – (1) Virginia 59 (30-7)

(7) UConn 81 (29-8) – (3) Iowa State 76 (28-8)

NBA: Toronto Raptors 105 (41-31) – Boston Celtics 103 (23-49)

Washington Wizards 91 (37-35) – Indiana Pacers 78 (52-21)

Miami Heat 110 (49-22) – Detroit Pistons 78 (26-46)

Orlando Magic 110 (21-52) – Charlotte Bobcats 105 (35-38) OT

Brooklyn Nets 108 (38-33) – Cleveland Cavaliers 97 (29-45)

Portland Trail Blazers 91 (47-27) – Chicago Bulls 74 (40-32)

Minnesota Timberwolves 143 (36-35) – Los Angeles Lakers 107 (24-48)

New Orleans Pelicans 102 (32-40) – Utah Jazz 95 (23-50)

Oklahoma City Thunder 94 (53-19) – Sacramento Kings 81 (25-47)

San Antonio Spurs 133 (56-16) – Denver Nuggets 102 (32-41)

Phoenix Suns 112 (44-29) – New York Knicks 88 (30-43)

Golden State Warriors 100 (45-27) – Memphis Grizzlies 93 (43-29)

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins 2 (47-22-5, 99pts) – Columbus Blue Jackets 1 (37-30-6, 80pts)

Philadelphia Flyers 4 (39-27-7, 85pts) – Toronto Maple Leafs 2 (36-31-8, 80pts)

Ottawa Senators 5 (31-29-14, 76pts) – Chicago Blackhawks 3 (42-19-15, 99pts)

Calgary Flames 4 (31-36-7, 69pts) – New York Rangers 3 (41-30-4, 86pts)

Dallas Stars 7 (35-27-11, 81pts) – Nashville Predators 3 (32-32-11, 86pts)

Edmonton Oilers 4 (26-39-9, 61pts) – Anaheim Ducks 3 (47-18-8, 102pts)

Posted On 29 Mar 2014

Stephen Colbert on the Defensive After Inflammatory Tweet

(NEW YORK) — The tag #CancelColbert has been trending on Twitter since @ColbertReport’s tweet of a derogatory line from his show late Thursday night, with some users calling for an apology.

The now-deleted tweet from The Colbert Report’s verified Twitter account read, “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.”

The tweet came from a Colbert segment on the controversy surrounding the name of football team Washington Redskins, which many people consider offensive. Colbert was parodying team owner Dan Snyder’s newest charity efforts directed at the Native-American community, and cited the fictitious “Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation” as a way to make his point.

But Colbert has now found himself at the center of a social media firestorm.

Fans and viewers weighed in on Twitter. Some in support, others feeling offended, hurt and wanting an apology, even though Colbert says his personal account and the show’s account are separate entities.

@suey_park wrote, “We are waiting for an apology and explanation, @ColbertReport. #CancelColbert.”

Colbert himself chimed in on the controversy, tweeting, “#CancelColbert – I agree! Just saw @ColbertReport tweet. I share your rage. Who is that, though? I’m @StephenAtHome,” including a link to the show segment that puts the taken-out-of-context show line back into context.

The Colbert Report’s official account, with more than a million followers, tweeted, “For the record @ColbertReport is not controlled by Stephen Colbert or his show. He is @StephenAtHome Sorry for the confusion #CancelColbert.”

In an effort to clarify once more, the official Twitter account tweeted, “This is a Comedy Central account, with no oversight from Stephen/show. Here is quoted line in context,” and also provided a link to the segment in question.

Posted On 29 Mar 2014

Soldier Flies From Afghanistan to Donate Liver to Grandfather

(DALLAS) — U.S. Army Specialist Ricky Glenn Henderson flew back from Afghanistan  in hopes of donating part of his liver to his dying grandfather.

The soldier has been undergoing tests since Wednesday at Baylor  University Medical Center in Dallas to see whether he is a possible  match, his grandfather, Ricky Homer, 62, told ABCNews.com. Homer spent  four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and 16 years in the Army.

