Losquadro is ready for his first full term


Dan Losquadro

After beginning the transformation of the Highway Department, Daniel P. Losquadro is looking forward to his first full term as superintendent. Superintendent Losquadro was sworn into office on January 7 at Town Hall in Farmingville to the delight of a jubilant audience.
“I want to thank the residents in Brookhaven for selecting me to lead the Highway Department,” Superintendent Losquadro said. “It is a responsibility I take very seriously and it is gratifying to know residents approve of the job my administration is doing. A lot of progress has been made in a very short period of time and I am grateful to be provided with the opportunity to continue moving operations forward.”
Superintendent Losquadro took over Highway Department operations in March 2013 after winning a special election. He made emergency preparedness his top priority, and as the last few weeks has proven, the Department is prepared to handle the elements.  “I have brought staff into my administration with a wealth of emergency management experience,” Superintendent Losquadro said. “Our new equipment and improved technological resources have already increased Department efficiency during times of severe weather.”
Superintendent Losquadro has also maintained a focus on improving quality of life issues for residents while saving taxpayer dollars. Shortly after taking office, he increased transparency and accountability within the Department by ending no-bid contracts on drainage, concrete and tree work. He also replaced 2,500 streetlights that had the highest wattage with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights. An LED streetlight can produce the same amount of light, or more, as a traditional light while requiring only half the power to operate. They also have an estimated life of 20 years and dim as they need to be replaced, rather than completely failing, as traditional streetlights operate.
“While I am excited about the amount of progress that has been made in less than one year, I am even more optimistic about having the opportunity to proceed with long term planning,” Superintendent Losquadro said. “It is going to be very rewarding to continue seeing the Highway Department evolve.”


Posted On 08 Jan 2014

The Governor has spoken


The Governor took to the podium and delivered his state of the state address.  Now in an election year, the Governor laid out a broad agenda that promoted a property tax freeze, tougher anti-corruption laws and modernizing New York City’s airports.

Governor Cuomo’s $2 billion tax relief plan includes rebates on property tax for homeowners in municipalities that meet tax thresholds.  In addition, the plan would provide relief to both businesses and homeowners including a two year freeze on property taxes that could save homeowners on average of about $350.

Cuomo also announced new initiatives designed to attract more international business to the state and to increase exports, a timetable for casino development, starting with the appointment of a siting board this month, and a commitment to upgrade Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in New York City.

Listen to the morning news tomorrow with Jay Oliver from 5-9am for more details.

Posted On 08 Jan 2014

Maddux, Glavine and Thomas are Hall of Famers


The Baseball Hall of Fame has announced three new inductees for 2014.

The new inductees were announced at 2 p.m. ET Wednesday and they are:

Pitcher Greg Maddux who played for the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs garnered 97.2% of the voters selections

Pitcher Tom Glavine of the Braves and later the New York Mets.  Glavine was named by 91.9% of the voters.

And slugging first baseman Frank Thomas, who played for the Chicago White Sox as well as spending time with the Oakland A’s and Toronto Blue Jays. Thomas received votes from 83.7% of the voters.

Craig Biggio, who spent his career with the Houston Astros, just missed. He was named on 74.8 percent of the ballots cast by baseball writers. It takes 75 percent to get into the hall.

The lingering effects of the steroids era continued to be felt. Former superstar Barry Bonds, who was named on 36.2 percent of the ballots last year, was on only 34.7 percent this time around. Pitcher Roger Clemens’ vote also went down slightly.

Posted On 08 Jan 2014

Walker to remain in Fast 7

Following the untimely death of actor Paul Walker in November, there was much speculation as to what the filmmakers of the upcoming Fast & Furious 7 would do with filming only half complete. According to the Hollywood Reporter,  the crew behind “Fast 7” has opted to “retire” Walker’s character Brian O’Conner. Universal Studios had no comment, but according to the Reporter’s sources, Walker’s character will specifically not be killed off. Fast 7 is slated to be released April 2015.


Posted On 08 Jan 2014

Cuomo set to give State Address

Governor Andrew Cuomo is all set to give his fourth State of the State Address in Albany today at 1:30pm. The center of the speech will focus on property tax rebates for homeowners and cuts for business owners. Rebates for the average home owner in Suffolk is set to be about $125 and $200 for an owner in Nassau County. The legalization of marijuana for medical use is also set to be a hot topic in the speech.


Posted On 08 Jan 2014

Islanders continue to roll

islanders jpeg

Coming off a big win at home Monday night, the Islanders continued to play well again tuesday night beating Toronto 5-3.  Five different Islanders lit the lamp and John Tavares, who has 8 points in the last two games, assisted on three goals to lead the Isles.

