9 Inducted to Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame

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The Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame inducted nine new members this morning.  The Not-For-Profit Organization was founded in 1990 and recognizes individuals from Suffolk County who have gained prominence in the field of professional and amateur sports.

The Hall of Fame’s Class of 2014 included nationally recognized athletes as well as some who have continued to contribute to local communities.

Ed Cinelli, current Executive Director of the Suffolk County Athletics Program was among this year’s inductees, LI News Radio had the opportunity of asking Mr. Cinelli about the honor — “I’m very fortunate, I had a great career at Patchogue-Medford and I’m enjoying my career at Section XI. Retiring at the end of this year and to be honored in this way is amazing.” Mr. Cinelli said.

The Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame is located in Patchogue NY and serves as a center that educates students & adults about cultural, historical, and human contributions & achievements of the honorees in the world of athletics.

This year’s inductees included —

Steve Borbet, Nesconset

Fred Cambria, Northport

Ed Cinelli, Bayport

Scott Craig, West Islip

Bill Edwards, Nesconset

James Metzger, Point Lookout

Tom Sabatel, Manorville

Nick Schroeder, Saint James

Doug Shanahan, Farmingville

Posted On 06 Feb 2014

Lock down lifted at medical center

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Police are searching for a hospital patient who attacked a Nassau County corrections officer inside a Long Island hospital. “Newsday” reports Nassau University Medical Center has been reopened but authorities are still looking for the patient who came at the officer unprovoked just before eleven this morning.  The officer suffered minor head injuries.

NIFA could lift wage freeze


If Nassau County can find a plan where unions give up some back wages and the county finds some additional revenue, then a three-year old wage freeze could be lifted.  NIFA Chairman Jon Kaiman introduced a four page proposal, Wednesday, meant to start a discussion of ways to end the wage freeze that has held county salaries low but saved it 230-million dollars.

Deadly roadway


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A new report shows that route 25 in Suffolk County is the metropolitan area’s deadliest roadway for pedestrians.

Also knows as Jericho Turnpike and Middle Country Rd, sixteen people have been killed on Route 25 between 2010 and 2012.  The roadway has passed Hempstead Turnpike for these tragedies.  

Newsday reports that Long Island accounted for about half of the top most dangerous roads.  The report says that Route 25 accounted for almost half of the fatal accidents on the island. Half of those accidents occurred on an 11 1/2 mile stretch between Centereach and Ridge.  

Winter price gouging being investigated

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With all this winter weather that has hit Long Island, some business’ have been struggling.  But it appears some are taking advantage of the situation.

New York’s Attorney General says he’s keeping an eye on businesses that might use the winter weather to rip people off. In an open letter to vendors, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman warns against price gouging, noting it’s illegal to increase costs of essential items like food, water, gas, and generators during natural disasters or other events that disrupt the market. 

New Yorker’ may contact the Attorney General’s office to file complaints about potential price-gouging activity online.