“I don’t want to look back and say, ‘Hey, I could have done something,'” Henderson, 21, told ABCNews.com.

Calling from Afghanistan, Henderson told Homer what he wanted to do, and Homer was shocked.

“He’s like, ‘Why? You’re young,'” Henderson said. “I had to sit there  and explain, ‘You’re my granddad. I want to do this. You still have  stuff that you need to be around for.'”

Homer said he has a genetic condition called  hemochromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes his body to absorb too  much iron and store it in his liver and other organs. As a result, he  has cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver, which doesn’t allow it to  function properly.

His grandson is his hero, Homer told KLTV, ABC News’ Longview, Texas, affiliate.

“If I don’t get the liver transplant, I die,” Homer told ABCNews.com.

Dr. Giulino Testa, who directs the living liver transplant program at  Baylor, said he found an abnormality in Henderson’s platelet count and  needs to be absolutely sure the liver donation will be safe before  giving it the go-ahead.

If the transplant happens, he added, Henderson’s liver will return to  normal size within a few days and normal function within a few months.

Posted On 29 Mar 2014

Fired Chris Christie Aide Slams New Report: ‘Venomous, Gratuitous and Inappropriate’

(NEW YORK) — A day after the release of a new report that sought to clear New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie of any wrongdoing in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, one of the key figures who the report largely blames for the episode fired back.
Lawyers for Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, called the report, done by a firm hired by Christie, incomplete, slammed its tone as “venomous,” and its commentary as ”sexist.”
The attorney, Michael Critchley, wrote on Friday that the only probe into the scandal with credibility is the one ongoing by federal prosecutors and the FBI.
There “appear to be two distinct versions” of what happened at the bridge — Christie’s and one told by former Port Authority official David Wildstein, Critchley said. Kelly, he added, could set the record straight, so “a pre-emptive strike to isolate Ms. Kelly and impugn her credibility is not surprising.”
But the report lays the blame for the idea, execution and the days’ worth of crippling traffic the lane closures caused squarely on Kelly and Wildstein, a Christie appointee to the agency that runs the George Washington Bridge and other transit links between New Jersey and New York.
Kelly and Wildstein had some sort of “ulterior motive” and “animosity” toward the mayor of Fort Lee, and orchestrated as payback the unannounced closing two of the three local access lanes at the Fort Lee entrance to the bridge, according to the document.
Kelly was fired by Christie in January.
“I terminated her employment because she lied to me,” Christie said at a Jan. 9 news conference.
Here is the full statement by Kelly’s attorney, Michael Critchley, on her behalf:

    Having reviewed the report of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LP as well as listened to the comments of Randy Mastro we note that by Mr. Mastro’s own admission he did not have access to all information.  Of course without reviewing all pertinent evidence any conclusions that are to be drawn are by definition incomplete. The report’s venomous, gratuitous and inappropriate sexist remarks concerning Ms. Kelly have no place in what is alleged to be a professional and independent report.
There appear to be two distinct versions of the GWB lane closings. On the one hand, Mr. Wildstein, through his counsel, has taken one clear position. On the other hand, Mr.  Mastro has staked a different view. Thus, Ms. Kelly’s evidence could be critical to verifying either of the two competing versions of events. A preemptive strike to isolate Ms. Kelly and impugn her credibility is not surprising. Despite Mr. Mastro’s editorialized comments to the contrary, Ms. Kelly is not a liar. She is a single mother of four children who was deeply devoted and committed to her job at the Office of the Governor. She worked tirelessly to pursue the goals of the Office during her tenure.
The only credible investigation into the lane closings is being conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s office. If Ms. Kelly were provided with the appropriate procedural safeguards she will be fully cooperative and provide truthful and complete answers to any questions asked by the appropriate law enforcement authorities

Read On ABC News Radio: http://abcnewsradioonline.com/politics-news/fired-chris-christie-aide-slams-new-report-venomous-gratuito.html#ixzz2xMo57BCj

Posted On 29 Mar 2014