They continue there 7 game road trip Friday in Colorado against the Avalanche which you can hear on 1039 LI News Radio.

Posted On 08 Jan 2014

Insurance scam could have involved Long Islanders

Officials said dozens of NYPD officers and NYC Firefighters were arrested in a massive disability fraud scam.
Prosecutors have charged 106 suspects .  Officials say 4 key suspects including 2 former police officers and an attorney ran the alleged scam which individuals were coached on how to convince the Social Security system that they were are unable to perform daily tasks that kept them out of work.   Investigators say they snapped pictures of many of those on disability engaged in activities like martial arts and Jet Skiing.
Investigators believe this could go back as far as 1988 and that the stolen amount could reach $400 million mark.

Posted On 08 Jan 2014

Tankleff settles


17 years for $3.4 million…Is that a fair number?  It was for Martin Tankleff who reached the settlement in his wrongful conviction lawsuit against the state of New York.  Tankleff sued the state after his murder conviction was overturned in 2007. He was convicted in the 1988 killings of his parents at their eastern Long Island home.  Tankleff’s attorney says a civil rights lawsuit is still proceeding. They expect it go to trial in about a year.


Posted On 08 Jan 2014

It’s Time to Set Smart Fitness Goals


Personal trainers share tips for kicking off a workout regimen you can stick to.

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta

If you’re like a lot of people, setting fitness goals was probably one of your New Year’s resolutions. But committing to a workout program isn’t easy.

“No matter what the season, people will always say they just don’t have time to work out,” said Heidi Porter, a certified personal trainer with Pinnacle Health and Fitness Club in Madison, Wisc. and an Ironman Triathlon finisher.

The most important thing when kicking off a fitness program is to set achievable goals. Start with something as simple as doing a set number of sit-ups each day, and achieving that manageable goal will give you the motivation to build up to more challenging ones.

Porter and Drew Dinwiddie, a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant in Atlanta, talk about techniques they use with their clients, how nutrition and fitness work together, and what tips they have for keeping fit, especially when the weather’s cold and the days are short.

What would you suggest for someone who says they can’t make it to the gym?

Porter: The beauty of exercise is that you can do it anywhere. It’s pretty easy to go on Pinterest and find body-strengthening routines — like push-ups, squats and lunges.  If you have stairs in your house, that’s another tool you can use. Getting a family member to do it with you can be helpful. You’ll at least be less likely to stop halfway through because the phone rings or to check e-mail.

Dinwiddie: To start a routine in your home, you don’t need much equipment — lunges and squats are the best for legs. Pushups have been around for a long time for a good reason — they’re a great upper-body workout activating the chest and shoulders as well as engaging your core. If you have some dumbbells, you can perform bent-over rows and lateral raises for your back and shoulders. For core strength exercises, you should include sit-ups, planks, and side planks.

What are some simple fitness goals people can set for themselves when they’re starting out?

Porter: If you’re super brand new to working out, starting with push-ups, planks and squats is the best thing. Most everyone knows those exercises, and you can start out doing 10 of each, 3 times a day and then move yourself up to 15 and so on. Just those few exercises can motivate you towards more healthy behaviors.

Dinwiddie: For someone starting their journey to an improved fitness level, my suggestion would be to carefully identify some goals for yourself. These goals should be reasonable for you…we all have different bodies and different strengths and weaknesses. Good goals for beginners might be to finish a 5K road race or complete one 20-minute session on the treadmill at a certain intensity.

Porter: Take your workouts one step at time. I started training a guy who wanted to lose 100 pounds, and he said that upfront. But we didn’t want to just focus on that. Instead, we set one little goal a week. The first one was just drinking more water. That’s all it was. The next week, he added another day of working out. All these things have become habits. After a year, he’s lost 30 pounds and he’s never gained weight. Focusing on smaller goals can be more helpful to achieving a larger one.

What should people eat before or after working out?

Dinwiddie: Your pre- and post-workout meals might vary depending on what time of day you prefer to work out. Generally, it’s a good idea to have some carbohydrates pre-workout to keep blood sugar from crashing, making you feel weak and sick. Post-workout meals should consist of quality protein as well as some carbohydrates to aid in recovery.

Porter: The timing of eating carbs is important — you should be having them in the morning and also before and after working out. Eating within a half hour of working out, either a carb or a protein, helps replenish your body. The amount varies according to your weight and the intensity of your workout.

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta via Everyday Health


Posted On 08 Jan 2014